Teen Wolf – Episode 11 – Formality

I love Teen Wolf so much!

I found this episode confusing since the show was trying to squeeze in the romance angle between Scott and Allison in the backdrop of their HS Formal — while trying to keep the life or death action going.

I was a little bit confused with the role of Allison’s aunt in all this. I thought that she might be working with the Alpha from the last episode, but it looks like she may not be. At the very least, she’s not exactly on the same page as Allison’s dad. What that might be, we’ll have to wait for next week — if they ever reveal it.

Also, why was Derek helping the Alpha last week? That motivation still needs to be explained.

Allison’s aunt shows her the captured Derek. She tells Allison: “You’re gonna help me catch the second Beta.” This freaks Allison out since she realizes it’s someone in their school — and that she’s about to be initiated into her family “business” of werewolf hunting.

Scott wakes up at the veterinarian’s office. The Alpha arrives, but the Vet put mountain ash around the office to protect them. The Alpha then whispers to Scott again that he will be after someone who is “vulnerable”.

Scott then goes on a mission to protect Allison.

Recap Break Passing Thought: This is when the plot really breaks down, as it reveals that the Alpha is stupid for not continuing to pursue Scott’s mom. She still isn’t safe! And yet the target somehow is Allison, so that the show can focus on her relationship with Scott. But I’ll play along, maybe this plot works for teens.

To complicate the mission of protecting Allison, Scott’s coach puts him on academic probation — which means he can’t attend the HS Formal. He then asks Jackson to take her, to protect her. At first Jackson says no, but Scott “scares” him in the lockerroom.

Recap Break Passing Thought: Again, plot break down. Jackson was almost killed by Derek last week, and here he is a day later as if everything is normal. Same thing for Scott. Your lives aren’t normal guys! Don’t you guys even want to talk about what happened that night? But I digress…

And then a word from MTV sponsor Macy’s…

An entire scene was shot inside a Macy’s where Stiles asks Lydia out to the Formal, and the Alpha creeper stalks Allison. Allison is able to leave the Alpha when there’s an announcement about her car on the store speakers. This scene was weird.

Meanwhile, Allison’s aunt while torturing Derek and talking about their “intimate past” — they had history! — realizes that the Beta isn’t Jackson… it’s Scott.

At the HS Formal, Allison spots Scott on the roof — he still went even if he was not allowed. He also had a pep talk with his mom who told him to tell Allison how he felt because women “love words”.

At the dance, Stiles tells Lydia: “Somewhere in that cold exterior is a soul.” LOL. She agrees to dance with him after initially refusing.

The coach sees Scott and goes after him. Scott then finds Danny (the gay jock) and asks him to dance. The coach sees them and is too shocked, he lets Scott go. (I must admit I loved that scene).

Scott then finds Allison and they dance.

Meanwhile, Jackson has gone outside and sees red lights. He thinks it’s the Alpha and says he really wants to join him. It turns out to be Allison’s dad. It’s off screen, but I think Jackson told him that Scott was the Beta. Jackson comes back into the school shell shocked. Stiles talks to him but he doesn’t respond. Lydia at this point is outside looking for Jackson.

While dancing, Scott tries to tell Allison everything — that he loved her but also about his werewolf self. However, Allison avoids talking about anything. And then, they kiss!

Cut to the lacrosse field where Lydia has found herself looking for Jackson. The Alpha attacks her! Stiles arrives but was too late. Lydia falls on the ground bloodied. Was she bitten? We don’t know. Then the Alpha talks to Stiles. Stiles: “Don’t kill her.” The Alpha asks him were Derek was. Stiles says that he doesn’t know, but Derek took Scott’s cellphone and with the GPS they would be able to find him.

Cut to Scott and Allison walking between school buses to make out. Allison goes inside a bus. Then her dad arrives in a car — and tries to run Scott over! Scott transforms into his werewolf form in front of Allison.

To be continued…

I love Teen Wolf so much! Season One Finale is next week! I hope we get some answers. This has been an awesome first season.

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