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Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Winner – Finale Results – It’s My Night

Recap and winner results of the Survivor: Blood vs. Water finale – Episode 14 – It’s My Night:

Welcome to the recap and results for the Survivor: Blood vs. Water finale, “It’s My Night” on December 15, 2013!

Tyson, Gervase, Monica and Ciera remain, with one of either Laura, Tina or Hayden winning the final Redemption Island duel and rejoining the game!

Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Winner - Finale Results - It's My Night

Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Winner – Finale Results – It’s My Night


Who will reenter the game? And who will win the title of Sole Survivor? Keep refreshing, as I’ll be recapping all the highs and lows and adding my analysis for the finale of Survivor: Blood vs. Water!

Smart money says Tyson wins this in a walk, but if Laura makes it back into the game, all bets might as well be off. However, I hate the idea that someone voted out could still end up winning the game, since they’ve bypassed the most important aspect of Survivor: the social game. Who wouldn’t vote for Laura at the end? She hasn’t had the chance to burn any bridges! Of course, Laura reentering the game doesn’t necessarily mean hers is the only game that can be helped, as Ciera could become a dark horse for the win if she’s able to leverage her mother in a strategic fashion and completely take over the endgame. To win, Ciera would need those crucial strategic plays to make a solid case in front of the jury.

As for Gervase and Monica, I think they’re too incendiary as personalities to earn the win, yet they don’t have the strategic argument that Tyson has that would be able to offset their off-putting personalities. But hey, I could be wrong. Certainly, stranger things have happened in this game, such as Chase Rice delivering a powerful jury performance and coming one vote short of the win in Survivor: Nicaragua after playing a fairly awful game. It’s always interesting to see who keeps it together and who falls apart in front of the jury. It should be an exciting endgame, so let’s get to it!

After Tribal

-Ciera is upset that things didn’t go her way, but she’s still depending on Redemption Island to save her bacon, as her mother reentering the game would provide her with one other surefire ally (she’s depending SO much on Laura coming back into the game that it almost has to be foreshadowing an upset by either Tina or Hayden). Tyson rationalizes that his best shot at the end is with Monica, and he feels he may need to use the hidden immunity idol to keep her on the side of power. He shows the immunity idol to Monica and Gervase, and even offers to give Monica the idol, although she refuses, insisting that Tyson deserves it. Monica, meanwhile, confesses to the camera that she doesn’t care if Gervase and Tyson see her as their lapdog, as she’ll now be able to play both sides once the Redemption Island winner returns. Interesting.

-Meanwhile, Hayden arrives at Redemption Island. For the first time, he references winning Big Brother when he says “This is the second time I’ve played a game like this, but this is the first time I’ve been voted out.” He reveals to Laura that Ciera won immunity, and her overjoyed reaction is adorable, and not at all unexpected. The trio immediately get to trash-talking Monica, with Hayden again calling her Tyson and Gervase’s lapdog. He seems to be bonding with the women, but he confesses to the camera that he’s competing against “two grandmas,” so he likes his chances (you’d think he’d know better, witnessing firsthand how Laura has demolished these challenges, as well as recognizing that he hasn’t exactly been a challenge monster himself). Tina and Laura are similarly hopeful the next morning as they leave Redemption Island for the last time.

Redemption Island Duel

-The challenge involves balancing a vase on a see-saw plank with one leg while standing with the other. Your vase falls and breaks, you’re out of the challenge. There is no second place.

-Laura immediately begins shaking, and makes some INCREDIBLE recoveries. The music cues are fantastic here, adding to the drama, as it sounds like they’re foreshadowing Laura falling out of the challenge at any moment. But she recovers beautifully. Turns out the music was actually foreshadowing Hayden’s elimination, as his vase falls off the plank and he’s history.

HAYDEN is eliminated from Survivor: Blood vs. Water!

-Immediately, Laura begins campaigning for Tina to let her win, since she’s already won before. But Tina refuses, reminding her that this is a million dollar game. Tina struggles a bit, but recovers. It comes right down to the wire, but in a shocker, Laura suffers her first loss at Redemption Island in the most important duel of all.

LAURA is eliminated from Survivor: Blood vs. Water!

TINA wins the Redemption Island duel and reenters the game!

