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Tamar & Vince – Season 2 Episode 1 – Recap – It’s a Herbert

As expected, Tamar Braxton cuts up like no other in the season premiere of Tamar & Vince. Check out the recap for Season 2 Episode 1.

Recap of Tamar & Vince Season 2 Episode 1 – Recap – It’s a Herbert

Tamar & Vince - Season 2 Episode 1 - Recap - It's a Herbert

Tamar begins the episode talking about her fairytale story of a marriage, career, then the baby! LOL. She is so extra.

Tamar and Vince are having lunch with their producer friend LaShawn Daniels, who talks about how they are glowing. They are headed on a promotional trail in support of Tamar’s music and inviting him and Terrell – who LaShawn is weary of because Terrell is just going to walk around with his shirt off. Tamar says she wanted to have the baby before or after her album, saying “Clearly there has been a change in her plans.”

Tamar & Vince Season 2 Episode 1 - Recap - It's a Herbert

Tamar is lobbying with Tamar and LaShawn for “Hot Sugar” to be the second single, but they want “The One.” Vince says she can’t perform “Hot Sugar” while pregnant and it’s not the time for that. “My hot sugar by the time it’s gonna come out will be splenda.” Vince makes the cake blue so LaShawn finds out that they are having a boy. Back home, she has no filter! She sees a bump on Vince’s lip and says “Is that a bump-bump!? You know when girls have bump-bumps you think they slobbed on a knob.” LOL

In New York City, Tamar, Vince and LaShawn have lunch with Tamar’s father and want him to spend time with the baby and move in with them for a month! They say they really need help starting off with the baby. At Epic Records, Tamar and Vince are talking to them about the plans for the album. Tamar wants to work and not miss a single thing of the promotion/planning.

Next, they head to Chicago for the first stop of her tour at Power 92. “Tonight SHE will be performing HER new single ‘The One.'” At rehearsal the sound is messing up. Ain’t no body got time for that! Tamar needs everything to be perfect! She can’t hear much coming out of the wedges on the stage.

Tamar is wondering how to get the attention off of her belly and not having dancers. She wants people on stage with her to distract her “love on top!” She is so afraid her fans are going to be looking at her like she crazy.

Tamar & Vince - Season 2-1 - Recap - It's a Herbert


In her dressing room everyone is telling her she may be over thinking and she thinks she isn’t and goes off! Her hormones are out of control. They pray before heading out and she goes to the stage. She is afraid people are going to think she is fat!  Tamar performs her new single “The One!” She says Vince is the inspiration for the song.

After the performance they go and check out the tour bus and head to Jacksonville. Terrell and LaShawn are arguing whether he can take a number #2 on the bus. The two of them and Vince try to convince Tamar that she can’t get nervous like that again – she’s watned to do this so long, everyone loves her, and she has talent. The radio station had never had a sold-out event like that. She talks about being in high school and no one liking her and how she wanted to be a cool kid. Now, having shows like that makes her feel like all of her fans are like her friends that came out to see her. Now they are all cool kids! Tamar is great!

They arrive at the beach and Tamar voices her concerns about being a mother and is scared. She has to take care of another person’s life, but Vince says it’s all a part of God’s creation. She wants to be a good mom and being consistent. Tamar says she’s used to babysitting but can’t give the baby back this time! LOL. She wants to be great at it!

OMG! She says she doesn’t know how to wipe balls, she doesn’t deal with them everyday — well in a ‘different way she says’ LOL. She asks Vince how it feels. “I know how to clean a ca-jay-jay but not no balls.”

Thanks for reading and tune back in next Wednesday at the same time for episode two!

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