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‘The Glee Project’ not canceled after all?

Credit: Oxygen

Credit: Oxygen

Yesterday, I reported’s assertion that Oxygen had canceled The Glee Project, the reality competition series in which contestants compete for a spot on the hit FOX series, Glee.

However, a spokesperson for Oxygen told Entertainment Weekly that The Glee Project could yet live to see another day. While the prognosis still doesn’t look good for the reality show, I’m going to go grab some terry cloth to wipe the egg off my face anyway.

Via: Entertainment Weekly

“What TVLine reported was speculation,” the rep told EW. “The Glee Project has not been canceled” — or, at least not yet. Given last year’s ratings, a renewal does seem less than likely: While the show’s first season drew up to 1.27 million viewers in 2011, its second managed just 821,000 at its peak — and four episodes of its 11-episode season failed to attract even 400,000 pairs of eyeballs.

So right now, it sounds as if it’s got maybe a 15%-30% chance at renewal. But hey, shows with more dire prospects have been brought back, particularly if it has a passionate, vocal fanbase, lest we forget the lessons of Roswell.

What do you think? Should the show get one more shot at attracting viewers? Or should Oxygen cut its losses?

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