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The Bachelor – Season 17 Episode 7 – Recap

Welcome to my recap of The Bachelor Season 17, Episode 7! Sean and his six remaining females are in St. Croix. There are three one-on-one dates and a group date, and the group date is the only one with a rose up for grabs. Next week is Hometown Week, when Sean will travel across the country to meet the families of his four remaining girls. Therefore, two are eliminated by the end of this episode.


AshLee’s One-on-one

AshLee and Sean take a boat to a private island. While they’re on the beach, AshLee throws Tierra under the bus by telling Sean she’s not polite to the girls and may potentially hurt him.

At dinner, AshLee reveals a big secret that she has kept silent so far. AshLee tells Sean that she was married at the age of 17! She was only a high school junior, and she got divorced as a senior. It seems like Sean’s okay with that.

AshLee yells “I LOVE ST. CROIX!” and then “I LOVE SEAN!” There’s the L word! She’s the first one to express love to Sean.


Tierra’s One-on-one

Oh dear, Tierra finally gets her first one-on-one date. They go shopping, and they dance on the street. They have a lot of chemistry when they’re together, it’s just weird to watch after seeing how “Tierrable” she is in the house.

They spend the evening at the beach. Tierra thinks that Sean is acting distant, which he didn’t realize, and he thinks he may have been too influenced by what AshLee and the girls told him.

Tierra actually tells Sean that she’s falling in love with him. (L word again!) Sean comes to the conclusion that she’s not nice to the other girls but seems to like him a lot, which he’s fine with!


Group date

Catherine, Desiree, and Lindsay are on the group date. At 4:42 a.m., Sean sneaks into the girls’ suite and wakes them up. Sean is glad he gets to see them without makeup, and they head out after just five minutes. They’re at the easternmost point of the island, and they’re the first people in the United States to see the sun rise! They drink mimosas. For the rest of the day, they go on a road trip from the easternmost to westernmost points of Saint Croix. They stop by the Sugar Mill, a Café, and a forest area.

Sean calls it the most fun road trip he’s ever been on.

Catherine tells Sean that her dad probably wouldn’t be present at the hometown dates. Her dad lives in China and has been battling depression, and he attempted suicide in front of her and her sisters. Sean admires the strength she has to tell him that.

Sean gives Lindsay the group date rose.


Lesley’s One-on-one

Lesley gets her second one-on-one date, but going into it, Sean is not feeling too confident about their relationship.

“Our relationship is not where it needs to be at this point, I think I have stronger feelings for other women,” he explains.

They pick fruit in a garden. Throughout the date, Lesley wants to tell Sean that she’s falling in love with him, but she’s waiting for the right moment. Sean notices that she’s not making much eye contact with him when they talk.


Last Day Drama

Sean’s sister visits him to give him advice. He tells her that he could see himself marrying any of them, but none of them really stand out yet.

She doesn’t want Sean to end up with “THAT one,” referring to the girl who the viewers always dislike. Sean says that Tierra’s name has been circulating around as someone who’s not that nice. She tells him to not end up with a girl that no one likes.

Meanwhile, Tierra confronts AshLee for sabotaging her. The confrontation gives us some great soundbites by Tierra:

  • “Girls are jealous. Men love me.”
  • “That’s my face, I can’t help it,” Tierra says about her eyebrow. “I can’t control my eyebrow!”
  • “Tierra you have a sparkle, don’t let those girls take your sparkle away,” Tierra’s parents told her.

The eyebrow comment in particular is hilarious because Tierra’s eyebrow is actually eternally raised. It’s also very distracting, so I can see where AshLee’s coming from. Shout out to the Twitter account of Tierra’s Eyebrow:

Sean wants his sister to meet Tierra, and as he walks over to the house to invite her, she’s in the middle of her heated argument with AshLee. Tierra is crying when Sean walks in. “I’m so sensitive and I have such a big heart, I’m just so scared of this whole process,” she tells him.

After a moment of clarity, Sean drops a bomb on Tierra, and it’s not the bomb he was originally intending. “I care so much about you… I think it might be best if you just go home now,” Sean says. “I just can’t keep you here knowing how hard it is for you.” That’s code for “I don’t want any of your drama, so go home.”

It finally clicks for Sean that she’s not the one for him, so he sends Tierra home! She doesn’t even cry that much about being sent home. “I can’t believe they did this to me,” she sobs as the car drives away. “I hope the girls get what they wanted.”


Rose Ceremony

Sean clarifies that he doesn’t want a partner who causes drama. He also knows that there isn’t going to be a cocktail party because he knows what his final decision is. AshLee is getting paranoid that Sean thinks she was the one who stirred up the drama, and she wants to clear her name but doesn’t have time to.

The girls who receive roses are Desiree, Catherine, and… AshLee. The charismatic political consultant, Leslie, is sent home.

“I can’t describe the overwhelming love I have for him,” Ashlee says. “This is my husband.”

Catherine bursts out crying as Sean walks Lesley out.

“If he doesn’t want Lesley, I don’t know what he wants,” Catherine says. She thinks that Lesley had more similarities to Sean than she does, so I guess she thinks that he doesn’t want her either. Don’t cry, Catherine, you have a rose. Be merry.


Next week, Sean meets the families of his four remaining ladies. It seems like Sean is asking for Lindsay’s dad’s blessing to marry her and that Desiree’s brother thinks Sean is a “playboy” and a fraud! Should be a good episode.

Do you think Sean would have kept Tierra had she not had yet another meltdown? If so, who do you think he would have sent home in her place? How fun did the group date look this week? Let me know in comments!

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