‘The Carrie Diaries’ Casts Samantha Jones

Lindsey Gort Promo Shot

Lindsey Gort Promo Shot

As The Carrie Diaries gears up for its second season, the Sex and the City prequel series has announced the casting of Carrie Bradshaw’s first bestie. Samantha Jones is back!

Actress Lindsey Gort has been cast in the iconic role, portraying a young Samantha who’s already well-established herself as a figure on the NYC 80’s rock & roll scene. (Is she a dead ringer for young Kim Catrall or what?) Judging by a shout-out on the show’s first season finale, Samantha’s introduction will most likely be the second crossover from SATC. Stanford Blatch is also slated to pop up during The Carrie Diaries’ second season run.

Do you think Lindsey Gort can fill the Manolos of Kim Catrall? Check out some of Samantha’s classic moments below!

Via TV Line

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OMFG !!!! this show SLAYS!!!

NickRoman1 moderator

Holy SHIT is that good casting.

I haven't seen look-alike casting that good since lil' Ginnifer Goodwin on OUAT.

JoeTranch moderator

@jazch It was so smart to write in Samantha. The show could have been cancelled. Now people have a great new reason to tune in again! This show is seriously underrated.