The CW developing ‘Robin Hood’ series

Credit: Warner Bros.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Because teenage girls are all hot and bothered by bows and arrows in 2012, The CW is getting into the Robin Hood business.

The series, in development under the tentative title Sherwood, will be an hourlong period drama “with a female slant,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Sherwood has only received a script commitment from the network; however, the network’s desire to find new, buzzworthy programming to plug in place of the departing Gossip Girl means that this show has a better shot than most. Both Arrow and Beauty and the Beast are successes for the network, with both shows receiving full-season orders, so it’s no big surprise that they would look to shore up their viewing numbers with a hot new take on a classic tale. And as long as they don’t take a Lil Jon-as-Little John approach, I’m totally on board with it.

The show will be set in 1072 England (truly the hippest, sexiest of all time periods) and center on a young noblewoman who embarks on a quest to free her wrongfully-imprisoned, low-born boyfriend from ruthless Norman occupiers. In the process, she winds up joining Robin Hood and his famed band of Merry Men, becoming a symbol of hope for the downtrodden denizens of Nottingham.

Tze Chun (Cashmere Mafia) will script the series, from CBS Television Studios and Oscar-winning American Beauty producer Dan Jinks (whose TV record isn’t nearly as stellar, as he produced The CW’s dearly-departing Emily Owens, M.D.).

Sherwood joins the burgeoning pile of one-word origin stories/reboots, alongside Amazon (a retelling of the Wonder Woman origin, after NBC already took a crack at the concept and failed), and upcoming reboots of Alice in Wonderland and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (which I’m guessing would be called Alice and Ichabod, because CW isn’t trying to hear all that noise about multi-word show titles, son).

Full story: The Hollywood Reporter

In lieu of a clip from the show itself, here’s a segment from my favorite adaptation of the Robin Hood story.

Because a cartoon fox > Kevin Costner:

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