Teen Wolf – Season 2 Episode 9 – Full Video and Recap – Party Guessed

Here’s the full episode video of Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 9: “Party Guessed” on MTV.

Derek falls victim to Lydia and Peter’s plan as a party during the full moon leads to shocking revelations.

Watch the video here:

Teen Wolf  Season 2 Episode 9  Full Video 03 2012 07 24

Recap (from wiki)

It’s Lydia’s birthday and she is throwing a party–but it’s also a full moon. Matt and Allison get back from their date. Matt forgets his bag with his camera in it. Allison looks through his camera and finds all these photos of her. As Derek locks his pack up, Stiles realizes that all the murder victims were on the beacon hills high swim team and the coach at the time was Issac’s father. Stiles and Scott know that the Kanimas master doesn’t like water. At Lydia’s party, Lydia spikes the punchbowl with wolfsbane petals, causing all the party attendees to hallucinate. Using this opportunity, Lydia walks out of the party unnoticed. Matt is thrown into the pool, he can’t swim, Jackson pulls him out. Scott and Stiles figure out that the Kanima’s master is Matt, Victoria who was bitten by Derek is now a werewolf and must kill herself to protect her family. Her and Chris are lying on Allison’s bed as the moonlight comes through the window. Victoria’s eyes go yellow and Chris stabs her with a knife. Lydia blows wolfsbane into Derek’s face knocking him out. she takes him back to the hale house where Peter Hales body is. with the help of the full moon, Peter returns from the grave.

Teen Wolf  Season 2 Episode 9  Full Video 01 2012 07 24

Teen Wolf  Season 2 Episode 9  Full Video 02 2012 07 24

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