Teen Wolf Cast – NASDAQ in NYC – Pictures

On Thursday, Tyler Posey (Scott), Holland Roden (Lydia), and Colton Haynes (Jackson) headed to NYC for the closing bell ceremony at NASDAQ in Times Square. I bet they never expected to see so many fans come out of the woodwork in a million years! I managed to get a couple great pics with Tyler Posey, who is like the nicest person ever. I can’t wait till this show starts again. I need my Teen Wolf fix!!

I got some pictures while they were roaming around in Times Square:

Somehow, I ended up on Colton’s Instagram/Twitter. How epic is that? He was so friendly even tho there were like scary amounts of fans in Times Square.

I got a couple FANTASTIC pics with Tyler. He was sooo nice! When I bumped into him and had him sign my DVD he asked me if I had watched the commentary on the DVD yet, and told me that “You have to watch the commentary! It’s FUCKIN HILARIOUS” I couldn’t help but giggle. My first picture was blurry so he had no problem taking another one, which was also slightly blurry but I didn’t wanna be annoying. So I just asked for another one when he came out and said he was leaving for LA. For the last picture, he squeezed my arm really tight. I adore this kid! Nicest. Person. Ever.

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