Taylor Swift & Jennifer Lopez – Jenny From The Block – Red Tour – Video

Taylor Swift surprised fans and brought out returning American Idol judge, Jennifer Lopez to perform Lopez’s hit “Jenny From the Block” at the Los Angeles stop of Swift’s Red Tour.

Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Tay-Swizzle told fans, “When I was a little girl, you know you have that favorite song that you just would play over and over and over again in your room, just blast it in your room—and you’d sing in front of your mirror into a hair brush… Los Angeles, this is my hair brush song!”

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I know she (Taylor Swift) might not be this way in her real life but I find her so phony when she speaks.  She just seems so rehearsed, contrived and disingenuous.  Maybe it stems from me thinking that she just seems so opportunistic in her public romances.  Everything about her seems SO fake and phony.

Although, I don't really know her in the private sense so what do I know right?  Who am I to judge?

- feeling kinda bad for thinking of TS this way but I can't help but...