Switched At Birth – Season 2 Episode 9 – Recap – Uprising

The recap of Switched At Birth – Season 2 Episode 9 – Uprising:

I really enjoyed this episode of Switched At Birth. Since there were hardly any vocalizations in this episode, I had fun reading the subtitles. It was a neat experience because we weren’t able to hear what the actors were saying. But the irony of it all was: I felt the storyline was easier to comprehend without the vocalizations. When we were able to hear the vocalizations in previous episodes, I usually missed a few, minor storylines here and there. I hope some of the upcoming episodes are presented entirely in American Sign Language; if so, we will be able to “live an hour of the day in a deaf person’s shoes” again. This show is truly one of ABC Family’s best series to date. Thanks ABC Fam!

Switched At Birth – Season 2 Episode 9 – Recap – Uprising

Last week, we learned that the School Board decided to shut down Carlton School for the Deaf altogether.

The opening scene included a bit vocalization from Bay (Vanessa Marano) and Noah (Max Lloyd-Jones). As they were walking through one of the hallways at Carlton, Bay noticed that her name was listed on the Dean’s List.

The following scenes consisted entirely of ASL:

On Daphne finding out about Regina’s re-occurring alcoholism: Early in the episode: Daphne found Regina passed out on the couch, so she took this opportunity to sniff Regina’s breath (just to see if her mother had been drinking again). Needless to say, Regina’s breath smelled of alcohol. It looks like Regina broke her promise to Bay! (In the previous episode, she vowed to attend AA meetings again).

On Melody receiving a job offer from the School Board of Education: Melody (Marlee Matlin) discussed a potential job opportunity with the School Board of Education via Skype. Unbeknownst to her, however, Emmett (Sean Berdy) & Travis (Ryan Lane) were eavesdropping on her conversation. After Emmett expressed his disappointment with Melody for “selling out,” she defended herself by stating that she would like to help her students transition to mainstream/hearing schools.

On Emmett spotting Noah and Daphne “rehearsing” for the play: Kathryn (Lea Thompson) asked Daphne (Katie LeClerc) to play Juliet, and for Noah to play Romeo. Due to Noah being extremely nervous about his and Daphne’s kissing scene, he asked Daphne if they could “practice” their kissing scene backstage. This became much more than a “practice” kiss, though. While they were engaging a hot & steamy make-out session, Emmett walked in on them backstage! Emmett confronted Daphne about this, and he basically asked her, “What the hell is going on between you two? That didn’t look like rehearsing to me.” I actually agree with Emmett (even though he cheated on Bay in the past). Here is my open letter to Daphne: How could you do that to Bay? She’s basically your sister! First you steal Liam from Bay; then, you kiss Emmett while he’s dating Bay; then, you make out with Noah? Daphne is scandalous. Tsk Tsk.

Daphne and Noah "rehearsing" for the play

Daphne and Noah “rehearsing” for the play

Emmett walks in on Noah and Daphne makin' out!

Emmett walks in on Noah and Daphne makin’ out!

On the students holding a strike: In an effort to stop the School Board from shutting down Carlton altogether, Emmett, Daphne, Natalie (Stephanie Nogueras), and their friends decided to move into the school property until the School Board reversed their decision. In order for this to go according to plan, they needed Bay’s help. She pulled the fire alarm inside the auditorium while Kathryn’s play was taking place. This fire alarm was used as a distraction to allow Emmett & Travis to break into Carlton property. Bay also designed a poster for the strike entitled, “Take Back Carlton!” But, I don’t believe this strike went according to plan.

Bay's art piece

Bay’s art piece

The final scene included a bit of vocalization from Bay. While she was conversing with Daphne, she mentioned that the cops had arrived to Carlton. Uh oh! Will these students be expelled and sent to jail for destroying school property? We’ll find out in the upcoming episode.

Thanks for reading this recap of “Uprising”! What do you think of Daphne making out with three of Bay’s boyfriends (Liam, Emmett, Noah)? Do you want Emmett and Bay to get back together? Do you want Kathryn & John to find out about Regina’s re-occurring alcoholism? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks!


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