The Legend of Korra – Episode 4 – The Voice in the Night – Review

This week’s episode of The Legend of Korra has been the most serious of the series so far. It’s really serious. Not much action and a lot of politics… and talking! This was not my favorite, but it does set up some of the characters’ motivations going forward. At the heart of the episode was Korra’s fear of what Amon can do to her — and we do get a taste of it at the end. Plus: a mystery flashback!

Episode 4 – The Voice in the Night

I love how the recap of last week’s episode was an old-fashioned newsreel! The show is really taking it’s nostalgic 1920’s style to heart.

Korra has a nightmare that Amon took her powers. This is the underlying theme throughout: that she is scared. But she doesn’t want anyone to know because she is the Avatar.

A new character is introduced: Councilman Tarrlok of the Northern Water Tribe. He tells Tenzin and the council that he plans to create a bending task force to fight Amon and the Equalists.

Mako Legend of Korra

Meanwhile, Mako gets run over by Asami Sato on her moped, LOL. She recognizes him from the pro bending league and invites him to dinner. He accepts as he immediately has crush on her. Oh no, I can see love problems on the horizon now for Mako and Korra.

Councilman Tarrlok comes in while Tenzin and his family are having dinner. (OMG who does that? LOL) He invites Korra to join the task force to go against Amon. Korra says no. She says that she came to Republic City to train, and that’s what she is going to do. Deep inside however, she is afraid to fight Amon.

On Mako’s date with Asami, we find out that Mako is really into his scarf. Later he says that it belonged to his father and it was the only thing he had of him.

While talking about the pro-bennding league, he tells Asami that they won’t be competing because they don’t have the money for the prize pool. Asami then reveals that she is the daughter of Hiroshi Sati – creator of the Satomobile and one of the richest industrialists in Republic City. She arranges for him to meet her father.

At Air Temple Island, Bolin gives Korra a gift for saving him from Amon last episode. Tarrlok messenger arrives bringing a huge gift basket, LOL. Bolin foiled again! It turns out Tarrlok is trying to buy his way into Korra’s heart — but it’s not working… yet.

The Legend of Korra  Episode 4 01 2012 04 28

Mako meets Hiroshi Sato at the car factory.

“I understand you’re dirt poor,” he says. LOL!

Sato offers to sponsor the Fire Ferrets in the tournament. They just have to wear the logo on their uniforms.

Back at the island, Tarrlok sends Korra a car. LOL

Tenzin tells Korra that they can talk about her fears. (She’s not ready to open up at this point).

Finally, Tarrlok sends Korra an invitation: he is throwing a gala in her honor. Will this final ploy work?

Surprisingly, Korra and Tenzin attend the gala. I guess they had no choice. What was nice though was we saw some really nice new clothes on Korra and Tenzin – formal Avatar wear!

Gala Legend of Korra

There is an awkward meeting between Korra, Mako, Asami and her father. Basically, all is revealed in one conversation: Mako (who Korra has some suppressed feelings for) and Asami met, Asami’s father is now sponsoring the team, and Korra finds out in a gala she didn’t want to attend. Life is so difficult for Korra!

The security chief Lin Beifong makes a brief appearance — and she’s not happy.

Then, Tarrlok thrusts Korra into an ambush press conference!

The questions from the press were all geared for Korra to accept the challenge of fighting Amon. Why isn’t she fighting Amon if she’s sworn to protect the people as the Avatar they ask.

“I’m not afraid of anybody,” Korra finally declares.

She says that she will join the task force to fight Amon.

Oh no! She was tricked.

At this point, it had been just a lot of talking back and forth and politics, so it was about time for a bit of action:

During Korra’s first mission as part of the task force, they attack an Equalist training facility for Chi Blockers.

Korra is really scared of Amon and is getting flashbacks of her nightmares while waiting to attack. The raid is mostly successful with Tarrlok saving Korra who was running after some men.

Meanwhile, Korra misses Fire Ferrets practice because of her commitment to task force. Brewing tension in the team for next episode?

At a press briefing of the Equalist raid, Korra challenges Amon to a duel one on one on Aang Memorial Island.

Mako and Asami go an another date on a carriage ride through the park. They talk about their parents who have died. Looks like they are in love. I feel bad for Korra now.

Korra take a boat to Aang Memorial Island to wait for Amon. She then gets ambushed by Equalist men in the temple.

Amon says that he won’t take her bending just yet in order not to make her a martyr — but in the end he will destroy her. Korra passes out.

Then there is a quick flashback: I think they are scenes of a young Tenzin, Lin Beifong and a mysterious third and fourth person. I think one of them is the son of Sokka!

Update: People are correcting me and saying these are in fact ADULT Sokka, Toph and Aang! OMG. I can’t wait for these scenes now! I love this show so much!

The Legend of Korra  Episode 4 03 2012 04 28

The Legend of Korra  Episode 4 04 2012 04 28

The Legend of Korra  Episode 4 05 2012 04 28

Tenzin arrives.

“I feel so terrified,” says Korra.

She confesses that she had been scared all this time.

Tenzin says admitting your fears is the fist step in overcoming them.

And that’s it. A lot of talk. Talk, talk, talk. It was more drama than action this week.

The Legend of Korra  Episode 4 02 2012 04 28

Next week: The bending championship begins! And it looks like all is not well with Korra and Mako.

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