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The Amazing Race – Season 22 Episode 7 – “Be Safe and Don’t Hit a Cow” – Recap

On last week’s episode of The Amazing Race 22, Max and Katie came in last place but were saved by the non-elimination leg. This week, they’re still in Maun, Botswana. No scorpions this time, but there are cute goats! Yay! Check out my recap of Episode 7 below.

Oh yeah, it was announced earlier this week that The Amazing Race was renewed for a twenty-third season. SWEET! Just two more years until I can finally apply…

Bates and Anthony leave first at 5:39 a.m. They drive to Boro Village for their next clue. Pam and Winnie leave at 6:11 a.m., Chuck and Wynona at 6:17 a.m., Joey and Meghan at 6:23 a.m., Caroline and Jennifer at 6:28 a.m. Mona and Beth and then Max and Katie bring up the rear.

After leaving the starting mat, Caroline and Jennifer get pulled over for speeding… lol. They have to go to the station and pay 820 pula, and they weren’t able to sweet-talk their way out of a ticket like they usually can. However, the police station doesn’t accept USD, so while Caroline stays at the station, Jennifer asks a man if he can go exchange $100 worth of dollars for her and hopes that he’ll return.


Fast Forward

There’s a Fast Forward at the clue box! They have to waterski for a mile in crocodile-infested waters. Even though Anthony says that he was unable to get up on the waterskis the last time he went, he and Bates decide to go for it anyway. Meanwhile, the camera shows crocodiles chilling in the water.

Despite the fear of potentially getting chomped by hungry crocs, they complete it! That task looked fun, and it didn’t seem that difficult. They then proceed to the pit stop at the Royal Tree Lodge. Bates and Anthony win first place and $7,500 each.


Roadblock: Who wants to go up the creek without a paddle?

A team member must use a small canoe to transport two goats upstream to a goat farm and then travel back down the river.

Winnie struggles to steer while a goat peels all over Pam’s leg. “Spread your legs wide,” Chuck tells Wynona as she steers the boat. “Move your hands up the pole.”

After leaving the starting mat, Max gets pulled over as well! Yikes. Then when he leaves the police station parking lot, he backs the car into a pole!! This is not his day. Somehow Caroline and Jennifer get to the village before Joey and Meghan. The way the goats yell is so cute! It’s like they’re yelling “newwwwwwww!!!!” Are goats the new “in” animal now, with all the publicity they’ve gotten recently? T-Swift parody videos and now The Amazing Race?

Beth struggles to get back downstream, but Caroline beasts it and passes them. They finish the Roadblock one after the other.

Max and Katie have to take part in a ceremonial dance as their speed bump. Joey and Meghan finish the Roadblock right before Max and Katie.

They then go to Royal Tree Lodge Game Reserve via water taxi to find their next clue.


Detour: Brains or Brawn

Brains: The team must go on an animal safari while horseback riding and find 10 animal cutouts. Then, they must remember which order they saw them and put a series of blocks in the order that they saw the animals.

Brawn: They must stack wood onto a sled and convince a team of donkeys — using a carrot — to carry the wood.

Did I not say several recaps ago that many of the detours feature classically brains vs. brawn challenges? Now the challenges are literally titled “Brains” and “Brawn.”

Pam and Winnie decide to switch detours after they can’t get the donkeys to move. Mona and Beth are the first to complete the detour, followed by Caroline and Jennifer; both teams do Brawn, while Chuck and Wynona are the first to finish Brains. They get to the pit stop in second, third, and fourth places, respectively.

Uh-oh, Pam and Winnie miss an animal! Attention to detail… no…

Joey and Meghan and Max and Katie catch up and start the Brawn task when Pam and Winnie find out that they completed the Detour incorrectly. Joey and Meghan and Max and Katie pretty much are neck-to-neck as they coerce the donkeys to walk… but Pam and Winnie get the animals wrong AGAIN! COME ON!

Joey and Meghan finally finish the detour right before Max and Katie, and they’re all running to the pit stop… but they find out they are teams number 5 and 6! They’re both still in race! Pam and Winnie decide to switch detours ONCE AGAIN. They finally complete the Brawn task, knowing that they’re in last place.

Really, Pam and Winnie? How could you complete the Brains task wrong TWICE? They were never really frontrunners in my mind, but I didn’t think they would mess up on a task like this twice. Oh well. They still did pretty well in this race, regardless. They finished in first place once and second place twice, which is good!

Here’s the final order of finish:

  1. Bates and Anthony
  2. Mona and Beth
  3. Caroline and Jennifer
  4. Chuck and Wynona
  5. Joey and Meghan
  6. Max and Katie
  7. Pam and Winnie (ELIMINATED)

Next week, the teams go to Switzerland to complete the infamous CHEESE TASK! I’M SO EXCITED!

Did you guys expect Pam and Winnie to be eliminated after they were in second place for almost the whole leg? When are Chuck and Wynona finally going to be axed? Let me know in comments!

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