Teen Wolf – Season 2 Episode 7 – Full Video and Bonus Clip – Restraint

Here’s the full video of Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 7: “Restraint”

Plus: Bonus clip of Holland Roden and Colton Haynes.

I love this show!

Watch the video here:

Teen Wolf  Season 2 Episode 7  Full Video

Recap from Wikipedia:

An unknown kanima attacks a couple hiding in the woods from an unknown assailant. The woman, very heavily pregnant, is left alive, but the scene ends with the kanima inspecting the unborn child followed by the mother’s scream. Scott and Stiles are given a restraining order against Jackson. In lieu of this, Allison decides to question Jackson. Stiles attempts to get information from Lydia, but is interrupted by Erica, who figures out that Jackson is the kanima, and also reveals her feelings for Stiles. Jackson threatens Allison in a manner unlike his typical self when she questions him. Although she attempts to fight him off, she is powerless until Scott, Stiles, and Erica intervene, with a fight breaking out between Scott and Jackson. All parties involved, as well as Matt, are given detention by Mr. Harris. At home, Melissa goes snooping through Scott’s room, discovering a box of opened condoms. She informs Victoria, who confronts Scott about the ramifications about having sex with her daughter. In detention, Erica reveals to Scott and Stiles that her father is an insurance adjustor, and that she knows that Jackson’s birth parents were killed in a supposed traffic accident. Matt, meanwhile, tries to deduce what a kanima is. After a bit, Jackson transforms. Despite Erica and Scott attempting to fight him off, he still injures both her and Matt, leaving a message from what is assumed to be his master on a chalkboard: “Stay out of my way or I will kill you all.” Erica begins to have a seizure as a result of the attack. Derek begins the healing process on her, and Scott reveals his intent to join forces with Derek and his pack to catch Jackson. At home, Lydia hallucinates the mysterious boy yet again, only for him to reveal himself to be an alter-ego of Peter. He reveals that she was to be his backup plan, leaving her with a wolfsbane flower in her hand. The mother from the woods has just given birth, with Melissa tending to her. She is hysterical, telling her about ‘the monster’ that’s coming. Melissa tries to comfort her, and leaves. Shortly after this, a hooded man arrives and murders her.

Bonus Clip:

Holland Roden and Colton Haynes discuss how their characters are being controlled on this season of ‘Teen Wolf.’

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