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The Biggest Loser – Season 14 Episode 4 – Recap – Pay It Forward

Well, I cried during this episode. I’m hooked again! After the horror of Season 13, I didn’t think this show could live up to its hype again. I was wrong. Dead wrong. The differences from last season are: the contestants this season are lovable & relatable, there’s no more tension between the trainers, and the best thing is that Season 14 has got new producers! After the mess from last season, I’m glad the powers that be woke up and drove this show back in the right direction. Last season didn’t make me tear up at all, but Season 14 has me crying like a baby!

Bob Surprises Biingo:

Trainer Bob flew to the East Coast to surprise Biingo in his hometown. (His mother has lost 27 pounds already). It turns out Biingo’s weight issues are due to his father losing his job and them having to move into the father’s brother’s basement. Later in the episode, Bob took Biingo to the Frederick Keys baseball stadium to meet pitcher Brandon. I believe Biingo will grow up to become a professional baseball player. That’d be awesome!

Jillian Surprises Sunny:

Trainer Jillian surprised Sunny in her hometown. Sunny revealed to Jillian that she’s tired of being viewed as the stereotypical Indian teenager since her mother has already predetermined her adulthood. Jillian asked Sunny to talk to her mom about this, and her mom revealed that she would be happy with whichever career Sunny chooses to pursue. (Sunny thought that her mom only wanted her to become a doctor). Then, Jillian took Sunny to a rowing gig because she wanted Sunny to branch out to other mediums. When I was a teenager, I thought my adulthood was predetermined as well. As I grew older, I realized this wasn’t the case. I think it’s definitely just a phase that quite a few female teenagers go through (I can relate to Sunny… I shared her views when I was a teenager).

Dolvett Surprises Lindsay:

Trainer Dolvett surprised Lindsay in Fillmore, CA. Lindsay revealed to Dolvett that she goes walking with her mother each morning, and then goes bicycling with her sister in the afternoon. Also: Lindsay was bullied because of her weight when she was on the Junior High cheerleading team. Dolvett took this opportunity to remind her that there is nothing that she cannot do if she sets her mind to it. Later in the episode, Dolvett took her to see a local High School cheerleading squad (a couple of cheerleaders told Lindsay to push through the pain and to never give up). Aw, kids can be so hurtful these days. Poor Lindsay!

Challenge of the Week:

The challenge this week took place in Long Beach, CA. The contestants were asked to run a 5K: the winner would split $15,000 amongst his/her team, the contestant who comes in second would receive $5,000, and the person who comes in third would receive $2,500.

I spotted Mike from Season 13 in the background. I was lucky enough to meet him in person (though not at this particular event). I met him on the day of the live taping of the season premiere. He’s such a nice guy! And he’s super fit now as well. I’m surprised that they didn’t re-introduce Mike in this episode… with him being a former contestant and all.

Here’s a picture I took with Mike from Season 13. It was taken awhile back in September 2012, but I just never got around to sharing it… until now:

The Biggest Loser – Season 14 Episode 4 – Recap – Pay It Forward

Result: White Team member Danni came in first, Red Team member Joe came in second, and White Team member Pam came in third. Danni completed the 5K run in 38 mins, 23 secs… and she split $15,000 with Pam. (Danni & Pam each received $7,500 because there were only two contestants left on the White Team).

Last Chance Workout:

The trainers returned in time for the last chance workout. Trainers Bob & Jillian trained together again in this workout, and it sure looked like a killer. Blue Team member Jeff has major issues with Jillian. He doesn’t appreciate her training technique—her negative reinforcement. Bob will most likely get to the bottom of Jeff’s bad attitude in the upcoming episode. By the way, is Jeff Tongan? He reminds me of the Tongan duo from Season 7 (I forget their names… I’m not talking about Sam & Koli from Season 9). Dolvett is also having issues with Red Team member Joe because he thinks Joe should be the leader of the team (since he’s the only former athlete on the Red Team).

The Weigh-in:

Below, I’ve listed the stats of Week 4’s weigh-in.

Blue Team:

  • Michael – Previous Weight: 396, Current Weight: 384, Pounds Lost: -12
  • David – Previous Weight: 272, Current Weight: 384, Pounds Lost: -9
  • Alex – Previous Weight: 221, Current Weight: 217, Pounds Lost: -4
  • Gina – Previous Weight: 215, Current Weight: 206, Pounds Lost: -9
  • Jeff – Previous Weight: 348, Current Weight: 342, Pounds Lost: -6

Blue Team’s Total: 40 pounds lost, 2.75%

Red Team:

  • Joe – Previous Weight: 317, Current Weight: 310, Pounds Lost: -7
  • Francelina – Previous Weight: 237, Current Weight: 231, Pounds Lost: -6
  • Lisa – Previous Weight: 223, Current Weight: 214, Pounds Lost: -9
  • Jackson – Previous Weight: 300, Current Weight: 288, Pounds Lost: -12

Red Team’s Total: 34 pounds lost, 3.16%

White Team:

  • Danni – Previous Weight: 228, Current Weight: 222, Pounds Lost: -6
  • Pam – Previous Weight: 210, Current Weight: 207, Pounds Lost: -3

White Team’s Total: 9 pounds lost, 2.05%

Result: White Team lost the weigh-in, so Pam is eliminated because she has the lowest percentage of weight loss on the White Team.


Oh no! Pam was one of my favorites this season. And yes, she has a great personality in person! At the live taping of the first episode, she was sitting only three rows behind me… and when host Ali Sweeney called her name, she was obviously ecstatic. She truly is the life of the party! She currently weighs 182 pounds. Keep up the great work Pam!

I can’t believe Jillian is down to just one contestant, and we’re only 4 weeks into Season 14 of The Biggest Loser. Oy, this is going to be toughie for Jillian.

That’s it for tonight. I’ll leave you guys with this picture of Dolvett. 🙂 Just remember what he would say to you: “Hard work! Dedication!”

The Biggest Loser – Season 14 Episode 4 – Recap – Pay It Forward


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