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The Amazing Race – Season 21 Episode 6 – Get Your Sexy On

Hello, The Amazing R…eaders of My Blog Posts! Welcome to my recap of The Amazing Race Season 21, Episode 6.

The remaining seven teams travel 3700 miles from Bangladesh to the European side of Istanbul, Turkey. Ah, finally, the teams are leaving Asia for the first time since the starting location in Cailfornia. Fun fact: Did you know that Istanbul is the only metropolis in the world located in two different continents? Thanks for the info, Phil!

James and Abba have come in first place in the past two legs, and they leave first, followed by Abbie and Ryan, Natalie and Nadiya, and the rest of the pack.

Everyone gets on the same flight to Istanbul, which arrives at 6:25 am the next morning. Each team gets $100 for this leg of the race, but here’s where things get sketchy. As the teams are booking their tickets, Natalie and Nadiya find a wad of $20 bills lying on the counter. Uh oh, dilemma! They pick up the money and ask who it belongs to, but when no one claims it, they take it for themselves! I half-expected the host of What Would You Do? to pop out and reveal that they were on television for the whole world to see. Oh wait, they are on television… and they still stole that money?! Kind of low, don’t you think?

After the twins leave, James looks around for his money but obviously can’t find it. He knows they’re screwed. So, they start begging locals for money, explaining their situation. Somehow, their efforts work! Several kind locals chip in, and James and Abba end up with the same $100 they started off with. How kind of the locals!

When the twins convene with their closest friends Trey and Lexi at the airport, the Texans tell them that they think it was James and Abba’s money that they took. “I wish it was Abbie and Ryan’s,” one of the twins says. The Texans agree. They decide to split the money with Trey and Lexi so they don’t feel as guilty.

Upon landing in Istanbul, the teams travel to the Uskadar ferry terminal either in a taxi or through the metro for their next clue. The Chippendales and Monster Truckers take the metro while everyone else takes taxis.

The ferry takes the teams to the Asian side of Turkey. Well, that European vacation sure was short-lived. Partway through their metro trip, the Chippendales jump off and decide to take a taxi the rest of the way. “THEY’RE FOLLOWERS,” says Righteous Rob with a hand on one hip and the other flipping his hair back. “We’re not followers, we’re going to do this our own way.” Hmm, there must be some kind of cognitive bias psychology term for this, wanting to stick with your own decision even though you know it’s probably the wrong one. As a psych major, I should know this.

At the ferry terminal on the other side of the river, the clue says to travel to the Misir Cabisi market.

(Aside: Okay, I’m still curious about the mental heuristic that I mentioned above. If anyone knows what the psych term is, please inform me.

Detour: Simit or Scrub It

Simit: Teams must transport the doughnut-like simit pastry and stack a bunch of them onto a tray which they balance on their heads while walking through the streets to deliver them to three bakers.
Scrub It: Teams must pick up bathing items from a vendor and go to a bath house where they’ll be “cleansed like never before.” Sounds either extraordinarily relaxing or excruciatingly painful. Knowing The Amazing Race producers’ tendency to screw with the contestants, I might side with the latter?

Josh and Brent and Rob and Kelley choose Simit, while James and Abba, Trey and Lexi, Natalie and Nadiya, Abbie and Ryan, and Jaymes and Jaymes get cleansed.

However, Josh and Brent must first overcome the Speed Bump set in their pathway. “Overcome” is probably a grand overstatement in this case, as this task was easy peasy, probably the most fun task any team has had to do this season. All they had to do was find the marked ice cream vendor and each member had to eat a cone with two scoops of Turkish ice cream on top. You’ve got to be kidding me! I want Turkish ice cream. 🙁

Yet, Josh and Brent somehow manage to mess up this task. They walk right past the marked vendor literally right outside the marketplace, and they find another ice cream vendor farther away. They’re treated to a fun spectacle, where the vendor flips the cone and repeatedly snatches the cone away from the pair with various tricks. I would love to see that in person!

After they down their dessert, they go back to the Speed Bump mat where they’re informed that they performed the task incorrectly. That’s what happens when you don’t read the rules! They rush to the correct vendor, except this time they’re less enthused with the vendor’s performance. Brent’s reactions to the vendor’s antics resembled those of a whiny younger brother whose lunch money is being dangled above him as his older brother snatches it away each time he grabs for it. By the time they finish the Speed Bump, though, they’re still in fifth place.

Meanwhile, the racers at the Scrub It task actually seem to be enjoying themselves! At least at first. Jaymes and James yell as they get cold water dumped over their nearly naked bodies. Either way, this is way better than the Brazilian Body Wax task two seasons ago. (Oof, painful memories of Justin’s chest hair getting viciously waxed off.)

“Look at that, Abbie won’t do that for me!” Ryan comments as his foot gets slapped by a bath attendant. “You gotta give me your number, dude.”

They get massaged and rubbed raw. Hmm, if I had to choose between a task in which I am treated to a cleansing spa treatment or in which I have to balance heavy pastries on my head while sweating my butt off trying to deliver them to bakers, what would I decide… tough call.

Meanwhile, Josh and Brent get lost delivering their food but manage to leave the detour not in last place.

Roadblock: Serve Turkish Sherbet

One team member must dress as a Turkish vendor and use a large, fancy teapot to serve up and sell 40 cups of Turkish sherbet. Contrary to popular belief, the word is spelled “sherbet” and not “sherbert!” Who knew?! Anyways…

Lexi owns the roadblock. She’s extremely peppy – well, she’s a cheerleader, after all – and her bubbly spirit earns her a first place finish for the roadblock. Ryan keeps dropping his spout all over the place, but he still finishes in second. Rocker James completes the task in third, followed by Natalie, ChippenJames, Brent, and Kelley.

Pitstop at the Savarona ship

Trey and Lexi’s still extremely hyper self – was there caffeine in the sherbet she was serving? – arrive by taxi to the pit stop in first, earning them a trip to Australia. Abbie and Ryan get second place for the third leg in a row. James and Abba, Natalie and Nadiya, and Jaymes and James follow.

Though Rob and Kelley leave the roadblock in last place, Josh and Brent’s taxi gets so stuck in traffic that the Beekman boys have to get out of the cab to clear the other cars out of the way. However, the goat farmers edge out the monster truckers, and Rob and Kelly are eliminated from the race.

Here’s the final order of finish:
1. Trey and Lexi
2. Abbie and Ryan
3. James and Abba
4. Natalie and Nadiya
5. Jaymes and James
6. Josh and Brent
7. Rob and Kelley (ELIMINATED)

The six remaining teams travel to Moscow next week! Were you happy with the results? Would you have taken the wad of cash?! Props to the TAR producers for including three different Turkish desserts but no Turkish delight.

Thanks for reading!

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