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The Bachelorette Desiree – Episode 4 – Recap

Desiree and her 13 men leave their Los Angeles mansion to go to Atlantic City, NJ in Episode 4 of The Bachelorette. It’s “Las Vegas on the ocean,” as Kasey explains. Read my recap here.


Brad’s One-on-One

Zak and Mikey both think that though Brad is a nice guy, he’s a bit too reserved for Des. They ride around an amusement park and try salt water taffy and chocolate pretzels at a candy shop. She’s having fun!

Though the sandcastle was gorgeous, the rest of the date was far from magical.

Though the sandcastle was gorgeous, the rest of the date was far from magical.

At dinner, they get an awkward music edit, so we know the date is going downhill from here. The conversation doesn’t seem to flow naturally, and we actually see them eating food! When was the last time we’ve seen two people eat on a date on this show?! THAT NEVER HAPPENS. They then head up to the light tower, seemingly because she wants to not be next to the rose which is taunting her on the table, or because she just wants to end the date as soon as possible. She does not give Brad a rose, so he’s sent home. She says she didn’t really feel a connection between them.


Group Date: Brooks, Bryden, Zack K., Kasey, Drew, Juan Pablo, Zak W., Mikey, Ben, Michael, Chris

The guys go to Boardwalk Hall, the birthplace of the Miss America pageant, where they’re greeted by host Chris Harrison and Miss America Mallory Hagan. The 11 guys are competing in The Bachelorette’s Mr. America pageant! Haha, what good timing, considering Miss USA was last night.

Christopher Dean, a pageant trainer, asks the guys to find their hidden talents. Des asks if anyone can twirl a baton, and Juan Pablo picks it up… and he rocks it! What can’t Juan Pablo do?

They’re then all assigned swimsuits, because no pageant is complete without a swimsuit competition! “To my disappointment, the bathing suit I was given was actually bigger than the one I brought,” Mikey says. “I was disappointed I couldn’t show anything off.”

The guys perform in front of a live studio audience. The three judges are Mallory, Atlantic City mayor Lorenzo Langford, and Des.

We start with the interview round!

Kasey says that in a relationship he’s a giver because he’s romantic and likes to give love and affection and Zak W. alludes to wanting to fuel a girl’s fire. Brooks redeems (?) the state of Utah after Miss Utah’s word vomit last night and says that he could be any wild animal, he would be a lion because he wants to be the king of the jungle. Standards are low, okay? And at least his answer is a joke! Mikey probably has the biggest WTF answer out of all of them. When he’s asked what girls don’t see correctly about guys, he rambles on about how girls see guys as meatheads and they don’t see that they like to cry and take walks on the beach as well. Mmmmmmmmkay. The other guys crack up laughing from backstage.

And now with the talent portion! Kasey tap dances around stage. He’s terrible, but he’s a performer, and everyone loves it! Mikey does a striptease… and then shirtless push-ups against the wall. Wait, didn’t he just say he wasn’t a meathead?

Mikey the Meathead.

Mikey the Meathead.

Brooks sings a song and smashes his ukelele on his stage! “I smashed a ukelele on stage,” Brooks says. “How many people can say that? That’s talent.” Ben twirls some batons, Drew reads a scene from Romeo and Juliet, Chris hula hoops, shirtless, around his arms in high heels (!), Bryden does a striptease, and Zak sings a cute song while playing guitar.

Chris putting on a show in his high heels

Chris putting on a show in his high heels

In the swimsuit competition, we only see like six of the guys walk out in their swimsuits. What, where are the rest of the guys in their swim trunks and speedos?!

And… the results!


The pageant contestants line it up!

The pageant contestants line it up for the results!

Brooks wins second runner-up. The first runner-up is Zak W.! And the winner is… Kasey!! He grabs his face in his hands as the crowd cheers on. He’s awarded a sash, a bouquet, and a giant crown!

Well, this group date absolutely rocked. It was a lot of fun, and the guys didn’t take themselves too seriously. Wish we could have seen more of their performances!

That night, Chris wants to show Des his serious side. He said that back in 2009 when he was going through a rough time, he would go to coffee shops and write, something that Des says she does as well! He reads her a poem. Aww, Chris! I guess I’m going to like everything that he does, so Des, pick him! Or Bachelor producers, pick him as the next Bachelor!

Obligatory Chris pic.

Obligatory Chris pic.

Ben then has his one-on-one time in front of all of the guys, and that pisses the guys off. I gotta say, I do agree with the guys here. It definitely seems like he’s just parading his relationship in front of everyone else.

Zak W. plays the rest of his song for Des. It’s cute. I thought he said he could barely sing and play guitar? Ultimately, Des gives the group date rose to Zak W. because she says he has constantly shown his affection for her.


James’ One-on-One

James, who looks like a Jersey Shore cast member, gets to explore the Jersey Shore via helicopter with Des and a Red Cross member who shows them the Hurricane Sandy damage. We seen torn-up houses, demolished boardwalks, destruction everywhere. Even though this episode was filmed months ago, there’s still a lot of damage, and it’s really sad. James points out an American flag on top of the destroyed roller coaster as a beacon of hope. Nice.

I have to give props to the producers for having a date that gives exposure to important occurrences in our world today. I always appreciated how oftentimes contestants on The Amazing Race do community service-like work for the global communities they visit, and I like it that more people can see not only destruction of Hurricane Sandy, but also ways to help the recovery. James and Des meet a couple, Manny and Jan, whose home was destroyed; the storm even hit on their anniversary. They then decide to give up their date to the couple so they can re-celebrate their anniversary. They get a limo and all! Really nice of them.

James and Des eat dinner at a pub instead. He admits that when he was in his five-and-a-half year relationship, he cheated on his girlfriend. Des says that that happened to her! He says that he’s learned a lot and would never cheat again; he hopes that she can see that he learned from his mistake.

Meanwhile with the Cutest Couple, Jan and Manny receive a replica of their wedding photo album which was ruined in the storm. Love it. And then they get a private concert from Darius Rucker. LOVE IT. Obviously, James gets a rose. How could you not get a rose after that? This date also rocked.


Cocktail Party

In a really adorable moment, Chris and Des declare each other BFFs. Then he asks, “Oh crap, am I friend zoned?” But a kiss shuts him up.

Meanwhile, Bryden questions his relationship with Des, and he’s just not feeling it. She encourages him to take his time, but she does want him to stay.


Rose Ceremony

The guys who receive roses are Chris, Brooks, Juan Pablo, Drew, Michael, Ben, Kasey, Bryden… (who, after a pause, DOES accept the rose) and Mikey. Zack, who received zero screentime this episode, is eliminated.


Next week, they’re going to Munich, Germany!

So, what did you all think of this episode? What is going on with Bryden? How cute were Manny and Jan? What was the best part of the Mr. America competition? Let me know in comments!

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