Teen Wolf – Season 2 Episode 6 – Full Video and Recap – Frenemy

Here’s the full video of Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 6: “Frenemy” plus a quick review.

The Kanima aka Jackson attacks everyone, and Scott, Stiles and Allison do something about it. Bonus points this week for scenes in a gay bar!


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Derek chases Jackson, in his Kanima form, through town before eventually catching up with him and engaging him in a fight that is interrupted by the arrival of Chris and Gerard. Chris shoots at the Kanima, but his bullets have no effect and he is attacked. Oddly though, the Kanima seems calm around Gerard and doesn’t attack him at all. Scott suddenly intervenes nonetheless and glares at Gerard before running off as well. Lydia tries to get Allison to tell her the truth about what had previously happened at Scott’s house. However, Allison avoids telling Lydia the truth in an attempt to keep Scott safe. Scott and Stiles chase the Kanima down to a gay club, where they find Danny and unsuccessfully tries to save him from the creature’s toxin. Feeling that things are getting too out of hand, Stiles decides to lock Jackson up in the back of a van until they can figure out what to do with him while Allison is interrogated by Gerard about the whereabouts of Jackson. She planned to tell Scott in class, but fails upon seeing that her mother is the substitute teacher of that very class and privately threatens to kill Scott if Allison succumbs to her feelings for him, indicating that she is onto their secret relationship. Scott, Allison, and Stiles stake out in the woods at night to monitor Jackson, but while the former two were making out, Jackson transforms and escapes. Realizing that they’re out of their league due to their age and inexperience, they agree to tell everyone what they know, including what Scott is to Stiles’ dad. When Scott and Stiles go to the sheriff’s office to confess, they are immediately confronted by Sheriff Stilinski and Jackson’s father David Whittmore, revealed to be a lawyer and aware of Stiles’ kidnapping attempt. Lydia goes to Allison’s house to talk, but ends up translating Gerard’s bestiary article instead. She tells Allison that the counselor misinterpreted the passage and states that the Kanima doesn’t seek a friend, but a master, implying that Jackson is being controlled by an unknown party.


I really can’t get over the gay bar scene! For some reason, I had imagined Scott and Stiles would end up there somehow, LOL. Stiles trying to reason his way for being there with his father was very funny.

The Argents continue to be the most evil players in the story with Gerard Argent and Allison’s mother leading the way. There seems to be no good fiber in both of those characters really. The early suggestion that Gerard may be the one controlling Jackson (the Kanima) might be too obvious — so I’m hoping that it could still be an unknown third party.

I’m also a bit confused at Lydia’s potential new love interest. Who is he? And why is her cat named Prada? LOL.

Next week: Jackson creates more trouble as he realizes that he is the Kanima and Derek’s pack is in trouble.

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