Teen Wolf – Season 2 Episode 8 – Full Video and Recap – Raving

Here’s the full video of Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 8: “Raving” on MTV.

This was the most epic episode of the season so far. Some really awesome reveals — plus some new twists to the mythology. So excited for what comes next. I love this show so much!

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There’s a rave in a warehouse which is the hottest ticket at Beacon Hills for the weekend. It is also the site of the Kanima’s next attack.

Stiles and his father discover a pattern to the Kanima’s victims: they were all seniors at Beacon Hills H.S. in 2006 (they were all 24 at the time of death) and they were in Mr. Harris’ Chemistry Class. Harris has been suggested as a possible “controller” of the Kanima for a couple of episodes now as his car, with the Einstein quote bumper sticker, was the one Kanima approached when it was revealed that Jackson was the Kanima.

Chris Argent interrogates his daughter Allison for information about the Kanima in a morgue. Unfortunately, she was forced to reveal what she knew, including the Kanima’s identity: Jackson. Chris and the hunters plan to kill Jackson at the rave.

Derek and Scott are also making plans to capture Jackson or at least stop him from carrying out his next attack. They seek advice from the Vet, Dr. Deaton. He suggests that they trap both the Kanima and it’s controller — since it looks like the controller was following the Kanima around. Later, he gives Scott a serum to inject into Jackson to immobilize him temporarily. He also gives Stiles some protective ashes to put a perimeter around the warehouse to trap both the Kanima and the controller. He tells Stiles to “believe,” since he was skeptical.

Jackson buys tickets to the rave (which are an expensive $75) and his acting all creepy as if someone was indeed “controlling” him. We see his next target: the lady selling tickets. The next day, Isaac helps Stiles and Scott get tickets to the rave by beating up one of the players in the lockerroom and stealing their tickets.

Scott and Allison talk about their relationship in the Chemistry room. Scott suggests that Allison should be seen with other guys, and show PDA, because her mom suspects that they are in a relationship. Allison says that she’s going on a date with Matt. Scott thinks it’s a good idea, though they should have a “real” kiss. Scott and Allison then have a “real” kiss. Unfortunately, the plan already failed because Allison’s mom was spying on them at the door. (She’s so evil!)

Before going to the rave, Stiles meets his father who goes in the house without his gun or badge. He was laid off because of the restraining order against Stiles and all the other stuff Stiles has been associated with.

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The Rave

Stiles and Scott arrive at the rave, and after the news about his father, Stiles is not happy about their plans. Scott is immediately distracted by the scent of Allison at the rave and leaves Stiles to do his powder mission alone.

Scott finds Allison with Matt. She tells him that the hunters are on their way. Scott is upset that she let them know that Jackson is the Kanima, and that they have plans too for the night. He tells her to stay out of the way, while he changes the plans. He gives Isaac the tranquilizer to inject Jackson with. He heads out to meet Stiles but is run over by Allison’s mom! She is so evil!

Chris Argent and the hunters arrive at the warehouse and are met by Derek and Boyd outside. The two groups battle. Derek manages to knock most to the hunters out, except Chris, and he tells Boyd to go home because he is not healing fast enough due to wolfsbane-laced bullets.

On the dance floor, Isaac and Erica dance with Jackson. Isaac tries to inject Jackson with the serum, but Jackson claws both of them. Fortunately, Isaac manages to inject the serum while tried to walk away.

Meanwhile, Stiles is lining ashes around the warehouse. He then runs out and only has a handful left which is not enough to close the circle. He remembers the Vet’s words to “believe” — and he closes his eyes and releases the last fistful of ashes on the ground. He opens his eyes and discovers the ash circle around the warehouse completed! OMG! He’s a friggin’ shaman! (This changes everything, seriously. He’s like Bonnie now from The Vampire Diaries!)

Stiles runs to meet Erica and Isaac who are interrogating Jackson in a room. Jackson is clearly not himself and the person “talking” is actually his “controller.” He says that the people he had killed were murderers. And the person they murdered was him! Eventually the effects of the serum run out and Jackson transforms into the Kanima to hunt his prey.

The Kanima finds his victim and kills her.

Teen Wolf  Season 2 Episode 8  Full Video 02 2012 07 17

Outside, Gerard Argent discovers the ashes that Stiles had circled the warehouse with. It seems that he was affected by it because he didn’t dare touch it.

Stiles, Isaac and Erica meet Derek outside. Isaac, Erica and Derek can’t cross the ashes.

“OMG It’s working!” Stiles tells Derek. “I did something.” (I am so happy for him!)

Allison’s mom has Scott in another room at the warehouse. She is using a wolfsbane vaporizer to kill Scott. She is so evil! When Scott is almost dead, he manages to let out a howl for help. Derek hears it, and tell Stiles to break the ashes so he can cross.

Stiles breaks the circle of ashes with his magic — yes, yes, yes — and Derek runs to Scott’s aid.

Derek attacks Allison’s mom (who tried to stab him!) and saves Scott from the wolfsbane air.

The police arrive to investigate the murder at the rave. Allison is met by Gerard as she leaves. She tells him that nothing about their plans that night worked — but Gerard says the prognosis is not as dire as it seems.

Stiles father also arrives even without his badge. He asks for the name of the victim to check with the list he and Stiles made earlier from the 2006 H.S. yearbook. Her name isn’t on it.

Derek and Scott go to the Vet to get healed. Then the Vet has a conversation with the guidance counselor who was in the other room!

“Are you really going to leave all of this up to a couple of kids?” she asks. “Are you going to tell them what’s coming?”

(Omigosh, what is coming? So much mystery now.)

Finally, Allison’s mom staggers to meet Chris Argent outside. Her wounds reveal that she has been clawed by Derek.

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What I am most excited about is Stiles’ new found “powers” — if they are actually powers. He’s potentially the Bonnie (from The Vampire Diaries) of the show now. It would be so exciting to see how Stiles fiddles around with other things the Vet gives him. So much story potential there.

Hopefully the “who controls the Kanima” thing will be solved soon. I think the added layer that Jackson is actually possessed (as well as being controlled) is a great twist. But the show can only give us so many red herrings before it gets old. I think the fact that Dr. Harris has been shown so many times makes him the unlikely controller. I don’t even know what to make of Gerard now.

The relationship between Scott and Allison is a bit of a mess — although her mother’s injuries this episode made it more interesting. Allison looks like she has no love for her mother so I don’t know how this will affect things moving forward. Is her mother going to die from her werewolf wound or will she turn into a werewolf?

I can’t wait for next week!

Download: Raving (iTunes)

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