Survivor Caramoan: Fans and Favorites – Cast Revealed Leak

The “favorites” cast of the next installment of Survivor has been leaked. Survivor Caramoan: Fans and Favorites features some very interesting “favorites” from past seasons. I’m actually quite interested! WARNING: SPOILERS

(Don’t forget, the finale of Survivor is this Sunday.)


Erik Reichenbach, Survivor Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites

– OMG! Was he able to redeem himself? He’s responsible for hands down the stupidest move ever in Survivor history giving up his immunity necklace during his season.

Corinne Kaplan, Survivor Gabon

Brenda Lowe, Survivor Nicaragua

– Woohoo! I liked her. Hopefully she didn’t give up so easily this time around.

Andrea Boehlke, Survivor Redemption Island

Francesca Hogi, Survivor Redemption Island

Phillip Sheppard, Survivor Redemption Island

– OMG Yes. Mr. Secret Agent! I’m already hooked on this new season.

John Cochran, Survivor South Pacific

– Yes, yes, yes.

Brandon Hantz, Survivor South Pacific

– Yes, yes, yes.

Dawn Meehan, Survivor South Pacific

– OK, I liked her.

Malcolm Freberg, Survivor Philippines

– Woohoo! Does this mean he did not win this season?

Via reality blurred | True Dork Times

Survivor Caramoan Fans and Favorites  Cast Revealed Leak

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Dirty Wang
Dirty Wang

I love Dawn, Brenda, and Malcolm... they're enough to get me over my disdain for Brandon and Phillip so I will most likely watch this season!!


Ohhh so it is true that the next one is still in the Philippines! Cooolll! :D Im proud!

Craig Webb
Craig Webb

Ugh, Phillip! haha Can't wait. I don't remember a lot of them by name though.