Teen Wolf – Episode 12 – Code Breaker – Season Finale

I love Teen Wolf so much! This has been an amazing first season!

Highlights from tonight’s season finale:

After attacking Lydia, the Alpha takes Stiles with him to search for Derek. Jackson finds Lydia and she is brought to the hospital. The Alpha tells Stiles that if Lydia survives she’ll become a werewolf — and females go “nuts” twice a month. Oh no!

At the school, Scott escapes from Allison’s dad and runs into the woods. He breaks down as his secret was revealed to Allison in the most awful way. The hunters then go on a mission to find Scott now that they know he is the second Beta.

At the hospital Jackson reveals to Stiles’ dad that Lydia went with Stiles to the formal, which angers the dad.

The Alpha forces Stiles to break into Scott’s account so they can track the GPS on his phone (the phone is with Derek). Stiles reveals that Scott’s user name is Allison and password is Allison. What a dork! LOL

Meanwhile, Scott howls into the sky to communicate to Derek. Then to his surprise Derek howls back. Scott runs to find him.

Alpha and Stiles find out where Derek is via the GPS but the Alpha hears the howling as well so he knows that Scott is looking for Derek too. The Alpha tempts Stiles with the bite to become a werewolf. He refuses, but the Alpha tells him he’s lying. Interesting subtext! Maybe we can revisit this in season 4 or something.

Scott finds the lair where the hunters are keeping Derek, and helps him break free. He explains that the fire wasn’t an accident, and that Peter’s (the Alpha’s) nurse was an accomplice in all this.

Allison’s dad arrives at the hospital and interrogate Stiles (who the Alpha let go) and Jackson. Stiles tells him that his sister started the fire.

Scott and Derek are in the woods — looking for the Alpha in Derek’s dilapidated. Derek says it’s too easy, then Allison shoots at Derek and Scott with her bow and trick arrows! Allison thinks that they were there to catch them, but her aunt says they are there to kill them.

Allison’s father comes to stop his sister from killing Scott.

Then the Alpha shows up from inside Derek’s house. It attacks everyone then takes Allison’s aunt inside. Allison runs in. The Alpha asks the aunt to apologize. She does, but the Alpha kills her anyway. “That didn’t sound sincere,” he says.

Scott and Derek come in and battle the Alpha!

The Alpha turns into a full werewolf and throws Scott outside. Stiles and Jackson arrive in the Porsche. Stiles throws a molotov cocktail at the werewolf! (Hahaha! Lydia’s idea from the trapped in the high school episode!) The Alpha catches it. Oh no. Scott then hands Allison her bow and arrow and she shoots! The molotov cocktail explodes! The Alpha arm is burning. And then, Jackson throws another molotov cocktail — and the Alpha’s whole body burns.

Allison kisses Scott who turns back into his human form. “Why did you do that?” he asks. “Because I love you.”

The Alpha lays on the ground and Derek approaches him. Scott asks him to stop because if the Alpha dies then Scott is screwed. Derek mentioned before that Scott needed to kill the Alpha to break the curse but he wasn’t sure.

However… Derek kills the Alpha!

His eyes glow red. “I’m the Alpha now.”



Stiles and Scott go to the hospital to visit Lydia. Her wounds were not healed which means she’s not a werewolf. Stiles asks “What is she?”

Jackson asks Derek to give him what he wants since he helped him. Derek shows his fangs. Did he bite Jackson?

Allison’s dad says “They’ll be here in two days.” Who are “they”? He also says that they will pariahs in the town now — since Allison’s sister has been linked to the arson that killed innocent children in Derek’s family. Regarding Scott, who was on the roof with Allison, he says “I’m not the only one he has to worry about now.”

Whew! What a season! Those were nice unanswered questions in the end, but the first story arc concluded very nicely. I can’t wait for season two.

Go Tyler! Go Dylan!

I love Teen Wolf so much!

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