-Probst interviews Hayden and references his victory on Big Brother. Hayden says he feels fortunate to have such a great family and a beautiful girlfriend, and talks about what a great experience this has been. He burns his buff and leaves in relatively good spirits. However, the same cannot be said for Laura, who breaks down and expresses her belief that she’s failed her daughter, asking what the point of winning all those challenges was if she was just going to fail at the end. But Ciera tearfully assures her mother that it’s okay, that she’s taught her how to be a better person and a better friend, and that she’s proud of her. It’s a lovely moment, and goes a long way in balming the burn of Laura’s loss.

-Probst gives Tina the final clue to the hidden immunity idol, with the option of giving it to anyone in the game, including herself. Naturally, she decides to keep it. Of course, she doesn’t know that there is no longer an idol to find.

Back at Camp

-Ciera is crestfallen after losing her mother, but Tina is just thrilled to still be in the game. She decides she either has to find the idol, or flip Monica to join her in an all-girl, all-moms alliance. She and Ciera immediately head off in search of it, and Ciera is incredibly impressed at Tina’s youthful ability, climbing trees and taking initiative. After failing to find the idol, they rationalize that Tyson has it, which means they need to work on flipping Monica.

-Tina tells Monica that the jury will be absolutely brutal to her from how people have been talking about her at Redemption Island. Ciera smartly smooths the edges of Tina’s speech by telling her that she doesn’t agree that the jury will be bitter. (In a confessional, she makes a great point that Monica is unlikely to join with them if they just badger her with what the jury is saying about her, as there’s going to be a “kill the messenger” mentality to any negative thing they tell her) Ciera pleads with Monica to come with them, saying that the jury won’t vote for her unless she makes a big move. Of course, big moves don’t necessarily equal good play. Good play is often a collection of smaller moves that get a person to the end. Smaller moves such as recognizing when to stay put. I think Monica’s best chance for the end is with Tyson and Gervase, although I’m not sure I like her chances for the win with either duo.

Immunity Challenge

-This is one of the more interesting new challenges in a while, as it involves setting up a row of blocks on a balance board and retrieving other blocks from stations along the way, all while maintaining the balance of your blocks on the board by moving carefully along the rope. It’s a hard challenge to explain, but it’s fascinating to watch.

-The challenge features decent showings from Ciera and Monica, but it’s not nearly enough. Tyson takes a hearty lead and easily claims the win by setting up all ten of his blocks in a row and keeping them upright for a count of three.

TYSON wins immunity!

-In a confessional, he states that he never imagined he would be in this position, but says that he isn’t celebrating just yet, as he has decisions to make. This is the last vote he can use his idol, so it should be interesting to see if he uses it to keep someone safe. He almost has to, now that he’s revealed its existence to his allies, and especially now that he’s won immunity and doesn’t need it. To keep it to himself now would just seem like a jerk move, especially if one of his allies ends up on the jury because of it.


-Tyson asks his alliance who they should vote off, and Gervase argues that Ciera is a huge threat since she’s a young mother who’s never won. However, Monica argues that Tina is a safer bet to vote off since she hasn’t voted off anyone on the jury. This causes a heated argument between Monica and Gervase, as Monica is “sick and tired of being bullied” while Gervase feels that Tina needs to stick around because she’s already won and the jury won’t award her again (ask Russell Hantz and Parvati Shallow how that sort of thinking worked in Heroes vs. Villains about Sandra Diaz-Twine). Monica tears up because she feels like she’s spent the entire game being bullied and jerked around, and in a confessional states that you should be nice to your allies, because it could come back to bite you if you’re not.

-Monica approaches Tina and Ciera and implies she’s willing to vote Gervase. Ciera and Tina are hopeful, particularly since Tyson won’t know who to play the idol for tonight. In a confessional, Monica says that tonight is her call, that she will say who’s going home, and she’s going to make the choice that’s best for her. She said that the last time and still stuck with Tyson and Gervase, so we’ll see.

Tribal Council

-Monica states that once again she’s in the middle, and that she knows what it feels like to be a first-time draft pick. She reveals to Probst what the girls have said about Tyson and Gervase (“Let’s take out the villains”), and Gervase is offended that he’s being pegged as a villain, since he’s remained loyal to his alliance, “which is what good guys do.” Ciera says that Tyson and Gervase have called her a “lapdog” and an easy vote, and argues that Monica has a chance to change the game by voting out these villains, which is pretty much a repeat of last week. Tyson says he’s never once used the word “lapdog” in relation to Monica.

