Teen Wolf – Season 2 Episode 11 – Full Video and Recap – Battlefield

Here’s the full video of Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 11: “Battlefield” on MTV.

OMG This was such an epic episode. I cannot wait for the finale next week! I don’t want anyone die. 🙁


Stiles and Scott prepare for the championship lacrosse game while trying to figure out how to stop Gerard, and Allison sets out on a mission to hunt down Derek’s pack.

Teen Wolf  Season 2 Episode 11  Full Video and Recap  Battlefield 01 2012 08 07

Teen Wolf  Season 2 Episode 11  Full Video and Recap  Battlefield 02 2012 08 07


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Stiles speaks with Mrs. Morrell, regarding the events of the previous episode. He reveals that his father is again the sheriff, Scott and his mother are not speaking, nor are he and Allison. It is also revealed that the Betas are intending to join a new pack, terrified of the Argent genocide. Scott finds Gerard and the Kanima holding his mother hostage in their home; the elderly hunter leaves with a warning regarding finding Derek. Isaac speaks to Scott, where it’s revealed that werewolves can heal others using their powers. Isaac declares that he too will leave town, but warns Scott that Jackson will be at the championship lacrosse game that evening. Peter and a distraught Derek speak regarding his lack of a pack, with the former offering to help. At the game, Scott is benched due to his failing grades, while Stiles is put in. Gerard threatens to begin murdering people using Jackson if Scott does not help him find Derek. Scott, unable to act, welcomes help from Isaac, who shows up in the midst of the game. Meanwhile, a team of hunters, led by Chris and Allison, pursue Boyd and Erica. Allison ruthlessly peppers Boyd with arrows as he is protecting Erica, only for the wolves to be saved by Chris, who shoots the bow out of her hand and comments on her drastic change in personality. Gerard uses Jackson to paralyze Isaac mid-play, with the intent to bifurcate him with a sword. He is saved by Scott, but Gerard escapes. Peter reveals to Derek that the reason Jackson is a kanima is because he has no identity due to being an orphan; the one person who truly shared a bond with him, Lydia, is the only person who can save him. On the field, Stiles begins a massive winning streak, allowing the Cyclones to win the game. As the clock winds down, the field goes dark. Everyone finds Jackson, bleeding and unresponsive, on the field. Melissa and Lydia begin to resuscitate him, when Sheriff Stilinski makes a grim discovery: Stiles is missing.

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