The Lying Game – Season 2 Episode 7 – Recap and Review – Regrets Only

The Lying Game is seriously starting to heat up. “Regrets Only” revealed that the twins, Emma and Sutton (Alexandra Chando), may not be as different as we’d once assumed. On this show, we constantly go from swapping places, to swapping love interests, to swapping entire damn families over the course of an episode. Plus, who’s the murderer, you guys? Char?

The episode opened with Emma waking up from swiping her v-card with Thayer the night prior. After so much buildup, Emma’s reaction looked kind of “eh” compared to what we’d expected. Thayer seemed proud enough of his performance, chalking up Emma’s morning grumpiness to the fact that Ted (Andy Buckley), Emma’s father, probably murdered someone. Nope, nothing trumps boy drama. Sorry, Thayer! You’re just not Ethan (Blair Redford).

Mads (Alice Greczyn) and Ethan woke up from a night of boozin’ down by the country club pool. Nobody thought to wake those two up? Thanks to Ethan’s advice, Mads decided to give Jordan (Ryan Rottman) another chance to explain why he’d chosen to take Laurel (Allie Gonino) to the dance. On his way out, a sloppy looking Ethan ran into Emma midway through her walk of shame. To add insult to injury, Ted showed up to scold her for sleeping out.

At home, Emma and Laurel talked about her first time, while Sutton listened in from the closet. Judging by Emma’s tone and her facial expressions, it was clear that Sutton knew Emma was left underwhelmed. Once Laurel disappeared, Sutton materialized to confront Emma about spilling their secret to her sister. Sutton, of course, refused to meet Emma halfway and neglected to confess to finding out the identity of their birth mother way before Emma did.

ABC Family "The Lying Game"

ABC Family “The Lying Game”

Mads confronted Jordan back at Rebecca’s (Charisma Carpenter) house. Jordan outright admitted to asking Laurel because Rebecca made him. Still, he left Mads in the dark surrounding what Rebecca holds over him. The awkward tension between Rebecca and Alec (Adrian Pasdar) obviously flies right over Mads’s head. Alec, knowing Jordan to be the key to Rebecca’s secrets, invited Jordan to play golf. Knowing that Rebecca wouldn’t like that too much, Jordan accepted. Later, the two did spend some “bonding” time on the course. Obviously, Alec had ulterior motives. He offered Jordan an escape from Rebecca, if he’s cooperative. He also revealed that he knew Jordan was forced to take Laurel to the dance. Outside the country club, Jordan took things out on Mads, whom he’d assumed spilled his secrets to her father.

Who’d been leaving flowers at Derrick’s grave? Theresa (Yara Martinez) received a tip from Derrick’s mother that someone had been consistently and covertly leaving the same arrangement of flowers at Derrick’s grave. Flagging the move as a mark of a guilty conscience, Theresa pleaded with Dan (Tyler Christoper) to accompany her on a stakeout. Dan, looking to put the case on hold until after the wedding, reluctantly agreed. The two came up empty handed on their first go at the cemetery, but Dan still made Theresa promise to keep things off her mind until the ceremony was over in less than two days.


Sutton went straight to Rebecca after arguing with Emma. She honestly felt as though they had a right to kidnap her. They knew that she was, in truth, duping them. Clearly, the mother/daughter duo is starting to mistrust one another at this point. Sutton knows Rebecca must be keeping secrets of her own.

Now that Alec was out of jail, Emma decided to attempt to reconnect with him. While he loaded his car trunk, Emma was straightforward with her information. She clued him in to the amount of the hush money Derrick received mirroring that which Ted had taken out. Alec, knowing for sure that Ted wouldn’t do such a thing, informed Emma that he’s in the dark about Sutton even having a twin. Whoa, that was a twist I didn’t see coming.

Afterwards, Alec bumped into Kristin (Helen Slater), and the two talked about their romantic evening alone together. Still, Kristin was holding out for that kiss. Alec, explaining that he’d wait and let her make the first move considering her recent situation with Ted, got what he asked for. Rebecca watched from afar, pleased with her own job well done. Did she even have anything to do with this, really? I bet she thinks she did. Well, she did deliver the journal to Sutton. Ted was devastated to hear the news straight from the “distraught” succubus’s mouth.

Afterwards, Rebecca gleefully explained the story to Sutton. This was the nail in the coffin, folks. How could Rebecca be so obsessed with Ted that she celebrated Kristin getting cozy with a murderer? The only explanation could be that Rebecca knew Alec was innocent. I’m not sure if I believed Rebecca’s story that a mystery sleuth handed the murder weapon and photographic evidence to her. She admitted to framing Alec, but only because she truly believed him to be guilty. Sutton went into panic mode, horrified to think that there was “some über villain” out there stalking them. I’ve decided that I do love Sutton. I think, under any circumstances such as these, it’s a benefit to have someone with a ruthless bitchy edge working on getting things done, at least in the end.