Monica gets teary-eyed talking about how the negative comments she’s suffered through all season are only just now getting to her, and how she’s starting to feel like she just wants to die inside. Monica says tonight’s vote will be about doing what’s best for Monica. Probst asks Gervase if that makes him feel nervous, and he says, “Yeah, my stomach just dropped a little.”

It’s time to vote, and when we get to Monica, we don’t see her vote but we hear her words: “I’ve loved playing the game with you. I have so much respect for you. But tonight is about me.” That can’t be a Gervase vote, can it? Once the votes are returned, Probst asks if anyone that has a hidden immunity idol they would like to play, since this is the last night they would be able to play it. Tyson hands his idol to Gervase, who offers it to Jeff. And like that, Gervase is 100% safe. The votes…

Gervase (does not count)
Gervase (does not count)

CIERA is voted out of Survivor: Blood vs. Water!

-Ciera laments that her plans didn’t work out, but she’s proud of how she played, since she assumed she’d be out on day one, and also figured her mother would outlast her, yet she ultimately ended up beating her. Amusing to see Ciera throwing some of Laura’s early competitiveness back at her. Ciera did go a lot farther than I think anyone expected her to when this game first started.

After Tribal

-Tina is surprised and happy to still be around, while Monica is already thinking ahead to the immunity challenge. The next morning, Tina watches the sunrise and reflects on her opportunity, saying that if she doesn’t win today, she’s completely out of options to get to the final three. Tyson recognizes that he needs to win immunity now since he doesn’t have a safety net otherwise. Gervase concurs, saying that if there was ever a time to win immunity, it’s now.

Final Immunity Challenge

-It’s not an endurance challenge, it’s an all-out race with a puzzle element. The castaways must retrieve their puzzle bags from a rope-based obstacle course, place them on their table at the top of the course and slide back down a water slide and do it all over again. Once all the bags have been retrieved, they must use the puzzle pieces inside to reveal a series of clues to a lock that will free a flag with the word “immunity” on it. First person to raise their flag wins immunity and a guaranteed spot at the final tribal council.

-It’s an intense challenge, as Monica blocks Gervase from passing her up the steps, while Tyson maintains a brisk pace throughout. Gervase stays in the challenge despite lagging behind, while Tina is pretty much a non-entity. However, she makes up considerable ground by the end as the puzzle portion is a neck-and-neck race. Tyson solves the puzzle and now must start solving the clues to the lock combination. He quickly pieces it together and solves the lock, raises the flag, and wins the most important immunity of the game.

TYSON wins final immunity!

-Tina is bummed, saying she really needed to win. However, she feels she has a solid case to make to Monica to send the vote to deadlock and force a tiebreaker. Should be interesting to see her try to sell Monica on the idea, although if Monica hasn’t made a move by now, I don’t see her suddenly switching sides.

Back at Kasama

-Tyson is overjoyed at making it to Day 39 for the first time, saying he has a lot of Best Days of his life, but this is pretty close to the best. Gervase is bummed to have lost, but he’s even more bummed that Monica “checked” him, since they had the same goal of not letting Tina win. Gervase now has to contemplate his jury argument. Amusingly, while Gervase is talking to Tina about his likable personality and his honorable game, Monica just rolls her eyes. Monica approaches Tina and talks about how she’s ready to make a game-changing move, since she was furious when Tyson played his idol. Of course, she made the same argument about making a game-changing move in the last vote, to no end result.

-Tina asks Monica to come with her and vote Gervase, to force a tiebreaker since she could beat Gervase in a fire-making challenge. Tina proposes that people on the jury like Gervase, which makes him more of a threat for the win. Monica mulls over the decision, since 1) he’s been talking smack about her, and 2) it’s another big move in front of the jury (another? Where was the first? I suppose sticking with Tyson and Gervase and not flipping counts as a big move?). However, she worries about what Tina making it to the end will mean, since she might not be able to beat her at the end.

Tribal Council

-Tina laments having failed to win the challenge, since she needed it to ensure a spot at the end over this alliance. Probst points out that the alliance appears to be over since Monica checked Gervase at the challenge. Gervase then goes into a whiny, over-the-top recounting of the immunity challenge, saying that Monica “slammed” him against the rail. It quickly comes out that Tina has proposed that Monica vote with her in order to force a tiebreaker, and things get tense as we head into our final regular vote of the season.


