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I’m so happy Teen Wolf is back! Season 2 premiered last week on MTV with two episodes: “Omega” and “Shape Shifted.” With the exception of a few disjointed scenes, the episodes set things up nicely for what to expect for the rest of the season.

Watch: Teen Wolf – Season 2 Episode 3 – Video Preview – Ice Pick

Here are the main storylines so far:

A New Villain

Gerard Argent (Michael Hogan from Battlestar Galactica) is the grandfather of Allison Argent (Crystal Reed). He’s the most ruthless wolf hunter of them all. In “Omega” he hunts down a “lone wolf” werewolf (an Omega or werewolf that has no pack). Instead of following the “code” (where a hunter doesn’t kill any werewolf who does no harm to humans), he slices the Omega in half with a sword, declaring: “We kill them all.” Scary. He has no moral code. He’s basically on a revenge mission after his daughter was killed at the end of last season.

This complicates the already complicated relationship of Allison and Scott McCall (Tyler Posey). First of all, her father Chris Argent (JR Bourne) doesn’t want Allison to be with Scott, and as far as he knows, they have broken up. The couple however are together, stronger than ever, with Scott sneaking into Allison’s bedroom in the opening scenes of the premiere. Now what will happen if Gerard finds out about this? Also, what will Chris do when he finds out? I feel that he will side with his daughter eventually, but there will be some fireworks for sure. Scott is already afraid of Chris to begin with, but with Gerard in Beacon Hills, he should have the fear of death in him at all times. Oh, and in Episode 2 “Shape Shifted”, Gerard became the new principal of Beacon Hills High School. Yikes. Scott is always in danger now!

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A New Alpha

Last season, Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) killed the Alpha elevating himself as the new Alpha of his werewolf pack. He is now building a pack of new werewolves to fight against the Argents (after witnessing Gerard “declare war” on them by killing the innocent Omega). One of his recruits is a new character named Isaac.

Isaac came from an abusive household and he freely submitted to Derek so he could defend himself against his father. He’s also part of the lacrosse team. In “Shapeshifted”, on the day of the full moon, Scott told Styles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien) that he smelled another werewolf in the locker room. This prompted Scott to “smell” every player during practice. It was stupid but adorable. When Coach Finstock asks Stiles what’s going on with his friend, Stiles responds with his best zinger so far this season: “He’s failing two classes, he’s socially awkward and if you look close enough, his jawline’s kinda uneven.” LOL! But I love that jawline!

Ultimately, both Scott and Isaac were able to “sniff” each other out. Before they could make proper introductions however, Isaac is arrested as a suspect in his father’s murder the night before. (His father was killed by a mysterious new monster – more on that later).

Derek tries to protect his pack (Isaac) and brings Scott to Isaac’s house that night. There they find a chest freezer where I assumed Isaac’s father punished him. The narrative becomes a bit disjointed here as Allison discovers that her grandfather had sent an agent to kill Isaac. She tries to stop the agent by arrowing his tires. She informs Stiles and they come up with a “plan”. Allison meets Scott in Isaac’s basement where, because it was already the full moon, he goes into the chest freezer to transform. Allison chains it up and Scott commands her to get as far away as she can. This reminded me of a scene from The Vampire Diaries! Meanwhile, Derek ends up with Stiles as he heads for the Police Station. Stiles isn’t able to stop the agent from reaching Isaac, but Isaac transforms and knocks out the agent himself. When Isaac attacks Stiles — Derek arrives and growls at him into submission. Isaac reverts back to human form.

“How did you do that?” asks Stiles.

“I am the Alpha,” says Derek. Sweet! Will Scott allow himself to be growled at like this? I don’t think so!

Meanwhile, Derek had also tried to convert Jackson Whittemore (Colton Haynes). In the first episode “Omega”, Jackson starts bleeding in class. He runs to the bathroom to clean up — where Derek meets him. He tells Jackson that his body is fighting the bite. I think the reason this is happening is because Jackson just wants to be a werewolf and not be part of Derek’s pack.

In “Shape Shifted”, Jackson borrows a low light camera from Matt (a potential new love interest for Allison) to document his tranformation during the full moon. Nothing happens.

For Episode 3, there look like some new werewolves in school, so apparently, Derek has been very busy.

Teen Wolf  Season 2 Episode 1  2 02 2012 06 11

A New Monster

So we have hunters and werewolves, with Scott in between, but there a new menace in town — a strange lizard-like creature. Obviously, it’s not a wolf.

This might be tied in with Lydia Martin (Holland Roden) who in “Omega”, was recovering from her injuries after being attacked by the Alpha last season. She starts seeing black water and a hand while taking a shower, then disappears. The town goes looking for her.

Meanwhile, a cemetery gets raided by the monster. It ate the liver of one of the buried bodies.

Everyone assumed at first that Lydia may be involved, and that she may have turned into a werewolf, but she reappears a few days later with no memories of what happened and naked (which causes Stiles to faint on sight).

In “Shape Shifted”, Lydia triumphantly goes back to school even if she knows that everyone is talking about her, the girl who ran around the town naked not rememering anything.

It has not been revealed yet what’s going on with her. I really hope she’s not the monster. It’s awful.

The monster also killed Isaac’s father while he chased Isaac into an alley when he found out that he had poor grades. The damage to the car was similar to a werewolf attack (which was enough for Gerard Argent to send an agent to kill Isaac).

Meanwhile, when Allison ran away from Scott during his transformation in Isaac’s house, she gets attacked by the mysterious monster. Scott somehow frees himself and scares it away.


I think this is enough to work on for a few episodes. As far as Scott’s love life is concerned, it can’t get any more complicated with Allison’s father, grandfather and a potential new rival in Matt, the photographer. He is also torn between the war of the Argents and Derek who is converting werewolves left and right. It would be best if he stayed neutral but he’s going to have to make a choice at some point. Then there are the wildcards in Jackson and Lydia. What will Jackson become? What will Lydia become? All will be revealed (hopefully).

I love Teen Wolf!

Watch: Teen Wolf – Season 2 Episode 3 – Video Preview – Ice Pick

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