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The Biggest Loser – Season 14 Episode 5 – Recap – Waist & Money

Here’s the recap of The Biggest Loser – Season 14 Episode 5 – “Waist & Money”:

The Biggest Loser – Season 14 Episode 5 – Recap – Waist & Money

First Challenge:

The contestants actually had two challenges this week. The first challenge of the week took place inside a grocery store. Ali gave $10 dollars a day to each member of each team. So, each contestant received $70 ($10 a day for seven days). The Red Team received a total of $280 because they have 4 members on their team, the Blue Team received $350 because they have 5 members on their team, and the White Team received $70 since there’s only one remaining contestant on that team. All contestants will be limited to the food that they purchase at the grocery store. (They are not allowed to eat out). Ali told the teams that they must spend less than the amount they were given.

Each team abided by the rules:

  • Blue Team spent $348.85
  • Red Team spent $276.67
  • White Team spent $61

Each team forgot to purchase several ingredients at the grocery store, so they tried to barter items with one another. For example, they tried to exchange two lemons for one mushroom.

Makeovers for Eliminated Contestants:

For the first time ever in Biggest Loser history, the eliminated contestants were asked to come back for a makeover. Only Nikki & TC were featured in this episode. Nikki lost over 50 pounds, and TC lost over 80 pounds. Great job guys! Keep up the great work!

A Few Observations:

Trainer Bob thought his Blue Team was set up to lose this week’s weigh-in since they’re the only team that’s still five-strong. Bob definitely pulled out all the stops this week… he was tougher than ever before! Overall, there’s definitely tension brewing amongst the Blue Team. Why is it that with every season, Bob is saddled with the dysfunctional team? It must be just a coincidence. David & Gina feel vulnerable because their the oldest contestants on the Ranch, and Alex is having trouble believing in herself. Also: I realized that Jeff is pretty good looking! When he’s ripped at the finale, I bet he’ll be a stud!

Trainer Jillian trained Alex this week, and Jillian definitely noticed some inconsistencies with her workout & motivation…. so Jill asked Bob to talk to her this week. Bob believed that Alex has been giving him half-ass: “You’ve been giving me half-ass every week. Win this week! Do you hear me? Win it! I want you to fight like you’ve never had before in your entire life.” I’m so glad that Bob finally talked to her! From the first episode… I noticed that she’s only dealing with the physical aspect of weight loss, but not the emotional side. Btw, Bob is so good-looking with a buzz cut—it really brings out his blue eyes.

Jillian tried a different training technique with Danni this week. Instead of being the tough, in-your-face trainer, she talked it out with Danni. (She really refrained from screaming this week). I think she changed her training method after she became a mother.

Trainer Dolvett did his usual militant-style training. “Go to work!” is definitely his trademark quote for Season 14. His trademark for Season 12 was “Hard work! Dedication!”; and, his trademark for Season 13 was “No excuses!” I love Dolvett, and it also helps that he’s flat out sexy. No arguments about that.

The Chef:

We also met the Biggest Loser Chef for Season 14: Devin Alexander. I don’t know a whole lot about her previous work, but I miss Curtis Stone! What happened to Curtis being the resident chef for The Biggest Loser?! That man is gorgeous.

Second Challenge:

The second challenge of the week took place in a pond. Each contestant had to grab ten 5-pound coins, and swim to the fountain (which was placed in the center of the pond), and drop it off there. Every time the contestant drops a coin, he/she had to swim back to grab another coin to drop it off in the fountain. Since the Red Team had 4 members, they had to score 40 points/40 coins in order to win. The Blue Team also had to get 40 points because David wasn’t medically cleared to participate in the challenge. The White Team only had one member, so Danni only had to score 10 points. For each member of the winning team, they would receive ten 1-year memberships to Planet Fitness, and they would also get a choice between a phone call home or a 2-pound advantage.

Result: Red Team member Lisa and White Team member Danni were vying for their respective team’s last remaining point. Danni swam to her fountain faster than Lisa had so Danni won the challenge. She chose the 2-pound advantage as her prize.

Bob and David visit Dr. H; David’s Secret:

Trainer Bob and Blue Team member David visited Dr. H this week. It turns out there’s a ton of fat on the side of David’s knee. Also: there are tiny cracks inside the spongy balm in his knee—which are causing the pain. David also revealed that he previously injured the same knee prior to coming on the Ranch, and Bob was upset with David because he didn’t know about this previous injury. (David feels that he’s too prideful to ask for help). When I heard him say the word “Pride,” it reminded me of the Blue Team’s motto from Season 5. Do you remember the Blue Team from Season 5? Their motto was “Pride on 3! Pride on 3! 3, 2, 1… Pride!” I distinctively remember their chant.

David has seven children—one of which, Tiffany, has a disability. He mentioned that he would feel like a failure if he weren’t able to take care of his family because of his weight—especially Tiffany.

The Weigh-in:

Most of the contestants had outstanding weight loss numbers this week.

Red Team:

  • Joe – Previous Weight: 310, Current Weight: 299, Pounds Lost: -11
  • Francelina – Previous Weight: 231, Current Weight: 224, Pounds Lost: -7
  • Jackson – Previous Weight: 288, Current Weight: 280, Pounds Lost: -8
  • Lisa – Previous Weight: 214, Current Weight: 209, Pounds Lost: -5

Red Team’s Total: 31 pounds lost, 2.97%

Blue Team:

  • Gina – Previous Weight: 206, Current Weight: 197, Pounds Lost: -9
  • Michael – Previous Weight: 384, Current Weight: 371, Pounds Lost: -13
  • Jeff – Previous Weight: 342, Current Weight: 329, Pounds Lost: -13
  • David – Previous Weight: 263, Current Weight: 253, Pounds Lost: -10
  • Alex – Previous Weight: 217, Current Weight: 207, Pounds Lost: -10

Blue Team’s Total: 55 pounds lost, 3.90%

White Team:

  • Danni – Previous Weight: 222, Current Weight: 213, Pounds Lost: -9 (+2 pound advantage)

White Team’s Total: 11 pounds lost, 4.95%

Result: The Red Team lost the weigh-in.

The Elimination:

Red Team member Joe had the highest percentage of weight loss on his team, so he was safe from elimination. But, Jackson, Lisa, and Francelina were still at risk.

In the voting booth, the contestants voted for:

  • Jackson voted for Lisa
  • Lisa voted for Jackson
  • Francelina voted for Lisa
  • Joe voted for Lisa

Result: Lisa was eliminated because she received 3 of 4 votes. She’s already lost 76 pounds at home, and she’s seriously slimmed down a ton! Her transformation is very inspirational. Keep up the great work, Lisa!


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