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The Biggest Loser – Season 14 Premiere – Recap – We’re Back…And So Is Jillian

Guess who’s back on The Biggest Loser? She is known as ‘the screamer,’ ‘the tough one,’ and ‘the maniacal trainer.’ It’s the one and only, Jillian Michaels.

After skipping out on its annual fall season, The Biggest Loser returns with its 14th season. Read about the contestants, the first challenge, the first weigh-in, and the first elimination here.

“Just when I thought you were done throwing up, you gave me a surprise throw up.” – Dolvett

Check out the recap for The Biggest Loser – Season 14 Episode 1 – “We’re Back…And So Is Jillian”:


Three children will be participating on The Biggest Loser this season, and the good news is that none of the children will be eliminated.

I was at the live taping of the first episode back in September 2012, and I high-fived the 3 child participants! How cool is that? And when host Ali Sweeney introduced Dolvett Quince and Bob Harper at the taping, I screamed like a crazy fan girl. Dolvett is incredibly SEXY in person. The live taping actually lasted 6 hours, and I noticed that the editors of the show edited out the contestants’ on-the-spot interviews and their first weigh-ins. Only 15 minutes of the taping was shown on TV.

The producers handpicked the 3 children, and the 15 adult contestants were chosen from the audience. Here’s the breakdown:

The Biggest Loser – Season 14 Premiere – Recap – We’re Back…And So Is Jillian

White Team – Trainer Jillian:

1. Thomas “TC” Pool, 31, Albany, Oregon
– He tried out for the show 5 times.
2. Pamela Geil, 43, New York, New York
3. Nate Montgomery, 25, Colorado Springs, Colorado
4. Dannielle “Danni” Allen, 26, Wheeling, Illinois
5. Nicole “Nikki” Davis, 26, Chatsworth, California
–  She used to suffer from bulimia. Tonight, she just wasn’t cutting it in the gym, so Jillian gave her a choice of staying or quitting. She chose to quit the show. She claimed not to be “ready” for the show, and promised to seek a therapist when she gets home. She is now disqualified from the season.

***Jillian will also be training child participant: Sanjana “Sunny” Chandrasekar (11th grade), 16, Rochester, New York.

Red Team – Trainer Dolvett:

1. Lisa Rambo, 37, Houlton, Wisconsin
2. Jackson Carter, 21, Layton, Utah
– He is the first openly gay contestant to appear on the show.
3. Francelina Morillo, 25, Albany, New York
4. Cate Laughlan, 28, Ransomville, New York 
5. Joe Ostaszewski, 43, Williston, Florida

***Dolvett will also be training child participant: Lindsay Bravo (8th grade), 13, Fillmore, California.

Blue Team – Trainer Bob:

1. Jeff Nichols, 24, Monroe, Michigan 
2. Michael Dorsey, 34, Baltimore, Maryland
– I think he’s the one to watch. He has an amazing personality.
3. David Jones, 51, Kiefer, Oklahoma
– He’s the oldest man this season. 
4. Alexandra “Alex” Reid, 24, Carrollton, Texas
5. Gina McDonald, 47, Hoover, Alabama
– She feels like she has a target on her back because she’s the oldest woman this season. 

***Bob will also be training child participant: Noah “Biingo” Gray (8th grade), 13, New Windsor, Maryland.


The First Workout:

During the first workout, the trainers told the three children to go out into the field, and they had the 15 adults go inside the gym. Each trainer took turns with the child participants.

First, Dolvett went out into the field to assist the 3 kids whilst Bob & Jillian trained the adults.

Second, Bob went out into the field, and Dolvett & Jillian trained the adults.

Third, Jillian went out into the field, and Dolvett & Bob trained the adults.

Per usual, there was A LOT of vomiting, groaning, and screaming inside the gym. White team members Nikki, TC, and Nate were kicked out of the gym for performing under par. Jillian had enough of their excuses.

The First Challenge:

The producers asked the kids to participate in this challenge. The goal of this particular challenge was to spell out the phrase, “The Biggest Loser.” Each of the letters was hidden under a bunch of playground balls… in which the adults had to crawl though. The children’s duty, on the other hand, was to let the adults know where the letters were hidden. The team that spelled out the phrase the fastest won a 5-pound advantage for the weigh-in.

Result: Sunny and the White Team won the challenge this week.

The Weigh-In:

With Nikki quitting the show on her own terms, the White Team was down a member. Fortunately for them, the eliminations are based on the percentage of weight lost, and not the actual number of pounds lost.

Host Ali Sweeney revealed that there would be a red line this week. The person with the lowest percentage of weight lost on the losing team will automatically be eliminated.


White Team:

(+5 pound advantage)
TC – Starting Weight: 376, Current Weight: 361; Pounds Lost: -15
Pam – Starting Weight: 237, Current Weight: 227; Pounds Lost: -10
Nathan – Starting Weight: 359, Current Weight: 339; Pounds Lost: -20
Danni – Starting Weight: 258, Current Weight: 239; Pounds Lost: -19

***Total Weight Lost for White Team: 69 pounds, 5.61%

Red Team:

Lisa – Starting Weight: 246, Current Weight: 230; Pounds Lost: -16
Jackson – Starting Weight: 328, Current Weight: 306; Pounds Lost: -22
Francelina – Starting Weight: 267, Current Weight: 248; Pounds Lost: -19
Cate – Starting Weight: 237, Current Weight: 225; Pounds Lost: -12
Joe – Starting Weight: 364, Current Weight: 338; Pounds Lost: -26

***Total Weight Lost for Red Team: 95 pounds, 6.59%

Blue Team:

Jeff – Starting Weight: 388, Current Weight: 359; Pounds Lost: -29
Michael – Starting Weight: 444, Current Weight: 423; Pounds Lost: -21
David – Starting Weight: 307, Current Weight: 287; Pounds Lost: -20
Alex – Starting Weight: 240, Current Weight: 231; Pounds Lost: -9
Gina – Starting Weight: 245, Current Weight: 230; Pounds Lost: -15

***Total Weight Lost for Blue Team: 94 pounds, 5.79%


Result: The White Team lost the weigh-in tonight, and the person with the lowest percentage of weight lost on that team was TC.

TC has already lost 41 pounds at home.

Poor Jillian is already down to three contestants!

I liked this first episode! It was kind of long though. And… sorry for the delay guys. I live out here in Los Angeles, so I’m 3 hours delayed.


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