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The Amazing Race – Season 21 Episode 10 – “Not a Well-Rounded Athlete” – Recap

Hola amigos, here’s my recap of The Amazing Race Season 21, Episode 10. Last time on The Amazing Race, we lost the dynamic duo of Abbie and Ryan in Amsterdam, and now there are only four teams left. Josh and Brent narrowly escaped elimination for the fifth leg in a row.

Natalie and Nadiya, the winners of the previous leg, leave at 2:55 a.m. They’re flying to Barcelona, Spain! WHAT, SO JEALOUS. The teams must go to the port of Barcelona and catch an overnight ferry to Mallorca, where they find demons playing with fire. The twins get on their own flight.

Jaymes and James depart in second place at 5:57 a.m. and get on the 7:20 a.m. flight. How did the Chippendales end up three hours behind the twins? Trey and Lexi depart in third at 6:38 a.m., and they catch the 7:55 a.m. flight.

Josh and Brent finally leave at 9:38 a.m. Josh sustained an ankle injury last leg at the ditch jumping task. The thing is, he hurt it running to the task and not actually completing the task. Either way, he’s trucking through it!

Bienvenido a España!

The ferry opens at 10 a.m. At the ferry terminal, the twins and the Chips finally meet up. Then they see Trey and Lexi come, and they all hug. They buy their tickets at 11 a.m., and since the ferry doesn’t depart until 11 p.m., they have 12 hours to kill before they leave. They decide to swim on the beach. So jealous. I wonder if the cameraman jumped in the water with them.

Since the teams are sequestered in-between legs, they never know who else has made it until they see them on the leg. When the three teams come back to the ferry station, they see Josh and Brent, and they all scream and hug them. They’re so glad their plan worked to kick Abbie and Ryan out.

In the morning, they grab taxis and head to Dalt Murada where the demons are swinging fire. This is pretty cool. They finally find the demon who has the clue. The teams must drive to Centro de Alto Rendimiento, a tennis court. Sweet, the teams are finally driving themselves, and there’s a tennis task!

Trey and Lexi, Jaymes and James, and Natalie and Nadiya all head out together, except after a while the two former teams realize that the latter is nowhere to be found. Natalie and Nadiya got lost, and Nadiya also couldn’t remember how to drive stick-shift. Prior to the Race, Nadiya took a stick-shift driving class because they knew they would have to know how to drive stick-shift, but she never really mastered it.

Josh and Brent feel confident about driving and reading a map. They zoom ahead.


Roadblock: Who wants to get smashed?

One team member must choose a tennis pro and a basket of balls. The pro dumps the balls in a ball machine, which shoots balls out on the court, and the team member must hit 20 of them over the net in-bounds.

Mallorca is the hometown of Rafael Nadal. Well, is he going to make an appearance?!?

Trey says he plays tennis and elects to try the task. James goes for it as well. The balls are speeding out of the machine. As a tennis player myself, I can say that Trey is holding the racket incorrectly. But whatever gets the ball over the net for you, Trey.  He’s done with the task after one try.

The balls run out after James has only gotten six over, so he has to start over. He gets up to 20 soon after. James hadn’t played tennis since fifth grade, and he admits that he’s “not a well-rounded athlete.” Well how are you not a good athlete if you’re so jacked?!

Josh volunteers to do the roadblock since he says his ankle feel much better. Really? He was just complaining about it a couple hours earlier. Yesssss, the tennis grunts are out! Josh sounds like he’s giving birth on the courts. After Josh failed twice and rests on the side of the court, the twins arrive. “Am I left handed or right-handed?” Nadiya asks as she picks up a racket.

Josh gathers the strength to try again, and this time he hits 20 balls over the net! Nadiya lobs all 20 of hers over a couple minutes later.

Teams must now drive to the Coves de Campanet and find the source of music playing to find their next clue.

Trey and Lexi arrived at the coves first and decided to work with the Chips when they showed up. There are two guys strumming guitar in the caves.


Detour: Spin It or Bull It?

  • Spin It: Teams must repair a 400-year-old windmill by attaching two blades to the mill tower.
  • Bull It: The teams must wear a joint bull outfit where one member is the head (and can’t see anything) and the other brings up the rear (literally, and gives directions) and have two minutes to go around eight matadors and hit a last target.

Trey and Lexi arrive at the arena to do Bull It. Lexi is in front while Trey is in the back. Trey gives great directions to Lexi, except instead of lightly tapping the last target, they run right into it and knock the structure over. Lexi slices her finger open and cries a bit. (Okay, a lot.) On their second try, they own the challenge with 45 seconds left to spare.

Jaymes and James go with Spin It, as do Josh and Brent and the twins after they get their clues at the coves. They finish in that order.


Pit Stop: Castell De Bellver

The castle used to be a prison, but it’s absolutely gorgeous regardless. A headless man greets the teams. I’m confused as to how that works. Actually, though, the guy next to Phil doesn’t seem to have a head.

Trey and Lexi get there first! They win a trip to the Riveria Maya. Jaymes and James arrive soon after.

The Beekman boys own the detour, and they finish the leg in third. Josh: “We can actually win!” Me: “Ehh…”

Alas, the twins finish in last. Sad. Nadiya said they couldn’t drive stick-shift and couldn’t get the directions right. However, it’s a non-elimination leg so they’re still in the race! Called it, though I’m impressed that Josh and Brent didn’t finish in last this leg.

Here’s the final order of finish:

  1. Trey and Lexi
  2. Jaymes and James
  3. Josh and Brent
  4. Natalie and Nadiya

Next week, it’s the two-hour finale of the Amazing Race with the Dream Team alliance versus the underdogs. I spy bungee jumping! I also spy Lexi getting smacked by a pole!

I predict that Josh and Brent are eliminated in the first hour, and… Trey and Lexi win, with the Chips coming in second and the twins in third. Trey and Lexi now have three #1 finishes and three #2 finishes. The Chippendales have one #1 and three #2 finishes. The twins came in first twice and never finished higher than third otherwise. We’ll see what happens!

Who do you think will take it all? How surprised were you that Josh and Brent didn’t finish in last this leg? How disappointed were you that Nadal didn’t make an appearance?

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