The Carrie Diaries – Season 1 Episode 2 – Recap and Review – Lie with Me

With all of the swimming taking place on this show, I found myself wondering whether The Carrie Diaries would sink or float going into Episode 2. “Lie with Me” was actually stronger than the pilot, in my opinion! As I said last week, this show is not in any way Sex and the City, but when you consider it mostly as a current series based in 1984, it’s pretty damn good! Actually, I like some of these characters so much that I find myself feeling bad when I consider the fact that none of them make it into Carrie Bradshaw’s fantastic adult life in modern day Manhattan. So sad, too bad, Walt!

CW "The Carrie Diaries"

CW “The Carrie Diaries”

Annasophia Robb is the new Carrie Bradshaw, whether we like it or not. Personally, I like it! Episode 2 opened with Carrie recognizing that she’d have to further juggle her launching life in New York with her relationships back home, specifically her budding relationship with Sebastian Kydd (Austin Butler). Her relationship with little sis Dorrit (Stefania Owen) was in full swing after reconnecting during the close of the series premiere. Dorrit was infinitely more likable during “Lie with Me”. As it turns out, if she’s not antagonizing Carrie she’s a hilariously stoned fourteen-year-old girl with an affinity for bootlegging and a repulsion to boy drama.

Carrie remained grounded for two weeks following her escapades during the season premiere, but Sebastian was set on breaking her out of her cage. Carrie refused to sneak out in order to join Sebastian down at the country club, leaving the perfect empty seat for party gal and all-around awful time, Donna LaDonna (Chloe Bridges), to steal. Actually, I’m not finding her too heinous yet. I appreciate that she’s really the only character who sometimes looks like a true blue hottie of the eighties, as opposed to, say, a model of today posing in a throwback shoot. Mouse (Ellen Wong) caught a glimpse of Donna and Sebastian kind of/ sort of cozying up outside the club, and was quick to phone Carrie from the club line with an update. Ah, to live a life without a cell phone; my dream and every teen girl’s nightmare. Is it me, or do Sebastian and Donna look like a damn good time when they’re getting stoned together? I was only two when the eighties bit the dust, but had I been a teenager then, I’d be right there on that bench with them. Mouse continued her snooping all episode long.

CW "The Carrie Diaries"

CW “The Carrie Diaries”

How dare Donna be nice. Something is going awry!

Walt (Brendan Dooling) and Mags (Katie Findlay) continued their relationship struggles this episode. The show did a really good job of spreading the sympathy around. I felt for poor Walt whose inner sexual turmoil is just so sad to watch that I want to hug him. Still, I’m not going to knock Maggie for her affair with a police officer that was obviously purely physical after suffering through two years of feeling ugly in the eyes of her beau, Walt. I think my feelings towards the whole situation were best summed up by one of Walt’s lines in their opening “failed BJ” scene.

Walt: “You don’t want your… our first time to be like this.”

CW "The Carrie Diaries"

CW “The Carrie Diaries”

I don’t know if that was the work of Brendan Dooling or the writers or both, but that was a nice little nuance of a moment.

Back at school after their country club cuddle session, Sebastian did his best to cover his tracks with a little white lie. Donna, however, was quick to flaunt her new closeness with Sebastian in front of Carrie’s face. Donna had borrowed his jacket the night prior and returned it in a public display of bitchery. In truth, nothing did happen, but a little bit of puff puffing. He didn’t kiss her, he just loOoves to party. He haAas to party. He doesn’t need weed when he’s with Carrie, though. See Carrie, you’re just like illegal drugs! I know, I know… her love is his drug.

Mouse and Maggie offered their best advice during girl-talk while Walt chimed in from time to time. It was hard for Walt to contribute considering the fact that Maggie was fuming over his latest sexual slight session. Mouse hates the male species in general following her ex-boyfriend burn. Maggie’s advice was for Carrie to get around her grounding by inviting Sebastian for a swim session. Carrie’s father, Tom (Matt Letscher) for whatever reason, allowed her access to the swim club. Afterwards, Carrie and Maggie got some one-on-one time, Maggie admitted to Carrie that she and Walt weren’t doing the sex thing, but Carrie lied for Walt’s sake, covering up the fact that she felt something was off.

