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Tessanne Chin – Redemption Song – The Voice 5 – Video MP3

Tessanne Chin sang “Redemption Song” by Bob Marley on The Voice 5 Top 6 for Team Adam Levine.

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Tessanne Chin – Redemption Song – The Voice 5
Such a soulful rendition! Great choice from Adam Levine. I think Tessanne nailed this. A great blend of vocal and spirit. I'm a fan.
5 / 5 stars

Tessanne Chin - Redemption Song - The Voice 5 - Video MP3

Coach Comments
Adam Levine I know important that is to you. They understand the potency of a Tessanne Chin.
Ceelo Green
Christina Aguilera Like Adam said, it was like a lullaby.
Blake Shelton

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Tessanne Chin – Redemption Song – The Voice 5 Top 6 – Video

Tessanne Chin – Redemption Song

Tessanne Chin – Redemption Song – The Voice – Video & MP3

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tessanne is the best vocally on the show, theres no two ways about it, she's also been the most consistent even in the group performances she shines above the rest. with all that said she was already a pro making songs before she came on the show so she's probably had the most refinement out of most of the contestants coming into the show so although ive been impressed with her it was not less than i expected. if it was purely based on the voice she would and should win hands down but its also about who connects with the song and lets the emotion come through and viewers can see and feel through that. it has been that which enabled matthew, will and james to all break into the top 10 on itunes and i think for some reason she's failing to connect with a song that much for that to happen. im just happy that the voters can see her talent and she keeps making it through. at this moment the top 3 based on what ive seen from the contestants throughout the competion for me are tessanne, matthew and cole. i think they are vocally the most dynamic.


she was the best of the night IMO


I wasn't familiar with the song, but after listening to it, I really liked it. She should stick to the Reggae. It is a perfect niche for her.