Teen Wolf – Episode 7 – Night School – Recap

Summary: Trapped in the high school at night, Scott and his friends face both suspicions among each other and the threat of attack from a powerful werewolf trying to get in.

I love Teen Wolf so much!

This was an exciting episode. A lot of werewolf shots as Scott, Stiles, Allison, Jackson and Lydia get hunted by the alpha werewolf in their high school.

Scott and Stiles run into the school as the alpha starts chasing them. They elude it for a bit and end up in the boys locker room. They end up surprising the janitor who was doing his rounds. As they leave the locker room, the alpha kills the janitor.

Allison gets a text from Scott’s cellphone to go to the school. Jackson and Lydia take her there. The three of them enter the school and meet up with Scott and Stiles. It turns out that Scott did not send the text. Scott panics and tells them that it was Derek who was chasing them and trying to kill them.

The alpha chases them again and they end up in the chemistry room. As the only exit is a locked door to the roof, Scott decides to look for the janitor to get the key. Allison is worried that he isn’t “armed” with anything.

The line of the episode goes to Lydia: “In there is everything you need to make a self-igniting molotov cocktail.” Hahaha. So they make a molotov cocktail!

Scott finds the janitor and gets the key, but the alpha finds him as well and pins him down. The alpha howls — making both Scott and Jackson (in the chemistry room) wince in pain. The alpha leaves Scott who turns into his wolf mode. He ends up “hunting” his friends! However, he was able to stop himself by thinking happy thoughts of Allison.

The police finally arrive, and all the evidence (the janitor’s body and Derek) are gone. Scott’s boss (who Derek suspected as the alpha) is in an ambulance and thanks Scott for “saving” him. Hmmm… could he really be the alpha?

Meanwhile Allison breaks up with Scott.

Scott tells Stiles that the alpha wants him to break up with his old pack — his friends. And he’s supposed to do that by killing them. Omigosh!

I love Teen Wolf!

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