The Legend of Korra – Episode 5 – The Spirit of Competition – Review

“The Spirit of Competition” is one of my favorite episodes of The Legend of Korra so far. Korra sorts out her feelings for Mako all in the backdrop of the pro-bending championship. It’s a perfect formula for a fun and entertaining episode.

My recap and review:

The Legend of Korra – Episode 5 – The Spirit of Competition

After joining the Tarrlok’s taskforce last episode, Korra finds time to practice with the Fire Ferrets for a few days before the tournament.

Korra, Bolin and Mako share an awkward pep huddle getting themselves ready. Asami, who is now dating Mako, comes in and says the team isn’t complete without their sponsorship uniforms. Asami and Mako nose rub, which makes Korra want to puke.

Bolin tries to make a move on Korra to ask her out – but she leaves to go to the Air Temple for training.

Back at their apartment, Bolin and Mako talk about Korra. Bolin wonders about Korra as a girlfriend, and Mako says “She’s great, but it makes more sense for me to go for Asami.”

Bolin then interrupts that Korra as a girlfriend for him not Mako! “Leave some ladies for the rest of us!”

Mako says that it’s not a good idea for Bolin to date Korra because she’s not girlfriend material.

Bolin says: “You’re nuts. Korra and I are perfect for each other. She’s strong, I’m strong. She’s fun, I’m fun. She’s beautiful… I’m gorgeous!” (Yes you are Bolin!)

Bolin is determined to ask Korra out. Mako says it’s not a good idea to date a teammate before the tournament.

Bolin is frustrated: “You know what I’m talking about Pabu. I’m talking about real love.”

Meanwhile at the Air Temple, Korra is having the same dilemma. The little girls ask her about her crush on Mako. She denies that she likes him but asks that if she did, what should she do?

Jinora tells a story of a girl who destroyed a village and threw herself into a volcano for “true love.” Ikki’s version of true love however involved eating clouds with spoons and other magical stuff.

Pema, Tenzin’s wife, arrives and gives Korra some advice about how she dealt with her own feelings for Tenzin when they were young: “I confessed my love to Tenzin.”

(Omigosh, will Korra actually do it?)

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The Pro-Bending Tournament

Opening match: Fire Ferrets vs. The Rabbaroos

FF win the match easily.

In the locker room, following Pema’s advice, Korra asks Mako out – then confesses that she likes him! “I really like you and I think we’re meant for each other!”

Mako unfortunately shuts her down: “I’m really sorry but I just don’t feel the same about you.”

Asami arrives just to make everything more awkward.

(I felt so bad for Korra! Mako is just confused, give him time… a few more episodes…)

Bolin unaware of what just happened, asks Korra out on a date. He tells her that she’s incredible. Then Korra says yes!

Bolin and Korra eat some authentic Water Tribe noodles in a restaurant. It looks like Korra is really having a good time with Bolin.

Tano and the Wolfbats are also in the restaurant. They are the reigning champs three years now in the pro-bending league. He’s an a-hole.

Tano walks over and harasses them. Bolin warns Korra not to fight him because they would get disqualified.

Korra whistles and Naga scares Tano from the window.

Korra and Bolin then enjoy the rest of their date in peace. They have a burping contest and look down at the city from Republic City’s version of the Eiffel Tower.

Later, Korra talks to Mako in front of the arena.

Mako tells Korra to lay off his little brother because he doesn’t want him to get hurt. Korra says Mako is just jealous and really has feelings for her.

“Admit it, you like me.”

“No, I’m with Asami.”

“Yeah, but when you’re with her, you’re thinking about me, aren’t you?”

“You’re crazy!”

“You’re a liar!”

(Yikes! They’re a couple already. LOL. I love it!)

The Pro-Bending Tournament

Quarterfinals: Fire Ferrets vs. The Borcupines (The Old Guys)

Bolin is carrying the load as Mako and Korra are distracted from their earlier fight. What a mess. The match ends in a tie. And a tie-breaker match is played. The Fire Ferrets win the coin toss, and they choose earth.

Bolin wins the earth-bending tie-breaker match! Yay. That was a close one.

Later, Mako approaches Korra to apologize.

“As much as you drive me crazy, I also think you’re pretty amazing.” (Be still my heart!)

“So, you do like me?”

“Yes, but… I like Asami too. I don’t know, things are complicated. I’ve been feeling really confused and…”

And Korra kisses him!


Unfortunately, this all happened in front of Bolin who had come to meet Korra with some flowers.

I want to cry.

And then Bolin does it for me. He bawls like a child and runs away distraught.

Hahahaha. I love Bolin!

Then Korra and Mako fight again.

“Great, look what you did. You kissed me!”

“You kissed me back!”

Ah yes, young people in love.

The next morning, Mako finds Bolin in the restaurant “drunk” on Water Tribe noodles (with Pabu of course).

“You’re not my brother, you’re a brother betrayer! The only one I can trust anymore is Pabu. Pabu loves me.” (Awww, we love you too Bolin!)

Mako carries Bolin home.

The Pro-Bending Tournament

Things are now very awkward in the locker room for Korra, Mako and Bolin. They didn’t even talk to each other before the match.

Semifinals: Fire Ferrets vs. Buzzard Wasps

All three players are out of sync. It’s a disaster.

Bolin “loses his noodles” and throws up on the court. Ha! And a perfect time for the announcer to introduce their sponsor: Flame-Me-Oh Noodles.

Korra gets cited by the ref for unnecessary roughness. And then gets a yellow fanned! Hahaha, I love it.

The Fire Ferrets are down two rounds to zero, and their only chance of winning the match is by a knock out.

Mako and Bolin have lost their confidence. Korra gives the guys a pep talk, but doesn’t work. Bolin and Mako are out quickly in the last round. Korra is alone 3 vs 1.

While watching Korra play, Bolin and Mako resolve their differences from earlier.

“Are we going to be alright?”

“Of course we are, we’re brothers. We’ll get through this mess. I’m sorry,” says Mako.

“Me too. Girls.


With 10 seconds remaining in the match, Korra then knocks the three players out! The Fire Ferrets are headed to the finals!

In the locker room, the three talk.

“Thanks for not giving up on us,” says Mako.

“I know that things are confusing right now, but I hope we can still be friends,” says Korra.


And then Tano comes in to harass them before the Wolfbats take the court. He leaves, Asami arrives, and Korra thanks her for sponsoring their team.

Korra takes care of Bolin with water-bending healing she learned from Katara. (I think she made an ice pack.)

And then, just as soon as it started, the Wolfbats knock out their opponents in Round 1.

Fire Ferrets vs. The Wolfbats next week!

I love this show so much! Go Korra! Go Mako! Go Bolin!

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