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The Biggest Loser – Season 14 Episode 6 – Lead By Example

Here’s the recap of The Biggest Loser – Season 14 Episode 6 – “Lead By Example”:

This season has been one of the most exciting seasons of The Biggest Loser in a long while. Seasons 5, 7, 9, and 11 (not in that order) have been my favorite seasons thus far, and Season 14 has taken the fifth spot in my Top 5. Oddly enough, this is the only even-numbered season I’ve enjoyed as of yet. Is it just a coincidence? *shrugs shoulders* Beats Me! Coincidence or not, I’m just grateful that the powers that be have driven this show back in the right direction. Also: the old remnants of old Biggest Loser is back because this episode consisted mostly of product placement and celebrity guest-stars.

At the beginning of the episode, host Ali Sweeney let the contestants know that their fates would be determined by the roll of three dice: one for the Blue Team, one for the Red Team, and one for the White Team. Each die had the contestants’ faces on each side. Whoever’s face the die lands on will be the only person to weigh in for their team this week.

Gina Finds Herself, Mentally:

Blue Team member Gina didn’t want that pressure, so she expressed her feelings out loud. Trainer Bob told her to build up her self-confidence because she didn’t like that he would say the opposite of what she feels. For instance:

Gina: “You (Bob) rip my ass to shreds every time I see your face!”

Bob: “You are the biggest threat in this house. I want you to bring it on! Don’t be afraid. I will challenge you every time you open your mouth! I promise you. I’m not gonna let up on you.”

Dolvett Helps Jackson Find Himself:

Red Team member Jackson threw up once again during a workout, contrary to what he had planned. He wanted to get through just one workout without throwing up. His biggest fear is that he’s going to let someone down, but Trainer Dolvett reminded him that he is more than good enough.

The Biggest Loser – Season 14 Episode 6 – Lead By Example

The Kid Ambassadors Lead By Example:

Each trainer asked their kid ambassador to lead by example at his or her school. Bob asked Biingo to attract more than ten members for his afterschool activity program, Dolvett asked Lindsay to make a speech for anti-bullying at a pep rally, and Jillian asked Sunny to run a circuit involving climbing steps, wall sits, bicep curls, planks, jumping jacks, and stiletto ropes.

Brita Water donated $10,000 for Biingo’s Afterschool Activity Club, and his school used that money to purchase workout equipment. Lindsay made a speech at a pep rally regarding Anti-Bullying, and Cody Simpson surprised her with a private concert. Sunny helped her peers get healthy by holding a circuit workout at her high school.

Challenge of the Week:

So, the three dice made a second cameo in tonight’s episode. Whoever’s face the die landed on represented his or her team for the challenge this week. That individual traversed a balance beam in order to grab plates (that had calorie counts marked on them) whilst avoiding swinging pendulums. They carried these plates (one by one) across the balance beam, and then matched up these calorie count plates with the proper food items. The food items listed were: burgers, yogurt, bagels, chicken, and ravioli. If the contestants guessed the wrong calorie amount for each food item, they tried again until they got all five correct. The winning team won letters from home.

Below, I’ve listed the contestants who participated in this challenge:

  • The Red die landed on Jackson’s face
  • The Blue die landed on Gina’s face
  • Danni is the last remaining member of the White Team, so she had no other option but to participate.

Even though Jackson and Gina had difficulty with this challenge (because they kept falling down), Danni quickly mastered the challenge. She was the first to carry five plates across the balance beam; however, she guessed the wrong calorie amounts for all 5 food items. On her first try, she scored 0 for 5. On her second try, she scored 3 for 5. And on her third try, she scored 5 for 5. I guess the third time is a charm!

Result: The White Team won. Since Danni is the only member of the White Team, she was the only contestant to receive letters from home.

An Eliminated Contestant Receives A Makeover:

Former White Team member Pam—who was eliminated in Week 4—has seriously slimmed down! Her makeover looks great overall! (She straightened her hair, and lost a ton of weight). Great work, Pam!

In-Your-Face Product Placement:

I talked about Brita Water earlier, and well… The Biggest Loser never misses a chance to advertise Brita Water—one of their top products. They also never miss the chance to advertise Subway and Planet Fitness. Jillian Michaels more than likely practiced this speech at least 100 times: “Subway is accessible. It’s affordable. And it’s a much better option because there is over two million options of sandwich combos to choose from.” (They must’ve filmed this scene a thousand times. And did you see the annoyed look on Danni’s face? Scripted much?) Lastly, in Season 13: Planet Fitness took over The Biggest Loser’s former choice of workout equipment in 24 Hour Fitness.

Last Chance Workout:

Dolvett took the Red Team to see undefeated boxing champion—Laila Ali—this week. Instead of boxing at the Ranch, he took them to an actual boxing ring to meet Muhammad Ali’s daughter Laila. She is really tall, even taller than Dolvett is!

Jillian took White Team member Danni to a “Free-running Parkour Studio” for her last chance workout. They had tons of fun and Danni was able to overcome her fear of heights.

Bob trained his Blue Team on the Ranch per usual.

At the Weigh-in:

  • When Dolvett rolled the Red die, it landed on Joe’s face
  • When Bob rolled the blue die, it landed on Jeff’s face
  • Jillian didn’t roll the die because she only had Danni on the White Team.

Only Joe, Jeff, and Danni’s weights counted for this week.

Red Team:

  • Jackson – Previous Weight: 280, Current Weight: 279, Pounds Lost: -1
  • Francelina – Previous Weight: 224, Current Weight: 217, Pounds Lost: -7
  • Joe – Previous Weight: 299, Current Weight: 291, Pounds Lost: -8

Joe’s Percentage of Weight Lost: 2.68%

White Team:

  • Danni – Previous Weight: 213, Current Weight: 207, Pounds Lost: -6

Danni’s Percentage of Weight Lost: 2.82%

Blue Team:

  • Gina – Previous Weight: 197, Current Weight: 193, Pounds Lost: -4
  • Alex – Previous Weight: 207, Current Weight: 204, Pounds Lost: -3
  • Michael – Previous Weight: 371, Current Weight: 363, Pounds Lost: -8
  • David – Previous Weight: 253, Current Weight: 250, Pounds Lost: -3
  • Jeff – Previous Weight: 329, Current Weight: 323, Pounds Lost: -6

Jeff’s Percentage of Weight Lost: 1.82%

Result: Since Jeff had the lowest percentage of weight loss, the Blue Team lost tonight’s weigh-in. This is the Blue Team’s first loss in Season 14.

The Elimination:

The Blue Team had to face elimination for the first time this season. Michael had the highest percentage of weight loss for the Blue Team so could not be voted off.

  • Jeff voted for David
  • David voted for Jeff
  • Gina voted for David
  • Michael voted for David

Result: We did not need to see Alex’s vote since David already received 3 votes. David received the majority vote (3 of 5), so he was eliminated.

He’s already lost 87 pounds at home, and he’s taken the brace off his knee! I’m glad his injury isn’t hindering him from running/walking anymore. Great job, David! Keep up the great work!

This season is SO good! Really awesome.


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