The Lying Game – Season 2 Episode 8 – Recap and Review – Bride and Go Seek

The funny thing about murderers is that they give even the most steadfast of villains the heebie jeebies. The Lying Game started the hunt for Theresa this week during “Bride and Go Seek”! Sutton (Alexandra Chando), having finally started to come to her senses, attempted to mend fences with her old gang in order to crack the case. With two episodes left this season, was the murderer actually revealed, or did we just find another piece of the puzzle? Sucks to be Ted (Andy Buckley)! Unless you happen to be attracted to Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter), in which case, go ahead and psycho it up! She doesn’t care!

Sutton: “Given the shocking lack of a bride, don’t you think it’s already ruined?”

Sutton would only attend church to crash a wedding and spoil everyone’s day, right? Maybe not, at least this time! Theresa ditched their plans to meet and gossip about murder. The episode had opened with a disaster of a wedding ceremony. Theresa was nowhere to be found, and most of the guests had pegged her as a runaway bride. Dan (Tyler Christopher), playing the role of the pathetic groom, hadn’t given up hope. Meanwhile, Ethan (Blair Redford) took the reins and attempted to quell the crowd’s whispers. The party is off, ladies and gents! You don’t have to go home, but you can’t lie her. Honestly, the whole crew looked kind of upset.

ABC Family "The Lying Game"

ABC Family “The Lying Game”

Outside Rebecca and Alec (Adrian Pasdar) shared their mutual concerns for Theresa, while simultaneously incriminating one another. A black widow married a snake. Down the lane, Mads (Alice Greczyn) and Jordan (Ryan Rottman) voiced their own ideas. Mads mused that Theresa might have had some hefty, earth-shattering secret burdening her. Sound familiar, Jordan? Dan’s first instinct was to start checking hospitals.

Meanwhile, Thayer (Christian Alexander) and Emma were still brainstorming a way to clear Ted’s name.  Kristin (Helen Slater) and Laurel (Allie Gonino) were still brainstorming ways to yell at Ted for keeping secrets and embarrassing their family. Get out of Kristin’s house, man!

Ethan and Dan decided to check out Theresa’s bachelorette pad and found the place completely cleaned out, save for her engagement ring. Something about the situation rang funny to Dan, who could easily picture a set-up. At this point, he started to open up to his brother about Theresa’s obsession with the murder case, planting seeds in Ethan’s head to start digging himself.

Would Sutton be able to forgive Rebecca for lying to her? While Rebecca gushed about her “kiss” with Ted, Sutton started prying about Theresa and how strange it was that she vanished. Rebecca gave Sutton some sort of a grown-up friendship necklace, with the other half reserved for Emma once she was deemed appropriately evil enough to join their succubus club.

Mads and Laurel filled Emma and Thayer in on the wedding fiasco, sending Emma into a tizzy. Mads, of course, remained in firm denial that her father’s late-night outing had anything to do with Theresa’s disappearance. Poor Mads can’t understand why they never involve her. This is all so jumbled that any one of these adults could end up being the killer. Could Ted actually be “psycho” enough to kill two people in order to protect the twin secret? Was it just bad timing that Ted had been conspicuously out and about?

While everyone else was busy panicking over the possible murder of Theresa, Kristin was concerned with being further swooned by Alec, who’d decided to ask her out on a legitimate dinner date. Alec’s victory was short lived, though, as Dan had begun marking the cemetery plot as a crime scene, prompting his fellow officers to call in Alec. There, Dan made it clear that he blamed Alec for her disappearance, having gotten her so heavily involved in the case to begin with.

At the country club, Emma and Thayer convinced an employee/ friend to divulge information surrounding Ted’s whereabouts the night prior. The valet had clocked him out just before eleven at night and noted his return just after… four in the morning?! Ethan arrived just in time to state the obvious; Theresa could be in trouble, you guys! Outside, he explained to Emma the significance of the gravesite flowers, but she was hesitant to let him in at all. Ethan thought it’d be a good idea to involve Dan fully, exposing the twin secret to one more person. At least Dan’s a cop! He can protect himself and possibly solve the murder(s).

