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The Bachelor – Season 17 Week 2 – Recap

We’re at Week 2 of The Bachelor 17, and Sean has already won me over. Yes, he initially struck me as a nice but boring guy who would make this season a pure snoozefest. Tonight, he came across as genuine, funny, and culturally accepting: an overall good guy and a great catch.


Sarah’s One-on-One

This date has all the makings of a classic Bachelor date. Bachelor arrives in a helicopter? Check. Bachelor and his girl jump off a high structure together? Check. The only thing we’re missing here is a hot tub… which appears later on in the episode. There ya go!

The helicopter lands on a 35-story skyscraper, and Sarah (the kind girl with one arm) and Sean step out.

Sean: “I brought you here for a champagne toast, which is… down there.” *They look down the side of the building at the ground far, far below.*

Sarah: “How are we getting there?!?!?!?!?!”

Sean: “…We’re going to free fall 300 feet.”

I’m surprised neither of them used the phrase “leap of faith,” another Bachelor classic saying, to describe the endeavor, but it’s probably for the better. I probably would have groaned.

Sean is very protective of her. They each put an arm around the other and jump – with Sarah shrieking at the top of her lungs and Sean casually yelling “Wooo! Wooo!” – and reach the bottom safe and sound.

Later that night, Sarah him tells a story about how she was about to go ziplining with her dad, when she was told she was not allowed to because state law prevented people with disabilities from doing so. She was extremely upset that someone told her she couldn’t do something she knew she could do, and her dad told her that she needed a guy to go through these moments in life with and help her handle situations like this. She added that it meant a lot Sean had faith in her as they jumped off the building tonight, and with that story, Sean got a bit teary-eyed. Aww.

I can’t imagine anyone not being on #TeamSarah after this. Sarah receives a rose. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a first date and had feelings like this,” Sean says. They kiss, and there’s the first kiss of the season!


Group Date

Kristy, Amanda, Brooke, Lesley M, Daniella, Catherine, Robyn, Katie, Selma, Diana, Taryn, Kacie, Tierra are on this group date. They arrive at a mansion, and there’s a photoshoot set up inside! The girl with the best chemistry with Sean gets to be on three covers of the Harlequin books. They’re divided into four groups: cowgirls, vampires, “sexy,” and historical.

Meanwhile, Tierra continues to anger the other girls. Robyn talks about how annoying Tierra is with the makeup artist at the photoshoot, and even the makeup artist can tell!

Lesley M., the political consultant, makes a big impression on Sean at their photoshoot when she unbuttons his shirt and the photographer asks them to kiss. Cue Tierra’s stank face.

Kristy, a model, takes charge at her photoshoot by dictating their positioning. Everyone thinks it’s hot, but Tierra is NOT impressed. Kristy wins the 3-book cover deal, which is not surprising given her model history.

Lesley M. has growing feelings for Sean especially after their steamy photoshoot, and she really wants to kiss him. The first time they sit down together, they chat and giggle awkwardly, both of them wanting to kiss the other but no one making the move. She dwells on it the whole night, and later she takes things into her own hands and steals him away to kiss him.

Katie and the giant poodle on her head – was it awfully humid that night? – aren’t feeling the group date. Katie feels awkward, and she pulls Sean aside to tell him that this isn’t the setting for her and that she wants to go home. She leaves the show, hopefully in search of a durable hairbrush.

Sean keeps dropping the “friend” word when talking with Kacie, but he ultimately tells her that he’s open to seeing her in another light. Stoked that she has stepped out of the friend zone, Kacie receives the group date rose. Sean says that she is brave to go through this process twice. To me, it still seems like she likes him way more than he likes her.

Desiree’s One-on-One

The date is set up like a prank in a hidden camera show. Sean and Desiree go to an art gallery, where she is temporarily left alone in a room, a $1.5 million sculpture falls crashing to the ground, and the “artist” blames Desiree for breaking it. The thing is, there are hidden cameras set up in the room, and Sean and host Chris Harrison are actually watching the whole ordeal from a separate room. Desiree is tricked into thinking she’s the one who broke it, and at first she seems mortified, but she’s a good sport about it and brushes it off when Sean comes in the room to rescue her.

They go to Sean’s house for dinner, where they discover that their parents share the same quality of being head-over-heels in love with each other. Their rapport is easy and light-hearted, and it’s clear that they are comfortable with each other. Sean even consistently calls her “Des.” “You honestly have every single quality that I’m looking for, and I’m really excited for where this is going,” he tells her. After lounging in a hot tub (cheers to the first hot tub action of the season!), they make out in a pool.

He thinks she’s going to be here for a long time, and he drops the W word to the camera. “I see every quality that I would look for in a wife and in a best friend,” he says. I think we may have an early frontrunner here.

When he asks her to accept the rose, she waits for a long time and says, “I don’t know after that prank today… it’s kind of rude.” The thought was funny, but the execution was poor; it was kind of awkward, but whatever. Desiree accepts the rose. They kiss. Metaphorical fireworks.


Cocktail party

Sean says he keeps having great conversations with ladies, and in particular, he was really surprised by Lindsay, the “wedding dress girl.”

Meanwhile, another girl is getting on everyone’s nerves. Amanda sulks around the whole night, doing nothing but sitting on the couch with her arms crossed. She’s not talking to anyone, but she completely brightens up when Sean asks to talk with her. Cue collective eyeroll across America.

Sean and Robyn have their one-on-one talk, the clip that was circulating around the Interwebs this past week. Robyn, an African-American female, wants to know what his type is; she’s not sure if he’s attracted to black females like her, and she asks him to address the increase in diversity this season.

Sean responds extremely thoughtfully. “I love this question by the way,” he starts. “This is the best question I’ve gotten all night! People look at me, blond hair, blue eyes, and assume he probably goes for girls who are blonde. I want someone who’s really sweet, who’s intelligent, and likes to have a good time. I’ve dated everybody, and by everybody I mean… Hispanic, Persian, my last girlfriend, black. I don’t really have criteria.” He wraps up his million-dollar answer by saying that he only cares about the mind inside the woman. Robyn thinks it’s the perfect answer, and I too approve. My respect points for Sean skyrocketed.

Selma – who is drop-dead gorgeous, by the way – teaches Sean how to say “You are very beautiful” in Arabic. She appreciates that he is learning more about her and her culture, and it’s another example that Sean is a supporter of diversity.


Rose Ceremony

The ladies who receive roses are AshLee, Lindsay, Robyn, Jackie (who?), Lesley M, Selma, Catherine, Kristy, Leslie H, Tierra, Taryn, Daniella, and Amanda. So long, Brooke and Diana.

The Bachelor Recap Sean Episode 2

Random quotes

Catherine: “I’m vegan but I love the beef.”

Daniella: “I love a lot of you girls, I’m not going to say all of you.”
Tierra: *obnoxiously* “Am I one of them???”
Daniella: *silence*

Has your opinion of Sean changed at all since the first episode? What do you think about his speech to Robyn? How do you think Sean handled his date with Sarah? How annoying do you think Tierra is, or do you think the other girls are making too much of a fuss about her? Let me know in comments!

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