Switched At Birth – Season 2 Episode 3 – Recap – Duel of Two Women

Hey guys! How’d you like tonight’s episode? I really enjoyed Episode 3, mainly because it featured a lot of Noah (Max Llyod-Jones). Noah is one of seven kids in the pilot program at Carlton School for the Deaf. Noah has been diagnosed with Menieres Disease, and has already lost 60% of hearing in his right ear. He’s not fluent in ASL yet, so his parents encouraged him to attend Carlton before he loses all of his hearing. Katie Leclerc—who plays Daphne—was diagnosed with Menieres several years ago, and I bet the addition of Noah’s character was inspired by what’s happening in Katie’s reality. By the way, I think Max is kinda hot!


Here’s a breakdown of what happened in the episode:

On Bay & Natalie’s feud: The episode started off with Natalie writing “Hearie Bitch” on Bay’s locker at Carlton… so this prompted Emmett’s mother—Melody (Marlee Matlin)—to hold a school tolerance retreat at a campground. Melody partnered up one hearing kid with a deaf kid at the retreat, and she asked them to share their true feelings about one another. Bay (Vanessa Marano) thought Natalie was a bully, and Natalie thought Bay was a poser… but they called truce at the end of the episode. I’m really surprised that Natalie bullied Bay. Since Natalie was bullied for being deaf, I think she sought revenge on a random hearing kid (Bay).

On Toby running into Lana at the car repair shop: Toby (Lucas Grabeel) ran into Lana—the woman that Angelo (Gilles Marini) impregnated—at the car repair shop. Toby drove her to the hospital because she was having major contractions. Lana told Toby that she’s putting the baby up for adoption… however, Toby asked her to reconsider her decision for Bay’s sake because Bay is the unborn baby’s older sister. I thought the scenes of Toby & Lana were a little odd… it was definitely awkward when one nurse at the hospital asked Toby if he was the dad. I think Lana’s character just doesn’t fit in with the general concept of the show.

On John’s public representative: We learned last week that John (D.W. Moffett) is running for State Senate. Ivan—his public representative—doesn’t want John to say anything of substance during his speech because he doesn’t want to conduct any “damage control.” John thinks this will be the best way for him to win the election. I predict that John will lose the election because if he doesn’t say anything remotely of substance, he won’t receive votes.

On the potential love triangle between Noah, Bay, and Emmett: Bay made a new friend this week in Noah. At the tolerance retreat, Noah revealed to Bay that he is suffering from Menieres Disease. When he got the chance to reveal his secret to Daphne, he chose not to. And, Emmett became jealous of Noah, so he ended his friendship with Bay. (He mentioned that it hurt too much to not be in a relationship with her anymore). I want Bay and Noah to become a couple! They’d be super cute together. Also: I’ve just developed a slight crush on Noah (Max-Lloyd Jones). He’s so cute!

Switched At Birth – Season 2 Episode 3 – Recap – Duel of Two Women


On Regina and Melody falling out: Regina (Constance Marie) told Daphne and Melody that she wouldn’t be able to sign ever again. Regina’s doctor diagnosed her with Osteonecrosis, and informed her that she wouldn’t be able to paint, cut hair, or sign ever again. Melody believed that Regina was faking out of sympathy (because Regina is going through a lot at the moment). Regina couldn’t believe what Melody had just said, so she ended her friendship with Melody. I think they will reconcile their differences in the upcoming episode… but it was definitely surprising to hear about Melody being so skeptical of Regina. I think Melody’s past relationship with her ex-husband has something to do with her becoming such a skeptical person.

Switched At Birth – Season 2 Episode 3 – Recap – Duel of Two Women

Melody is skeptical of Regina


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