Susan Sarandon Says She’s High for Almost Every Award Show

Susan Sarandon High at Award Shows

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Apparently Susan Sarandon is cooler than we thought. The 67-year-old actress recently admitted that she’s high at “almost all” award shows.

The best!

Sarandon was on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday (Dec. 11) when asked by host Andy Cohen to: “Name one major Hollywood event that you showed up to stoned.”

“Only one?” she joked, continuing to the surprise of everyone, “I would say almost all except the Oscars.”

Which means that if you have seen Susan Sarandon on any red carpet she was most likely high at the time.

Considering she’s been in show business for 41 years (with five Emmy, seven Golden Globe and give Oscar nominations) that’s a lot of toking up.

Of course, this really shouldn’t surprise anyone as Sarandon is a proponent of legalizing marijuana. As she was quoted in an interview in April, “I would like to see everybody be able to smoke pot.”

You go girl!

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