Carrie’s internship boss moped through the morning as she, strapped for time, didn’t have the option of changing out of the sack she wears to work in favor of something stylish for her hot date later that night. How did she expect to get laid? Larissa (Freema Agyeman) had been hounding the office phone (no personal calls!) and asking for Carrie. As it turned out, the photo shoot for Carrie’s bag, scheduled for two weeks later, was bumped up to that very afternoon. Larissa got all spiteful when Carrie asked if there was anyway around the situation, considering the fact that she was in the middle of a swamped work day. Ugh, she’d have to wing it. Also, Sebastian called soon after and invited Carrie to a Blue Oyster Cult concert! Wow, suddenly I like the Kydd even more.

CW "The Carrie Diaries"

CW “The Carrie Diaries”

After lying to her boss, who actually seems cooler to me as an individual than Larissa, about running errands for the company, Carrie made her way down to Brooklyn. The catch was that Carrie would have to complete her internship tasks on the fly before the end of the workday.

Carrie: “One night, I wrote my name on my mother’s bag in an attempt to salvage it, and now here I was, holding a zebra.”

The photo shoot was, needless to say, a stylish sh*t show. I couldn’t even get an adequate screenshot to capture the chaos surrounding the photographing of the Carrie bag. By the way, does the actual designer of the bag even matter?

You know what actually stood out most during this scene for me? I thought it was kind of tacky to insinuate that Corey Haim was passed out and hung-over from the night prior, considering the fact that Haim died of pneumonia most likely brought on by his addictions in 2010. Too soon, right? Also, I’m finding Larissa more obnoxious than Donna. I still think something is a-brewin’ there. I’m also pretty sure she still has Carrie’s bag, after Carrie was forced to leave the shoot early! Uh oh, Bradshaw! Larissa gave Carrie a Dior scarf she swiped from the set as thanks. Fake it till you make it, Carrie… or not or that advice could be what gets you into trouble during the rest of Episode 2.

Carrie arrived back at the office an hour and a half late, and her boss was pretty pissed. Carrie had gone the extra mile, though, doing a little extra work and even offering her boss the Dior scarf for her date. Carrie claimed she’d found it in the bargain bin. Well, that was nice.

“Fake it till you make it” seemed to work for Carrie (and maybe Pinocchio?), but would it work for Walt? Walt decided that he owed something to Mags and decided to surprise her with some sexual favors later that night. In reality, he ended up waiting for, like, four hours while Maggie got frisked in the back of a police car by her secret lover. By the way, wasn’t that dude a little creepy when he said that he, just a little while ago, thought of her as a kid? In the end, the waiting did Walt some good, as he ended things with Maggie as kindly as possible. He loves her, but it’s not like that.

CW "The Carrie Diaries"

CW “The Carrie Diaries”

Dorrit had been looking forward to a trip to the swim club with Carrie, even blowing off a super fun video shoot of a field trip with her friends to further the sisterly bond. Threatened by Donna LaDonna, Carrie mistakenly invited Sebastian to her day with Dorrit. Oh no, grungy little sis! Don’t be sad. Dorrit held back tears as she left Carrie to her day-date with Sebastian. Carrie’s dad wasn’t cool with her bending the rules of her punishment, though. After Dorrit came home upset, he made his way to the swim club and ruined Carrie’s good time. Sebastian attempted to man-up and offered a solid handshake along with his taking of the blame. Carrie’s father was more concerned with the Kydd last name than the Kydd himself.

The next morning Carrie cooked a guilt-laced breakfast for her dad in an attempt to lessen the blow. In actuality, her dad wasn’t looking to ground her any further. Her two weeks were up, and it is now time for Carrie to prove herself to be the girl he hopes she is. Oh, and absolutely no Sebastian because his family is secretly awful, bye! If Carrie screws up, the internship in New York City is done.

The episode closed with a girls’ night scene set to a bootleg of Purple Rain. Oh, Dorrit. Sebastian attempted to weasel his was into another date, but Carrie Bradshaw always puts her gals first. That is, until she meets Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte in a couple of years. Later, Mouse! Mouse who? Oh, well! Group hug… even you, Dorrit.


What did you all think of Season 1 Episode 2 of The Carrie Diaries, “Lie with Me”? Are you enjoying the series as a prequel to Sex and the City or as a standalone show? Are you excited to see how Season 1 ends up shaping up after a successful second episode?

Thanks for reading my Recap and Review of Season 1 Episode 2 of The Carrie Diaries, “Lie with Me”!

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