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The Biggest Loser – Season 14 Episode 7 – Recap – Tough Love

The recap of The Biggest Loser – Season 14 Episode 7 – “Tough Love”:

I’m not a huge fan of individuals/singles on The Biggest Loser. While a part of me is thrilled for the contestants that have made it this far into the competition, the other part of me is upset because this is generally when the game playing begins. Historically speaking, game players end up gaining all their weight back.

The Biggest Loser – Season 14 Episode 7 – Recap – Tough Love

The Temptation:

This week’s temptation was inspired by Valentine’s Day. The contestants had the option of eating cupcakes, chocolate, and candy for a 2-pound advantage. The winner of this temptation not only won a 2-pound advantage for him/herself, but also for another contestant of his/her choice.

  • Jackson – Yellow Team
  • Francelina – Orange Team
  • Gina – Purple Team
  • Alex – Green Team
  • Michael – Gray Team
  • Joe – Baby Blue Team
  • Danni – Pink Team
  • Joe – Magento Team

In order to win the temptation, the contestants had 10 minutes to eat as many calories as possible… in the dark. Host Ali turned off the lights, put on her night-vision goggles, and started the clock.

Only 3 contestants gave into the temptation:

  • Jeff consumed 270 calories
  • Alex consumed 1,036 calories
  • Francelina consumed 1,150 calories

Result: Francelina won the 2-pound advantage, and she gave the additional 2-pound advantage to Alex.

A Makeover for an Eliminated Contestant:

Former Red Team member Lisa has already lost 79 pounds at home! Congrats Lisa!!

The Kid Ambassadors for Season 14:

Jillian set up a Bollywood Dancing class for Sunny. She struggled with the choreography at first, but she got the hang of it during the latter half of the lesson.

Bob wanted Biingo to try out for the Baseball Team. Biingo finally took the boot off his foot! (He’s been injured since Episode 2).

Dolvett informed Lindsay that a high school cheerleading team would like to make her an honorary member. (She’s currently in 8th grade).

The Trainers Chose Their Contestants for the Week:

The trainers got to pick their contestants for the week.

  • Dolvett trained Gina and Michael
  • Jillian trained Francelina, Alex, and Jeff
  • Bob trained Danni, Joe, and Jackson

Jeff, Gina, and Michael Get Emotional:

Jillian finally broke through to Jeff this week. His father passed away from lung cancer when Jeff was 17.

Dolvett pushed Michael above and beyond. Dolvett taught Michael to believe in himself, and to have confidence in his own abilities.

Dolvett broke through to Gina saying, “Stop closing your eyes and pay attention to your body. Your worry is bigger than your joy [right now].”

Challenge of the Week:

This week’s challenge tested the contestants’ strength, agility, and endurance. They basically ran around an arena.

Result: Danni won the challenge, but she chose to give her gift away to Michael and Gina. They each brought a family member to the ranch for 24 hours. Gina invited her husband, and Michael invited his wife & baby boy.

I’m rooting for Danni to win the entire competition. She’s my favorite at the moment, and I look up to her.

The Weigh-in:

Btw, Trainer Bob has gained a ton of muscle over the last year (thanks to CrossFit). Talk about hot! But, the beard needs to be trimmed, babes! It needs to be trimmed. 😛

The dreaded yellow line made its first cameo in Episode 7. The two people with the lowest percentages of weight loss will be up for elimination. In the event of a tie, the person with the lowest percentage (of the two contestants) will be eliminated.

  • Francelina – Previous Weight: 217, Current Weight: 213, Pounds Lost: -4 (+2 pound advantage), Total: -6, 2.76%
  • Alex – Previous Weight: 204, Current Weight: 198, Pounds Lost: -6 (+2 pound advantage), Total: -8, 3.92%
  • Danni – Previous Weight: 207, Current Weight: 201, Pounds Lost: -6, 2.90%
  • Joe – Previous Weight: 291, Current Weight: 279, Pounds Lost: -12, 4.12%
  • Jeff – Previous Weight 323, Current Weight: 312, Pounds Lost: -11, 3.41%
  • Gina – Previous Weight: 193, Current Weight: 184, Pounds Lost: -9, 4.66%
  • Jackson – Previous Weight: 279, Current Weight: 266, Pounds Lost: -13, 4.66%
  • Michael – Previous Weight: 363, Current Weight: 353, Pounds Lost: -10, 2.75%

Result: Michael and Francelina fell below the yellow line.

My Thoughts:

  • Jackson and Joe definitely benefitted from training with Bob this week
  • Jeff finally let go of that chip on his shoulder by training with Jillian this week
  • Michael and Gina have re-gained their confidence after training with Dolvett

The Elimination:

The other contestants had the option of eliminating Michael or Francelina

  • Danni voted off Michael
  • Alex voted off Francelina
  • Gina voted off Michael
  • Jeff voted off Michael

Result: Michael was eliminated because he received the majority vote 3:1. We did not need to see Jackson and Joe’s votes because Michael had a lower percentage of weight loss than Francelina had.

Jeff and Michael have been rooming together since the first episode. Earlier this season, they agreed on never voting off one another… but Jeff broke that promise. This really shocked Michael because Jeff had played the game (he voted off his biggest “threat”).

Michael has already lost 124 pounds at home. He’s such an inspiration!


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