TINA is voted out of Survivor: Blood vs. Water!

-No big surprise here. If Monica didn’t flip before, it made no sense for her to flip now. Although it was kind of annoying that she keeps pretending as though she’s going to flip every single vote. It might have gone down smoother and helped her credibility with the evictees that would end up on the jury if she’d just been up front and revealed she had no intention of flipping. But I suppose there are worse things she could have done than giving hope to those on the chopping block.

-Tina talks about how she wishes she could have gone to the fire-making tiebreaker, but she’s happy to have come this far, even if she won’t get to tie Sandra’s record of two wins.

-On the way out of tribal council, Monica excitedly whispers “We did it! We did it! We did it!” Glad the editing team can now stop pretending like Monica was ever on any other team but Tyson and Gervase’s.

Back at Camp

-The alliance celebrates as Tyson reflects on coming to the gradual realization that he was going to make it to the end. Monica is proud of herself for making it to the end without Brad and without anyone else (um…sure). Monica says she could be the sole survivor in the “first historic season” of Blood vs. Water. Gervase discusses how he’s made it to the end in a game that has completely changed since the first time he played 13 years ago. He feels he has a real shot at convincing the jury and winning the million dollars.

Final Tribal Council

-The jury enters and Probst congratulates the three finalists. Each of the finalists have a chance to address the jury and make their argument for the win. Gervase kicks things off, saying he mixed Old School Survivor play with New School Survivor, and states that he played the game the way it should be played. He says getting Aras out couldn’t have happened without him, and adds that he came back after 13 years and was stronger than he was in his “rookie season”, which wouldn’t be true of any athlete.

-Monica states that the jury likely thinks she was dragged along, but she made decisions and choices to be here with Tyson and Gervase. She says she could have easily flipped on them, but that would make her more like the people on the jury (eh, not so sure I’d go with that argument). She basically feels she did what she had to do to make it to the end, and played a game that was worthy on its own merits.

-Tyson talks about spending the entire game with a target on his back. He tears up when talking about how Rachel was voted out because of him, since they felt Tyson was a threat and Rachel was the clearest way to neutralize his power. But getting rid of Rachel only galvanized him into making certain he made it to Day 39. And here he is, still standing tall after basically spending the game enduring an onslaught from his enemies.

-First up is Vytas: He congratulates Tyson on getting him out of the game, but reminds him that he made a vow not to give Tyson his jury vote, and he’s going to stick by that. He then tells Gervase that “Old School” doesn’t work in this version of Survivor, and says that he got dragged along by a better player. Lastly, he tells Monica that she’s the only person who actually betrayed him, since Tyson and Gervase didn’t promise him anything. He says he and Monica had a friendship, but nothing she did ever honored that friendship. So Vytas doesn’t know who he’s going to vote for.

-Katie is up next: Katie tells Tyson how much he hurt her after she drew the white rock by pointing at a jury seat and telling her “That seat is yours.” She claims he did this purely out of malice, and Tyson immediately says it was the one moment in the game he truly regrets, and he apologizes to her for it.

-Caleb is up next: He asks Gervase to explain his biggest move, and he says it was voting out Aras. He then asks Monica to show her vulnerability, and she immediately breaks down by saying that ever since she married Brad, it’s never been about her. Not one day. But she feels this is something she can finally be proud of, and that she can finally be something more than just Brad Culpepper’s wife, or her kids’ mom.

-Ciera is up next: Ciera calls Tyson to account for his game. He says he doesn’t feel he’s a villain, stating that he did what he had to do to make it to this spot in the game. He says that Rachel sees him as a hero, and if you’re not the villain then you must be the hero. Ciera then asks Gervase if he ever thought of voting out Tyson, and he says he was thinking about it when the time was right, but it just never was, since he would have been the next person voted out if he’d have ever flipped on him.

-Laura is up next: Laura feels she doesn’t know Monica, so she asks her to expose one ugliness about herself. Monica feels her ugliness has been dragged out throughout the entire season, and says that she’s been verbally battered throughout the season yet she’s still fought, all hundred pounds of her, to win immunity time and time again, despite weighing only half of her fellow finalists.

