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The Bachelor – Season 17 Week 5 – Recap

In The Bachelor Season 17, Week 5, the eleven girls finally leave their California mansion, and now they’re in Whitefish, Montana! I’ve never been to Montana before, but it looks gorgeous.


Lindsay’s One-on-one

Sean and Lindsay go on a helicopter tour of Glacial National Forest, and then they make out a lot. There’s really nothing else that happens that afternoon. Their relationship continues to build, and at dinner, Sean tells Lindsay, “I think you are going to be such an incredible wife, I don’t doubt this for a second.” There’s the W word! When he says something like that, of course Lindsay gets a rose. Afterwards, Sean brings Lindsay to a surprise… a Sarah Darling concert! This one isn’t private like AshLee’s Eli Young concert two weeks ago, but instead, thousands of people are there. Sean and Lindsay dance on a platform above the crowd of people. The people behind them are probably cursing them for blocking their view. I know I wouldn’t want to see heavy PDA over a concert.

“I could see myself ending up with Lindsay,” he says that night. Well, well. Will the wedding dress girl actually end up in a legit wedding dress soon?


Group Date

Selma, AshLee, Desiree, Sarah, Catherine, Robyn, Lesley, and Daniella are on this date. The girls have to participate in another physical challenge, and we all know how good they are at physical challenges! The red team is Selma, Desiree, Sarah, and Robyn, while the blue team is AshLee, Lesley, Daniella, and Catherine.

They go head-to-head in a “lumberjack relay.” First, two girls from each team pull a canoe into the lake and paddle their way through the water. Quickly, Robyn and Selma drift off in the wrong direction. Why would you ever let Selma carry a paddle? “We ran into every bush there is,” Selma says.

After they reach land, the two other team members have to carry several barrels of hay across a short distance. The blue team is far ahead in the lead until one of their hay barrel straps breaks, and the hay goes all over the place. Then, the first two girls saw off part of a tree trunk. Okay, this is hilarious. Finally, two girls milk a goat, and one girl drinks the goat’s milk. The red team is in the lead at this point, and Desiree chugs the jar of goat’s milk, pouring much of it down her shirt. The red team wins!

Of course they have a champagne toast with Sean immediately following their victory. Do they really need to toast everything in this show? The blue team, dejected, is sent back to the hotel.

Sean is disappointed that the other girls are going home, so that night, he invites the losers back. Chris Harrison delivers the four blue team members an envelope when they’re in the hotel, which reveals that Sean has invited them to the evening activities! They’re psyched! The red team is disappointed and thinks it’s not fair.

Tierra and Jackie are the only two girls who hadn’t gotten dates this week, so they’re on the two-and-one date. At first, Tierra is cheery about getting a two-and-one date, because at least she doesn’t have to be on a group date. That night as she sees the four girls leaving the house to go back to the group date, she gets jealous and wants to see Sean too.

“I feel like we had something special going, and now it feels like a slap in the face,” Tierra says. She decides to go see Sean that night, and she crashes one of his in-the-moment interviews. “I came all the way to Montana to spend time with you,” she says cheerily. Well, it’s all expenses paid, and you were already in Montana, so… yeah. Jackie is probably PISSED.

Back at the group date, Daniella starts crying because she’s getting stressed out about all of the girls. Sean tells her that that he doesn’t want her to think that she’s been ignored, and then she goes in for the kiss. Daniella gets the group date rose! Well that came out of nowhere.


Tierra and Jackie’s Two-on-one

Well, here’s the infamous two-on-one date where one girl is given a rose and the other is sent home immediately. Tierra and Jackie have had troubles with each other in the house, so the producers likely put them together to up the drama. They go horseback riding with Sean.

“I’m not one way with the girls and one way with you,” Jackie says, clearly hinting about someone. Sean picks up on the hint and asks who she’s talking about. She rats out Tierra to Sean! And… then Jackie gets a kiss too.

Sean doesn’t know who to pick. During dinner, Sean pulls Tierra away, and she reveals more about her backstory. Tierra tells Sean that her ex-boyfriend of five years and best friend was in a lot of rehab and passed away. She says that that’s why she’s super emotional. Oof. Yeah, there’s no way she’s going home after that. Tierra gets the rose, and Jackie goes home.

They sit by the fire and watch fireworks.


Cocktail Party

“I feel like he’s giving roses to the girls who are having the hardest time,” Desiree says. Desiree definitely gets way too caught up in the house drama. She seems like a really nice person, but she just complains about other girls (Tierra and Amanda) all the time! Worry about your own self.

Desiree tells the girls about how disappointed she is that Jackie, “the nicest girl in the house,” was sent home. Tierra storms off.  “I wish I was a fighter so I could beat the **** out of these *******,” Tierra says.

“I will sting, I am a Scorpio,” she continues, right as Sean walks by. BOOM. Sean doesn’t know if it’s because the girls have been ganging up on her or if she actually does act differently around him.

“I’m not a drama person at all, and these girls are seriously attacking me for everything,” she tells Sean. “I don’t deserve to go through this at all…It’s just so frustrating for me because I am such a nice girl.” Okay, I just laughed out loud.

Sean is getting frustrated because girls keep telling him bad things about Tierra, but none of them are backing up their claims. He asks Lesley for more details, and she says Tierra’s very cold around the girls. That’s not much of an explanation…


Rose Ceremony

The girls who get roses are Selma, Catherine, Lesley, AshLee, Sarah, and Desiree. Robyn is sent packing.

How long do you think Tierra is going to last? Will Sean ever see through her act? Let me know in the comments!

There’s another episode tomorrow night, so don’t miss my recap after that!

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