Survivor: South Pacific – Winner Results – 12/18/2011

And the winner of Survivor: South Pacific is…

Te Tuna:

Albert is in trouble with his alliance.

Redemption Island Arena:

The final duel!

Hold on to a pole for as long as you can.

Ozzy beats Brandon and comes back into the game.

Immunity Challenge:

Build a house of cards.

Sophie demanded Albert to help her!

Ozzy wins immunity! WOW. That was amazing editing.

Te Tuna:

It’s between Rick and Sophie.

Tribal Council:

Sophie breaks down!


Rick – 3
Sophie – 2

Rick is voted out and joins the jury. Another vote against Coach if he reaches the final – Rick didn’t want to shake his hand.

Te Tuna:

Coach confronted Ozzy about the previous night’s Tribal where Ozzy revealed that Coach was lying to him.

Survivor Albert 01 2011 12 18

Final Immunity Challenge:

Maze. Solve a puzzle.

Sophie wins immunity! Ozzy had a big lead but lost it in the puzzle solving part.

Te Tuna:

Ozzy tries to make his case with Coach for a tie at Tribal.

Tribal Council:


Albert – 1
Ozzy – 3

Ozzy is voted off and joins the jury. Another vote against Coach in the Finals I think.

Survivor Albert 02 2011 12 18

Final Tribal Council:

Sophie said Coach was like a little girl that’s why she formed an alliance with him!

Albert tried, but no one was biting his sweet talking BS.

All the former Upolu and Ozzy gave Coach a wake up call that he may not have this game in the bag after all. On the final Tribal, what a blindside.


Albert – 0
Coach – 3
Sophie – 5


And the winner of Survivor: South Pacific is Sophie Clarke of Wilsboro, NY.

Congratulations! She won $1 million.

Sprint Player of the Season is: Ozzy Lusth! He won $100,000. Congratulations!

The 24th Season of Survivor… 2 tribes will live together in the same place… Survivor: One World. Exciting! See you in February!

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