Survivor: One World – Winner Results – 5/13/2012

Who won Survivor: One World? It’s an all-girl Final 3!

The results:

(I missed the first few minutes, sorry.)

Kim won the immunity challenge.

Tribal Council #1

Kim is the tie-breaker.


Alicia – 3
Chelsea – 2

Fourteenth person voted out and eighth member of the jury is Alicia!

She realized immediately that her biggest mistake was voting off Tarzan in the last tribal.


Kim apologizes to Christina for lying to her the entire time. Kim and Chelsea say they would be pissed if Christina won immunity.

The girls go through the names of the eliminated contestants. How the game would have been different if Colton didn’t go out the way he did.

Immunity Challenge

Stack bowls through a metal maze.

Kim won immunity!


Christina doesn’t even make an effort to save herself.

Tribal Council #2


Christina – 3
Sabrina – 1

Christina is the fifteenth person vote off and ninth member of the jury.

Tribal Council #3

Kat makes a great speech about not being angry at the Final 3. She says that she forgave all three, and hopes the jury will make their decision not based on anger.

Survivor One World  Winner Results

Votes (for the winner)

Kim – 5
Sabrina – 2

And the winner of Survivor: One World is: Kim Spradlin!


Lim Spradlin Survivor Winner

Sprint Player of the Season is: Kim! She won an additional $100,000 to her $1 million.

The next season will be Survivor: Philippines! OMG! Yes!

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