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The Bachelor – Season 17 Week 3 – Recap

Here’s my recap of The Bachelor Season 17, Week 3! There are 16 girls left, and there will be 13 remaining by the end of the episode.


Lesley’s One-on-one

Lesley and Sean go to the Guinness World Record attraction on Hollywood Boulevard and walk around. Sean says that his dad actually holds the world record for driving across the United States in the shortest amount of time. Then… Sean and Lesley attempt to break the record for the longest on-screen kiss. The current record is three minutes and fifteen seconds, and they do it! Alrighty then.


Sean says he feels “butterflies” and calls Lesley “the only girl he wants to set records with.” Aww.  Cue confetti explosion above their heads.

Lesley gets a rose.


Group Date

The girls chill on the beach with Sean but know something’s up when Chris Harrison shows up in a button-down shirt and slacks.

The girls are split up into two teams for a game of beach volleyball. The winning team gets to hang out with Sean for the evening, while the losing team must leave immediately. The blue team is Lindsay, Jackie, Robyn, Desiree, Amanda, and Kacie, while Catherine, Taryn, Lesley, Tierra, Daniella , and Sean make up the red team.

They play volleyball, and they’re all terrible at it, but the blue team ekes out a win. Kristy sobs into Leslie’s shoulder as they leave.

That night, Desiree gets annoyed at how Amanda appears dark and moody to the girls but brightens up whenever Sean is around. Kacie then rats out Desiree and Amanda to Sean for the sole reason of throwing others under the bus to make herself seem better in comparison, but it completely backfires. Sean asks her why she’s even telling him. “I want you to act like Kacie, not like this crazy person that I’m seeing,” Sean says. BOOM.

Lindsay gets the group date rose.


AshLee’s One-on-one

Right before Sean picks up AshLee, Tierra tumbles down the stairs and an ambulance arrives. “This is so stupid,” Tierra sobs as she’s placed on a stretcher, “I just want to be left alone.” The paramedics eventually let Tierra stay, and Sean goes to take care of Tierra as AshLee accuses Tierra of “playing the victim.”

On their date, AshLee and Sean get Six Flags Magic Mountain to themselves. She’s sharing the date with two chronically ill girls who have only met each other online and are now meeting for the first time. They’re then treated to a private concert by Sean’s favorite band, the Eli Young Band. Personally, I think it’s a great step in the right direction for the franchise. I’ve remarked several times before on how I love the “volunteer work” that contestants do on The Amazing Race, so I’m glad that Sean, Ashlee, and The Bachelor were able to make two disadvantaged girls happy during their date.

AshLee tells Sean about how she was abused as a child in a foster home but that she’s not bitter. Sean (and I) are amazed by her positive outlook on life. Sean even tears up a bit — okay, I do too — when she describes the story of how she met her adopted father for the first time. AshLee gets a rose. They kiss while dancing to Eli Young.


Cocktail Party

Sarah didn’t get to be on a date this week, so Sean brings her outside for a surprise. She thinks she’s about to go home, but the door of the limo opens up, and it’s her dog, Leo! Sarah and Sean run around the driveway for a little bit with Leo. “I’ve never felt so special, so cared for in my entire life,” she says.

The girls are stealing Sean away from each other left and right, and everyone’s stressed out.


Rose Ceremony

Just before Sean hands out his first rose, he pulls Kacie aside and tells her they’re better off as friends. Not sure if they’re going to be friends after this, though.

Tierra, Leslie H., Catherine, Daniella, Robyn, Selma, Sarah, Jackie, Amanda, and Desiree receive roses, while Kristy and Taryn are eliminated.


Was anyone surprised Kacie got eliminated? What did you all think of Sean and Lesley’s 3:15+ long kiss? Does anyone think Tierra was exploiting her own injury to get more time with Sean? Let me know in comments!

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