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The Biggest Loser – Season 14 Episode 9 – Video Recap – Face Your Fears

The recap of The Biggest Loser – Season 14 Episode 9 – “Face Your Fears”:

If you missed last week’s episode, you can read my recap and watch the videos below:

Immediately after last week’s weigh-in, host Ali Sweeney let the contestants know that two of them would be leaving the ranch for an entire week.

The contestants competed in a challenge that would determine the two people leaving the ranch for the week. Jackson and Jeff basically volunteered themselves because they wanted to face their collective fear of failing to lose weight on their own.

Since Joe won this aforementioned challenge, he earned a +1 pound advantage for the weigh-in.

Jackson and Jeff arrive at their temporary home in Los Angeles, CA:

Jackson & Jeff were given cash, Brita Water, a treadmill, a cycling machine, actual bicycles, and some CrossFit equipment for the week. They were responsible for purchasing their own groceries and for conducting their own workouts.

They avoided junk food at the grocery store, went hiking in the afternoon, and focused on cardio for the majority of the week.

A Makeover for an Eliminated Contestant:

Francelina has already lost 100 pounds at home! She looks amazing now! Since she was one of my favorites this season, I was sad to see her eliminated last week.

The Kid Ambassadors’ Biggest Fears:

Let’s start with Lindsay: Due to the fact that she has already been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, she is extremely fearful of becoming a full diabetic. To face this fear, Dolvett asked Lindsay to speak to her school guidance counselor—someone that has been living with diabetes for several years now. Lindsay promised her guidance counselor that she would eat healthy and stay active.

Biingo: His biggest fear is eating vegetables. At 13 years of age, Biingo has never consumed a vegetable before (not even broccoli, carrots, etc.). To face this fear, Bob asked Biingo’s mother to puree the vegetables and to add them into the meatloaf. His mother told him the truth after he finished eating his meatloaf. I think he’ll be eating more vegetables in the future now that he’s faced this fear.

Sunny: Her biggest fear is that her mother will die of obesity. Jillian asked Sunny to speak with her mother about the effects of obesity, and about how her mother’s obesity affects their family. At first, Sunny’s mother got defensive; but she soon realized that she needs to live a healthier lifestyle not only for herself, but also for Sunny.

The Contestants’ Biggest Fears:

  1. Jeff and Jackson are afraid of failure, afraid of not being able to succeed on their own. They faced this collective fear by residing off campus for the week.
  2. Gina is afraid of dying, afraid of killing her relationships with other people. She faced this fear by locking herself inside of a coffin for several minutes.
  3. Danni is afraid of singing in public. Jillian asked her to sing the national anthem inside of a local bar.
  4. Joe is afraid of not being in control of any given situation, and he is also afraid of sharks. Bob asked Joe to swim 500 yards from the middle of the ocean to the shore to conquer his fear.
  5. Alex’s fear wasn’t emphasized this week. However last week, I believe she mentioned that she’s afraid of her best not being good enough.

The Challenge of the Week:

Jackson and Jeff participated in the challenge this week. After the challenge ended, however, they had to step off campus again.

The goal of this challenge was for the contestants to conquer their fear of heights. After they were harnessed in, they stood on top of their individual platforms while holding onto 40% of their current weight. The winner of this challenge won immunity.

Result: Gina got back on the right track this week. She transformed from a pessimistic individual into an optimistic contestant. Not only did she win this challenge, she also won immunity.

The Weigh-in:

  • Gina – Previous Weight: 180; Current Weight: 173; Pounds Lost: 7 pounds, 3.89%
  • Jackson – Previous Weight: 261; Current Weight: 250; Pounds Lost: 11 pounds, 4.21%
  • Jeff – Previous Weight: 308; Current Weight: 295; Pounds Lost: 13 pounds, 4.22%
  • Joe – Previous Weight: 273; Current Weight: 261; Pounds Lost: 12 + 1 pound advantage, 4.76%
  • Alex – Previous Weight: 195; Current Weight: 187; Pounds Lost: 8 pounds, 4.10%
  • Danni – Previous Weight: 194; Current Weight: 184; Pounds Lost: 10 pounds, 5.15%

Result: Jackson and Alex had the lowest percentages of weight loss, so they both fell below the yellow line. They were both up for elimination. [If Gina didn’t have immunity, she would’ve fallen below the yellow line.]

The Elimination:

Joe, Danni, Gina, and Jeff had to vote off either Jackson or Alex. In the event of a tie, the person with the lower percentage of weight loss between the two (Alex) would be eliminated.

  • Joe voted off Alex
  • Danni voted off Alex

Result: There was no need to see Gina and Jeff’s votes. Alex was eliminated from the Ranch.

She’s already lost 70 pounds at home. It’s evident that she has gained confidence through this experience, and that she likes what she sees in the mirror now. Congratulations Alex! Keep up the great work!

Here’s the video recap of tonight’s episode:

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