ABC Family "The Lying Game"

ABC Family “The Lying Game”

How could Jordan come clean to Mads when the secret Rebecca had been holding over him was that he made the phone call that framed her father? Ouch, that will be tough to overcome, dude. With nowhere else to turn, Jordan went to Alec to take him up on his offer. After a shake, Jordan agreed to spy on Rebecca. Just play Rebecca, and don’t hurt Mads! Funny enough, Rebecca’s next order of business was for Jordan to milk Mads for information. Problem; Mads overheard everything. Keeping it to herself, she was surprised to find Jordan come entirely clean about his plan with Alec. This could be a good arc for Mads; working with Jordan to fool Rebecca with false information. Plus, he already knows the secret!

ABC Family "The Lying Game"

ABC Family “The Lying Game”

Sutton came clean! Rather, #SuttonComesClean! Sutton decided to suck it up and run to Emma for help. First, she explained her side of the Theresa situation, letting Emma know that Theresa probably went missing a little after eleven. Then, swallowing her pride, she admitted to working with Rebecca after she and Emma had their falling out. She was selfish and wanted to keep their mother all to herself. Emma, fed up with her dark twin, refused to join forces with Sutton again, even going as far as to banish Sutton from her bedroom. Sutton figured out that Emma was hiding something by her demeanor.

With nowhere else to turn, Sutton headed over to Whitehorse’s trailer in an attempt to find any information at all. What she discovered was that she wasn’t the only one the group had been keeping in the dark. Ethan informed Sutton of the hush-money Derrick had been stashing. Knowing that things switched from targeting Rebecca at the formal dance, the two knew they’d have to one-up Thayer and Emma.

Laurel and Emma had a heart-to-heart. Laurel had figured out that they were half-sisters through some simple brainpower. Having watched death and destruction happen before her eyes on a daily basis, Emma confessed that she sometimes regretted asking any questions in the first place. Well, then she wouldn’t have met Laurel, and that seemed to be enough of a point to change Emma’s mind.

Later, Ethan popped in, much to Emma’s dismay, and revealed that he’d discovered their concerns surrounding Ted. Having talked to the club worker as well, he became aware of their sudden interest in her father. Could Ethan prove himself as trustworthy by keeping his lips zipped? Around the same time, Sutton had been confronting Rebecca, more aggressively by now, and came to the same conclusion as Ethan.

The Lying Game - Season 2 Episode 8 - Recap and Review - Bride and Go Seek

Dan was reprimanded for his manhandling of Alec at the cemetery, and pushed to the brink, he lashed out at Ethan for keeping secrets. Dan knew that Ethan’s friends were tied up in the murder, Sutton especially. Piecing together that Theresa was keeping some big secret for Alec, and that Ethan most likely knew, Dan was creeping closer to the truth. Later that night, the two were alerted to a set of amazing vows Theresa had written and left in her car. Those didn’t sound like the words of a woman with cold feet, Whitehorse!

Ted had been ripping apart the Mercer kitchen like a madman, searching for his office keycard. Emma didn’t understand why he was so distressed over such a petty thing. After coming across a text from Alec to Kristin regarding their date plans, Ted was sent completely over the edge. Exploding, we saw a much more dangerous side to Ted, but was it necessarily a murderous side? Afterwards, Rebecca found a similar scene herself at the country club. Ted was ripping apart his suitcase, searching for the keycard. Rebecca reminded him that he could always trust her with anything

Needless to say, Kristin’s date with Alec was ruined. Times are too complicated, and she would have to wait just a little longer. If Alec’s intentions are true, so would he. Emma and Thayer were also having trouble. Once again, Thayer’s concerns surrounded Ethan and Emma’s continued frustration over lying to him. On a late-night run, Thayer encountered Alec, who seemed ready to make one last attempt at opening up. Does he really love Thayer as a son? I’m not sure, but he does seem overly concerned with protecting his family, Thayer included. No hugging, though! No hugging!

The episode closed with Ted returning to the gravesite, desperate in his search for his lost keycard. Too late Ted:

ABC Family "The Lying Game"

ABC Family “The Lying Game”


What did you all think of The Lying Game Season 2 Episode 8, “Bride and Go Seek”? Is that it? Is Ted the killer? Who is pulling all of the strings? Could someone have been manipulating Ted into paying off Derrick? Who is the über-villain? Could Sutton have wanted Rebecca all to herself?.. meaning, no Emma or Ted allowed? Maybe her plan all along was for Emma to replace her at the Mercer household forever, while she ran away with Rebecca. I hope that’s not the case!

Thanks for reading my Recap and Review of The Lying Game Season 2 Episode 8, “Bride and Go Seek”!

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