-Tina is up next: She asks the finalists to describe themselves in one word. Ciera says “generous”. Gervase says “honorable,” Tyson says “fun-loving”.

-Hayden is up next: Hayden asks Tyson where the idol was, and he reveals that he found it in the tree where Hayden had looked, only he looked too late. Hayden says he loves Monica, but wants her to talk about her game, and Monica breaks down, feeling she’s being berated by the jury. She says she helped make Brad, but still feels like a target for everyone. She tells the jury she doesn’t know what they want her to say, and wonders if they’ve never met a nice person before. Hayden says he just doesn’t feel like he knows her, so she offers to have dinner and coffee with him after the game is done.

-Aras is last: He asks each juror to explain who among the other two he should vote for. Gervase and Monica recommend voting for Tyson, praising his control over the game. Tyson recommends voting for Monica, praising her information-gathering skills. Interesting question with some interesting answers.

-So no bitter jurors, no explosive moments, but an interesting final tribal nonetheless. I kind of feel like Monica gave a winning performance here. She reminds me a lot of Natalie White, who was a very sympathetic figure in front of the jury, and parlayed that into a victory in Survivor: Samoa. I have no problem admitting that Monica has played a better game than many are giving her credit for from a strictly strategic perspective. Yet I’m not so sure her social game has been all that great, so it should be interesting to see just how many votes she can really get. It’s between her and Tyson, and if I had to guess, I feel like she might have the edge on a combination of sympathy, respect for her determination, and general dislike for Tyson. But it’s anyone’s guess right now. And I love that sort of ambiguity in a Survivor finale, even if that kind of ambiguity requires there to be less-than-immaculate gameplay preceding it.

-AND IT’S TIME TO VOTE! Caleb votes for TYSON, Laura struggles with her vote, and Vytas votes for MONICA (“You’re a little annoying, but you’re a really strong woman”). Probst gathers the votes and we’re off to the live reunion special to find out who’s won this thing!

-After introductions, Probst reads the votes…

Tyson (he’s crying!)
And the next vote is enough…

TYSON wins Survivor: Blood vs. Water!

So after three playthrough, Tyson has FINALLY won Survivor, and he’s absolutely overcome with emotion. SUCH a great moment!

Tyson wins Survivor

Survivor Blood vs Water Reunion

(Rickey taking over…)

Survivor Blood vs Water Reunion

Tyson explained that ever since Rachel sacrificed herself for him, he need to make it to the end.

Monica explained that she was thankful for Brad during the season.

Gervase explained that he felt like he backed himself in a corner with his “wait and see” strategy.

Ciera explained that she made the big play when she realized that she was “four” and she had to do something.

Ciera Laura Survivor

Colton explained he was on “Tribe AARP”. This guy is despicable. Awful awful human being. He said that he needed other people in his life. Caleb said that Colton went into panic mode.

Rupert explained that he didn’t regret sacrificing himself for his wife in the game. “For my life and my wife, that was the only move I had.”

Hint for next season: “BBB”.

Any guesses?

Cochran interview. He’s now a writer for CBS “The Millers”.

Aras and Vytas. Aras explained that he has healed a little bit with Vytas. Vytas explained that their rivalry is healthy.

Hayden explained he would play Survivor again. Kat explained that she and Hayden are still a “couple”. She said the she is “top heavy” now (for Hayden?) So nuts.

Kat and Hayden Survivor Reunion

Candice explained that in a regular Survivor game you have your armor on.

Oh no! Jeff Probst is going to talk to Tina and Katie about the death of Tina’s son, Katie’s brother! Ugh, it was only a few days ago. Sigh. Another low.

Tina Katie Survivor Reunion

Tina explained Survivor was a great exprience — but she was already close with her daughter Katie.

Tina pleads to everyone to wear your seatbelts, since her son died in the car accident because he didn’t buckle up. The driver wore his seatbelt and survived.

Katie said that the reunion was a light in the end of tunnel from their dark experience, and to donate to the Red Cross for Philippine typhoon relief.

OK, that wasn’t so bad. Apparently Tina and Katie wanted to be there anyway, and I guess talk about their recent tragedy.

Tyson gets his $1 million check. Congratulations again Tyson Apostol!

Next Season: Survivor: Cagayan! Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty!

Survivor Cagayan Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty!

So there is no player of the season. Hmmm…

Thank you for joining the live blog! See you in February 2014!

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