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The Atlantic posts (then pulls) Scientology fluff piece

Justice drops charges against Swartz after activist kills himself (The Hill) – Awful.

Remove United States District Attorney Carmen Ortiz from office for overreach in the case of Aaron Swartz (White House)

MIT Refused To Support Push To Keep Aaron Swartz Out Of Prison, Lawyer Says (HP)

processing the loss of Aaron Swartz (Danah Boyd)

Aaron Swartz, Asking For Help, 119 Days Ago (TechCrunch)

Welcome to the Aaron Swartz Memorial JSTOR Liberator (Archive Team)

Plea Bargaining and Torture in light of the Aaron Swartz case (Philip Greenspun)

I Have Something to Say about Aaron Swartz’s Suicide and the Special Way the US Justice Dept Hounds People to Death (Susie Bright)

The Death of Aaron Swartz and the New Hacker Crackdown (Gawker)

How the Legal System Failed Aaron Swartz – And Us (The New Yorker)

The Atlantic Is Now Publishing Bizarre, Blatant Scientology Propaganda as ‘Sponsored Content’ (Gawker) – Removed, but here’s a screencap

Ask Pandora Boxx: Episode one-and-a-half! (PopBytes)

Don Cheadle uses his Golden Globe as bling! (Seriously OMG)

Golden Globes 2013 in GIFs: The Definitive Guide (Hypable)

Lady Gaga Gun Bra Sparks Criticism From Anti-Violence Groups (PopCrush)

‘Ben-Hur’ Remake In The Works (ScreenCrush)

Harry Styles’ Hot Tub Girl Hermione Way Won’t Sell Her Story To The Press (StarCrush)

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