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Ted Williams – Golden Voice kicks off Today Show

Ted Williams Homeless Man Golden Voice.jpg

Ted Williams kicked off the Today Show! This is the feel good story to start the new year.

Ted is a homeless man who was recently featured in a Columbus Dispatch video that has gone viral — and TV stations and even the NFL want to hire him. Good luck Ted!

Watch the video here:

The viral video of Ted Williams the homeless man with a Golden Voice:

Photo from Doral Chenoweth III

Bonus: Two Decades Of Ted Williams Mug Shots (BuzzFeed)

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awesome voice. hope he does not screw up his second chance.


Yes @Olalat, great voice and I also pray Mr. Williams takes great advantage of this second chance. In this past couple of years of people losing homes and jobs, political fighting.....I'm just ready to hear all the good stories happening to my fellow Americans.

Thanks Rickey for posting this story!