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The Biggest Loser – Season 14 Episode 2 – Recap – Get Moving

The Biggest Loser Season 14 resumed tonight with Part 2 of its two-night premiere. Trainer Jillian unfortunately lost two members last night. Did her team survive another weigh-in? Did all of the contestants overcome the notorious “Week 2 curse”?

CUE THE DRAMA! The contestants are dropping like flies.

Check out the recap for The Biggest Loser – Season 14 Episode 2 – “Get Moving”:


If you missed Episode 1, you can read my recap.

In last night’s episode, White Team member Nikki quit the show on her own terms, and White Team member TC was eliminated from the show. So Jillian was down to 3 contestants whilst Bob & Dolvett each had 5 contestants.

A Few Notes:

At the top of tonight’s episode, host Ali Sweeney revealed that there would again be a Red Line this week, not a Yellow Line. (The person with the lowest percentage of weight loss on the losing team will be automatically eliminated). She also mentioned that for the first time in Biggest Loser history, each trainer gets his/her own workout space. Bob had his own CrossFit equipment, Dolvett had his usual dungeon equipment, and Jillian had her usual ropes & tires.

Oh, and I have to mention something: I LOVE BOB’S DIABOLICAL LAUGH. Ever since he started doing CrossFit back in Season 12, he’s been such a badass. I love him! I know some of you may say that he hasn’t always been this tough…but I assure you: he always has been. In seasons prior, the editors of the show made him seem like he was “soft,” but he has always been this tough.

It’s only two episodes in, and the contestants are already falling apart:

  • Red Team member Jackson is medically restricted to just walking this week
  • Blue Team member Michael is having a hard time breathing
  • Blue Team member David injured his knee, so he’s on crutches this week
  • White Team member Pam is terrified of Jillian, and she feels like she’s being paralyzed
  • White Team member Danni is emotionally falling apart

The Doctor’s Visit:

All of the contestants visited the resident Biggest Loser doctor, Dr. H. this week. Dr. H is a great doctor, and he’s been with the show since Season 1…. but every time I see him on TV, I can’t help but think that there’s some plastic-y thing going on with his face.

These are a some noteworthy moments:

  • Red Team member Jackson suffers from sleep apnea. Just the night before, he stopped breathing in his sleep for 41 seconds
  • Blue Team member Gina is a pre-diabetic
  • Blue Team member Mike has arteries in his neck that resemble that of a 78-79 year old man

Jillian Confronts Her Team:

Since the White Team is quickly dwindling down, Jillian wanted to get to the bottom of this. Jillian mentioned that the viewers of this show are inspired by the changes that the contestants make… and that inspired her to return to work there. (She also returned to work there because she wants to tackle childhood obesity). More importantly, Jillian would like for Danni and Pam to gain some self-confidence.

Tonight’s Challenge:

Tonight’s four-part challenge took place on a football field with guest-host Antonio Gates (from the San Diego Chargers). Child participants: Biingo, Sunny, and Lindsay were also invited to cheer on the adult contestants during the challenge. Biingo cheered on the Blue Team, Sunny cheered on the White Team, and Lindsay cheered on the Red Team.

This challenge tested the contestants’ speed, agility, and strength. The winning team received a $5,000 grant for the kid’s school, and the winning kid could choose an NFL player of his/her choice to come to his/her school. The challenge is a bit difficult to explain in words, so I hope I can find a video…

White Team member Pam was not medically cleared to compete in this week’s challenge, so the White Team was down to two members.

1st Quarter: Test of Speed:

  • White Team: Danni – first place
  • Blue Team: Alex – second place
  • Red Team: Francelina – third place

2nd Quarter: Test of Agility:

  • White Team: Danni – first place
  • Red Team: Cate – second place
  • Blue Team: Gina – third place

3rd Quarter: Test of Strength:

  • Blue Team: Jeff – first place
  • White Team: Nate – second place
  • Red Team: Lisa – third place

4th Quarter: Test of Speed, Agility, & Strength:

  • Red Team: Joe – first place
  • White Team: Nate – second place
  • Blue Team: Michael – third place

Result: White Team won again!, Sunny won a $5,000 grant for her school and she gets to choose an NFL player to come to her school.

  • White Team: Total Time – 00:03:01 minutes
  • Red Team: Total Time – 00:03:40 minutes
  • Blue Team: Total Time – 00:03:52 minutes

It’s Time to Test the Kids:

Dolvett, Bob, and Jillian all got together to train the kids. Dolvett took care of Lindsay, Bob took care of Biingo, and Jillian took care of Sunny. The three kids participated in a “Biggest Loser Fitness Test.” The test consisted of sit-ups, pull-ups, and a 1-mile run. Biingo wasn’t able to participate in the 1-mile run because he fractured his foot playing basketball. There’s definitely room for improvement. When these kids get in shape, they’ll be beasts in the gym.

The kids: Biingo, Lindsay, and Sunny

The kids: Biingo, Lindsay, and Sunny

Last Chance Work-Out:

Jillian and Bob paired up their teams again. Ah, I knew it wouldn’t last long for these two trainers to pair up their teams. In the previous seasons, Bob & Jillian never cared about which color team they were training….they always trained the contestants together. Dolvett, on the other hand, trained his Red team all by himself. Bob trained some of the White Team members, and Jillian trained some of the Blue Team members. I love that Bob & Jillian are working together again! I love this duo.

The Weigh-In:

Did any of the contestants hit a plateau?


Blue Team:

  • David – Previous Weight: 287; Current Weight: 278; Pounds Lost: -9
  • Gina – Previous Weight: 230; Current Weight: 223; Pounds Lost: -7
  • Alex – Previous Weight: 231; Current Weight: 225; Pounds Lost: -6
  • Michael – Previous Weight: 423; Current Weight: 409; Pounds Lost: -14
  • Jeff – Previous Weight: 359; Current Weight: 359; Pounds Lost: 0

***Total Weight Lost for Blue Team: 36 pounds, 2.35%

Red Team:

  • Cate – Previous Weight: 225; Current Weight: 220; Pounds Lost: -5
  • Francelina – Previous Weight: 248; Current Weight: 242; Pounds Lost: -6
  • Jackson – Previous Weight: 306; Current Weight: 302; Pounds Lost: -4
  • Joe – Previous Weight: 338; Current Weight: 326; Pounds Lost: -12
  • Lisa – Previous Weight: 230; Current Weight: 225; Pounds Lost: -5

***Total Weight Lost for Red Team: 32 pounds, 2.38%

White Team:

  • Pam – Previous Weight: 227; Current Weight: 219; Pounds Lost: -8
  • Danni – Previous Weight: 239; Current Weight: 234; Pounds Lost: -5
  • Nate – Previous Weight: 339; Current Weight: 334; Pounds Lost: -5

***Total Weight Lost for White Team: 18 pounds, 2.24%

Result: The White Team lost the weigh-in. Nate is eliminated.

OMG! Jillian is down to two members!

Nate has already lost 60 pounds at home! Go Nate!!! Keep it up, man! He also bought an engagement ring, and proposed to his girlfriend while the camera was still rolling. I’m positive that the producers of the show funded Nate’s ring. I mean… why else would he propose on camera?

I hope they edit this show down to 1 hour. I just feel like this show drags on forever when it’s 2 hours long.


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