After being blown off by Mads, Emma found herself confronted by Ethan outside of the country club. He did everything she’d asked, even ruined his relationship with Sutton, yet Emma is still with Thayer, and he’s still in the dark. Maybe she is like Sutton. In the bathroom, a sobbing Emma vented her frustrations to Laurel. Basically, she’s in love with Ethan, but Thayer is, like, kind of nice sometimes, so of course she’d lose her virginity to him. The following ice cream date with Thayer seemed appropriately depressing. Wow, The Lying Game quickly turned Thayer from viable opponent of Whitehorse to seemingly bland pretty quickly!

Ted’s confrontation with Alec was explosive, as expected. After a solid punch, it was revealed that Rebecca, uncomfortable running to Ted, turned to Alec when she discovered she was pregnant. Alec promised to keep the secret from Ted, but ended up betraying Rebecca so that Ted could adopt Sutton. Because Ted made a mess of Kristin’s life, Alec would have to be the one to fix things. Hmm, maybe he is seriously interested in Kristin after all. Still, it would be strange if all of these characters ended up switching spouses. Literally, everyone but Ethan would be in the same family tree.

Emma had a heart to heart with Kristin surrounding their matching love triangle debacles. Kristin admitted to choosing Ted because he seemed safe and able to give her the perfect life she’d dreamed of. Her true passionate love was for Alec, though. Look, everything blew up anyway! Basically, Kristin was all “Team Ethan,” go for what’s real, girl! In fact, Kristin later handed Ted divorce papers once he confronted her about Alec.

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Most likely sensing that something was up, Thayer antagonized Ethan in the locker room to the point where Ethan had to clock him in the eye. Thayer attempted to strike back but acted a damn fool.

Ethan: “Better get used to that pain. It’s how it’s going to feel when Emma dumps your ass!”

Afterwards, Emma tended to his black eye while Thayer admitted to being upset over her relationship with Ethan, even going as far as to accuse Emma of sharing that they’d slept together.

Ethan Whitehorse Best Man Speech "Lying Game"

It was the night before Dan and Theresa’s wedding, and the whole crew gathered outside of the trailer in the desert to hear Ethan make his best man’s speech. He praised his brother for never giving up on the girl of his dreams. Laurel barely kept it together before bursting into tears behind the scenes due to her parents’ looming divorce. Mads attempted to comfort her as best she could before heading over to talk to Jordan one last time. She reiterated that she hadn’t squealed his secret to Alec, although she continued to pry into his past. What is the big secret? Did he murder Derrick? Is it something silly that Rebecca holds over his head? Maybe we’re not supposed to know because we’re meant to incriminate him. There are only so many suspects at hand. Maybe Char killed Derrick! Remember Char?

After getting a drunk text from Ted, Rebecca feigned sick as best as she could (badly) and hailed a cab to meet with him. Ted gave in to her seduction. Still, it kind of felt like Rebecca was being played, no? Ted did mention that he’d also done things to hurt her. She was pleading with him to make sure the moment was real, like she didn’t want to be some rebound chick. I mean, get a grip, lady! He was wasted!

At home, Mads talked to her father about how she was informed of Rebecca’s power over Jordan. More importantly, we caught a glimpse of a very familiar bouquet of flowers in a vase…

After receiving an encouraging, and revealing, talk from Laurel, Ethan made his way over to Emma’s bedroom to admit his feelings and fight for her. While Emma attempted to push him away, Ethan’s kiss kind of sealed the deal for her. Thayer can’t do that, and they had straight-up sex!

Sutton, in a desperate move, called Theresa to talk. She was ready to reveal what she’d come to know about Rebecca, so the two set up to meet an hour later. Theresa had left the party without Dan, it being the night before their wedding, and decided to go to the cemetery alone. See, I had a bad feeling that Theresa would get caught in this crossfire. After seeing a shadowy figure dropping flowers at the grave, Theresa got out to investigate.

Theresa: “YOU?!?!”

… and now, she’s missing.


What did you all think of The Lying Game Season 2 Episode 7 “Regrets Only”? Who do you think murdered Derrick? Is Rebecca playing Ted or is Ted playing her? What are Alec’s true motives? Do you prefer when Emma and Sutton work together or when they’re enemies? Team Thayer or Team Whitehorse?

Thanks for reading my Recap and Review of The Lying Game Season 2 Episode 7 “Regrets Only”!

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