Switched At Birth – Season 2 Episode 6 – Recap – Human/Need/Desire

The recap of Switched At Birth – Season 2 Episode 6 – Human/Need/Desire:

Last week, Daphne fell victim to a robbery & assault inside of her food truck. At first, Daphne (Katie Leclerc) didn’t want anybody to know about how she acquired a bruise on her rib cage. But when the stress became too much for her, Melody (Marlee Matlin) was the first to know—not Regina (Constance Marie), not Kathryn (Lea Thompson), not John (D.W. Moffet), not Angelo (Gilles Marini). Then, Melody took Daphne to the police station to file a report against the two men that robbed her… and Regina met them there. The police officer that Regina and Daphne spoke to said some ignorant things: he asked Daphne why there wasn’t a hearing person “babysitting” her and Travis (Ryan Lane) the other night. The cop’s ignorant remarks infuriated Regina so much that she demanded to know his full name and badge number, so that she could speak with his supervisor. However, Daphne reminded Regina that this cop would still be ignorant even if she speaks with his boss.

Daphne letting Melody know about the robbery and assault

Daphne letting Melody know about the robbery and assault

The next morning, Regina told John and Kathryn about the incident. Needless to say, they were pretty pissed at her for not informing them sooner. I believe John tried to teach Regina a “lesson,” by selling Daphne’s food truck without even discussing it with her or Kathryn. (He bought back the food truck in an effort to please Regina and Kathryn’s wishes…. but it turns out, they wanted to sell the food truck all along. They were just angry with him for not discussing this situation as a unit).

Bay (Vanessa Marano) hosted an anti-Valentine’s party at Angelo’s (Gilles Marini) place. She invited Natalie (Stephanie Nogueras), Noah (Max Lloyd-Jones), Emmett (Sean Berdy), Daphne, Travis, Toby (Lucas Grabeel), Nikki (Cassi Thomson), and a bunch of her other school friends. A secret was revealed, a fight arose, a break up happened, and two singles got together at the party. Are you ready to hear them? Here we go:

  • Natalie is lesbian (Wh-What?!). Bay was really shocked at the fact.
  • After Noah was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease, his hearing has been fluctuating here and there. When he couldn’t hear anything at the party, he took it out on Travis. Noah made fun of Travis’ voice, Travis decked Noah in the face, and Angelo had to break up the fight.
  • Nikki and Toby broke up at the party (on their 3-month anniversary, nonetheless!). Nikki felt that her Christianity was getting in the way of their relationship. She felt that they were too different, so she broke it off.
Nikki and Toby broke up at the party

Nikki and Toby broke up at the party

  • Angelo didn’t want to sign Lana’s adoption papers because he wanted to take care of his child. He wanted a second chance to start fresh.
  • Bay and Noah kissed, and now they’re in a relationship! Woot! Cute couple! And Noah (Max Lloyd-Jones) is a super hot guy, so that’s a bonus for Bay.
Switched At Birth – Season 2 Episode 6 – Recap – Human/Need/Desire

Bay and Noah kissed at the party

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