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‘Survivor’ Contestant Jessica Kiper Takes Selfie After DWI Arrest

Survivor Contestant Jessica Kiper DWI Selfie

Credit: CBS

Jessica Kiper, who finished third on Survivor: Gabon (Season 17) got arrested for a DWI and then decided to take a selfie of herself in the arresting officer’s police car.

Kiper was taken into custody in New Orleans on Saturday (Jan. 11) when she allegedly ran into the back on another vehicle parked outside of a high school.

She was booked by police for driving while intoxicated and later released.

Making light of the situation, the Celebrity Rehab participant then posted her selfie (see below) and joked about her time in jail on Instragram — in a since-deleted post — writing, “In my 8 hours [in jail] I made my weakest cell mate my bitch.”

Also: “#survivor was worse. Crossing this off my bucket list. #wakeupcall.” and “My mugshot is going to be as bad as my yearbook photos.”

She then added on Twitter:

Hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself, who are you gonna laugh at?

Jessica Kiper Police Car Selfie

Credit: Instagram

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