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Terry McDermott – Stay With Me – The Voice

Terry McDermott sang “Stay With Me” on The Voice Top 6 Live Playoffs. Watch the video and listen to the MP3 here.

To vote for Terry McDermott: 1-855-VOICE-04

Another bast from the past — but this was very good!

Terry McDermott  Stay With Me  The Voice



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I keep feeling that Terry is starting out in too high of a pitch for him. When he sings these higher songs like this it grates a bit. He is good at what he does but when he does this type of stuff it comes off as karaoke to me. I think this could be end of days for Terry.

Florence Rosenthal
Florence Rosenthal

Boring. He never does anything current or at least put a modern spin on an old song. Sometimes his voice can cut glass (in a good way)but other times he can be pitchy.


nothing original here.. not near as good as rod stewart