The Hunger Games – We Have A Winner

We have winner. The Hunger Games premiered in the U.S. on Friday and it’s one movie you shouldn’t miss.

Jennifer Lawrence was terrific. The movie could have easily (yes, so easily) become yet another meaningless blockbuster franchise movie, but she gave her character just the perfect amount of depth that you have to take the whole spectacle seriously.

I cried at times I did not expect. I wanted to raise my fist in solidarity with Katniss in her triumphs. I squee’d with delight at the romance in the middle of imminent danger. The movie made everyone in the theater feel like a 16-year-old girl and it was awesome.

I even went along with the reality show set in the future concept, ridiculous as it was. It seemed that it was plot device used by the author that contemporary audiences can relate to (since there has been a proliferation of reality shows over the last decade). But personally, I feel it’s already a dated idea and having it happen in the future was a bit silly. With Lawrence as the lead however, the movie ran with it, and it worked.

I have nothing to critique. I am so looking forward to the sequels. A new blockbuster franchise has just been born. Say goodbye to Twilight, finally!

Team Peeta! But seriously, Team Katniss!

Download: The Hunger Games (Songs from District 12 and Beyond)

The Hunger Games  We Have A Winner

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