Teen Wolf – Season 2 Episode 5 – Full Video and Review – Venomous

Here’s the full video of Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 5: “Venomous” plus recap.

The identity of the Kanima is finally revealed! Did you guess who it was correctly?


Derek Hale wants to find out who the Kanima is and he narrows it down to two: Jackson or Lydia. They were the only ones who had been “bitten” and have not turned into werewolves like the others. With the help of his pack, he conducts an experiment: he exposes them with the some “venom” the Kanima left behind in previous attacks. Whoever doesn’t get affected by his or her own poison is the Kanima.

First up: Jackson, who is beginning to notice heightened senses every now and then. They capture him after a workout in the gym and give him a drop of the venom. He gets paralyzed from the waist down. The next day, Jackson asks Scott and Stiles what a Kanima is — and he accelerates his quest to find out what happened to the missing parts of his self video during the full moon.

Second: Lydia, who has been getting visions of the Alpha all throughout the season. She licks some of the venom during a science lab experiment — and it doesn’t affect her! She now becomes Derek and his pack’s target. But Scott and the others know what’s up, and do everything in their power to protect Lydia from Derek.

Eventually, they bring Lydia to Scott’s house as their “safehouse”.

Jackson confronts Lydia alone in a bedroom, suspecting her of deleting the footage on the video since she was the only person he know who had a key to his house. She has no idea what he is talking about, but eventually gives him the key. Somehow this is all a tender moment for both of them, and they kiss. It is broken up when there’s commotion downstairs. Lydia hides — and Jackson’s skin starts turning into reptilian skin! He is the Kanima!

Meanwhile, Scott had been held back at the high school his coach and gets photographed again by Allison’s “stalker” (LOL). Scott’s eyes had been glowing in every picture he had taken and he was trying to make sure that it wasn’t just a glitch. (Scott’s eyes glowed again when he took the picture).

Scott rushes back to his house and helps defeat Derek and his pack.

Derek tells him that the reason Scott doesn’t want to join him is because Scott is really an alpha now — and he has his own pack (Stiles, Allison, Lydia and Jackson). After that, they all see the Kanima leaving the house on the roof. Lydia comes out asking what is going on. Everyone now knows the Kanima is Jackson.

Teen Wolf  Season 2 Episode 5  Full Video 02 2012 06 26

The Kanima/Jackson approaches a car with a bumper sticker that says: “Imagination is more important than knowledge – Einstein.” Jackson puts his hand on the front door window where a gloved hand appears. Jackson runs and the car speeds off. Who could this mystery person be??? I’m intrigued.

Teen Wolf  Season 2 Episode 5  Full Video 01 2012 06 26

I love this show so much. This has been a most satisfying second season so far. We’ve been getting some big reveals every episode and cliffhangers making us want for more.

Next Week: All eyes on Jackson and the Argents finally get involved. Could Lydia be the “cure” for Jackson?

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